The Pros and Cons of the New Windows 11 Operating System: Is It Worth Upgrading?

As Microsoft reveals more and more details of the next version of its operating system, Windows 11, some questions begin to arise as to whether the current version is really worth updating. Below we compare the pros and cons of both operating systems to answer one of the most pressing questions: To upgrade or not to upgrade?

How do I update it?

For all Windows 10 users with original license, Windows 11 will be a free update, although the new version has certain requirements. Among other things, it will be essential to have free space on the hard disk for the 64 GB that the update occupies. We can check if our computer meets the minimum hardware requirements for the new operating system through Microsoft’s PC Health Check tool.

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Although some do not see the time to install Windows 11, it should be noted that the version of the operating system, which launches June 28, it will be a beta version that will only be available through the program Windows Insider.

The digitaltrends portal warns That version still contains errors, so they suggest waiting for the most stable version to come out, which, according to Microsoft, will be available by the end of this year.

Visual changes

Most of the main differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 lie in the simplified user interface, in sync with minimalist trends.

The most notable change is the Start button, which will now occupy the central part of the taskbar by default, although it will be possible to change its position to the more traditional one. However, already it will not be possible to move the taskbar to the right or left side of the desktop as it now has a fixed location at the bottom of the screen.

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In general, the possibilities of customizing both the taskbar and the Start menu will be quite limited. In addition, Live Tiles will disappear, since the Start menu will have a fixed list of applications (although the necessary applications can be pinned), as well as the most recent documents, which will appear below.

Goodbye to Timeline and Cortana

One of the losses that users will suffer when updating their operating system to Windows 11, will be the disappearance of Timeline, although Microsoft Edge will have similar functions.

Also, Cortana will disappear from the taskbar, although it will continue to be available through an application for those who need Microsoft’s virtual assistant.

Other losses

Windows 11 will abandon some other applications such as 3D viewer, OneNote for Windows 10, Paint 3D and Skype, although it will be possible to download them from the application store. However, the Wallet application will be removed entirely.

The new update will mean the endpoint for Internet Explorer, which will be completely disabled and replaced by Microsoft Edge.

Multitasking function

A new feature of Windows 11 is multitasking, which makes it easier to organize windows and assign them different sizes and shapes, as well as group them thanks to Snap Layouts. Windows 11 will remember your chosen settings, so it will be a matter of seconds to revert to multitasking mode instead of configuring windows again.

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Even more important is the function that allows you to work with the second screen without having to configure the windows the next time you connect it to your computer, since the applications will reappear on the taskbar0.

New tablet mode

While Windows 10 has been the subject of controversy for its poor tablet mode, Windows 11 promises to be more intuitive thanks to touch mode, with more possibilities to interact with the screen, as well as the voice typing and to digital pen. However, the new feature is only compatible with convertible devices.

In addition, in Windows 11 the renewed application store will be released, since it will now be easier to find movies and applications in the Microsoft Store. In addition, Windows 11 will support Android applications through the Amazon App Store.

Although the list is far from exhaustive (especially considering that Microsoft has announced that it will release updates from time to time), the most notable details regarding the differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 give you an idea of ​​the differences. advantages and disadvantages of the upgrade. Until Windows becomes a mandatory update, it is up to users to put it to the test or stick to its more classic version.

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