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Is this you? Do you want to prevent unauthorised access to data? Do you want to make sure you stay on the right side of data privacy and compliance...
2.5 total hours
COURSE OVERVIEW This video course is focused on implementing automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM ( Customer Engagement ) application. This is ...
4.5 total hours
IT & Software
$108.98 $89
This course is for Business Administration Students and Corporate Employees who want to learn about Customer Relationship Management with the power...
4.5 total hours
$108.98 $89
This is the second course in the ‘The complete Dynamics 365 CE + PowerApps developer Course series’. This a 8 course series that w...
5.5 total hours
COURSE OVERVIEW Extending Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement application using code is the the most IMPORTANT skill that any Dynamics 365 c...
2.5 total hours
Are you still learning Microsoft Dynamics 365 with an OLD User interface?  Learn modern Dynamics 365 with updated Unified Interface. Lear...
3 total hours
Do you want to become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps Consultant? Do you want to learn Common Data Service aka Dataverse? Then the c...
14 total hours
IT & Software
$49.98 $41
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a web application that sits on top of the Microsoft Technology stack and includes a variety of other servers and roles &n...
3.5 total hours
Odoo 12 offers a simple yet powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Application that allows you to easily manage your sales pipelines....
1 total hour
IT & Software
$55.98 $45
I’ve been working as a certified Zoho CRM/Creator consultant for over four years and have picked up a fair bit of knowledge along the way. Th...
7 total hours
IT & Software
$59.98 $48
Precisely forecast financial markets, crack any modern cryptographic systems, provide absolute protection of information exchange, create materials...
2 total hours
This introduction to cloud computing on Amazon AWS course takes you from the AWS basics to being a competent AWS cloud practitioner. You&...
8 total hours
IT & Software
$29.98 $24
This course is divided to 7 Lectures covering important topics in Quantum Computing like Entanglement, Superposition, Quantum Gates, Superdense Cod...
1.5 total hours
Learn state of the Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Circuits and Practicals on Qiskit in the course –   Quantum Computing and Quantum Ma...
1 total hour
Hello and welcome to my new course The Dummies guide to Practical Quantum Computing with IBM Qiskit. Our current classical computing technology is ...
5.5 total hours
$138.98 $109
In this course you will learn all about Cloud Computing and Quantum Computing. We’ll first start with Cloud Computing, where you will learn t...
3 total hours


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