Joy Baldridge’s 3 Rules for Sales and Interviewing Success

Those who prepare the most win.

Prepare and practice interview questions before the interview.

Those who ask the questions have the power!

Prepare and practice asking questions during the interview process.

People are persuaded by their own words.

Practice and prepare to listen to the words the interviewer uses to align with them in the conversation.

Mindset is the key to successful interviewing. Click below to learn how to stay in the “House of Glad” by watching Mindset videos Part One and Three.

The Evolution of Interviewing for a Sales Position

Interviewing and hiring for a sales position is ever-changing! One sales professional recently asked me for tips on doing a Skype interview successfully.

My suggestion was to look at the camera instead of the screen. One sales manager advised to do it in a quiet, private place with no distractions in the background. He said he had a Skype interview with one candidate and he could see and hear cars moving. Not good!

Of course, researching the company and person you are interviewing with is essential. But don’t assume anything from what you read. Ask questions to clarify instead of spewing facts to build rapport. Always know why you are interviewing for the job. They will probably ask why us and why you?

Now that you have just read this comprehensive list of interview questions and answers that will help you and everyone one you know become better at the interview process, please post any interview questions and/or answers that you would like to share or have questions about. Stories about awesome and awful interview experiences are also appreciated. Happy Interviewing!

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