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WordPress Complete Web Design :Latest WordPress Design Techs

Master Wordpress website design with Elementor : beginner to Advanced - no coding & build Wordpress ecommerce web Design
Khalil Ibrahim
25,457 students enrolled
Know about the Wordpress & page builders.
Online Hosting, subdomains, choosing you domain name & Wordpress installation.
how to optimize images & create creative Art direction for web design with photoshop.
how to build your own beautiful Modern Responsive website using WordPress.
You will know how to design pages, menus, sidebars, footers, and create a professional and modern website.
You will know how to set up contact pages & Wordpress contact form,
how to set up email opt-in forms throughout your website for email marketing.
how to find and install plugins.
Complete Wordpress ecommerce Woocommerce plugin tutorial.
Build online 24/7 e-commerce store.
learn to create discount coupons & sale offers.
How to convert your Wordpress website into https secure (encrypted connection).
How to master your online store in all details( shipping, tax, payments..etc)
how to back up your WordPress website in case of emergency.
increase SEO ranking for your website.
You will know how to speed up your Wordpress website with caching plugins.
how to build official professional domain emails.

WORDPRESS  is that amazing tool to build & develop a website with no coding or web design experience and you don’t even want to know about web design to make a beautiful website because WordPress got all those breathtaking beautiful themes.

This is the perfect place to start your WordPress Web Design & Web development course.

 I have purchased over 15 courses about WordPress and other website developing courses and Khalil is by far the best one out there. I still don’t understand how for just $10 I was about to obtain so much valuable information. I paid thousands of dollars to multiple institutions over my years and I never learned this much content. Thank you Khalil Ibrahim.”  Albert Abramchuk

This Course we will be using the latest techniques to design our WordPress website using the Elementor Drag & Drop page builder giving us the flexibility to design or do anything within our WordPress website without the restrictions of the WordPress themes taking our web design to the next level.

In the WordPress course we will be learning Web Design & demonstrating Design theories & Fundamentals including design ratios, colors, fonts & more to achieve the best design visuals possible for our web design & development including Latest Design Trends.

“This is one of the best wordpress courses I have ever purchased on Udemy. It is very applicable to the real world and I am getting new web design clients paying me more. I highly recommend this course.” Marvin Chibuye

Also you will learn how to use the Elementor & WordPress theme to create a beautiful WordPress Ecommerce store that attracts your customers and shows your products at it’s best design aspect & presentation Managing all the store customizations including tax, shipping, sales & even discount coupons.

” Great wordpress course, Instructor nicely covered all the feature and approach is very friendly. Overall its great Elementor course and it is Valuable. thanks Qamar Faisal

This is a very practical course i will walk you through the steps and together we will be building your WordPress website step by step so by finishing this course you will have your website designed with its customization & getting the best out of it.

I tried to make this wordpress web development course so concentrated straight to the point making it so complete in the shortest possible time editing all the loading boring times or excluding all the bla bla that is not going to be useful to the students.

WordPress is powering more 28% of overall internet websites. its a perfect tool & has been used for big websites like ( Mercedes benz, xerox, ebay inc, bestbuy..etc) & you can customize your wordpress website for any purpose. Whether you want to create a personal portfolio, a blog, or a business website to sell your products and services.

You will learn how to build & do web development for your wordpress website for free except for the hosting plan but everything else i will be showing you all the free methods to do it like the premuim even for elementor i will teach you to make it like a pro version with free plugins.

This is a very important course for those interested in using WordPress to get up to speed very quickly. The main points of the course are covered with exacting examples and an in depth review and hands-on approach t the WP Plugin, Elementor. This course is highly recommended.” Jim Cotton

what i really like about this course that it really seem to be for all levels it takes you slowly to excellence thnx alot. ” James Donald

Summary of what you get from this course :

  • Know about the wordpress web development.
  • WordPress Online hosting, Domains & subdomains.
  • how to optimize images & create creative Art direction with photoshop.
  • Master the brand new Elementor page builder.
  • Know how to convert to Elementor pro using free plugins.
  • how to web design your own beautiful Modern Responsive website using WordPress.
  • You will know how to design web pages, menus, sidebars, footers. 
  • Apply Design rules to create professional, beautiful, Modern website for any purpose.
  • You will know how to set up contact pages & WordPress contact form.
  • how to set up email opt-in forms throughout your website for email marketing.
  • how to find and install plugins.
  • Complete woocommerce wordpress ecommerce plugin tutorial.
  • Build online 24/7 wordpress ecommerce store.
  • learn to create discount coupons & sale offers.
  • How to convert your website into https secure (encrypted connection & SEO ranking development).
  • How to master your online store in all details ( shipping, tax, payments..etc).
  • how to back up your WordPress website in case of emergency.
  • increase SEO ranking for your website with Analytics, webmaster tool & SEO plugins.
  • You will know how to speed up your website’s performance with caching plugins.
  • how to build official professional domain emails.
  • WordPress website migration and moving sites to different hosts and servers.

Introduction & installing Wordpress

Wordpress Elementor Course Outline
Wordpress Course Resources

Get your wordpress course resources images & links

Website Online Hosting plan

Wordpress website hosting plan

Installing Wordpress on our website

Install wordpress on your website

Installing Wordpress ocean wp Theme & Elementor page builder

install compatible wordpress theme ocean wp with elementor page builder

Classic Editor Vs Gutenburg (Optional)

Wordpress 5 , Gutenberg & the Classic Editor

Creating Wordpress website pages & Menus

Create Wordpress website pages & Menus

Wordpress page builder Familiarization

Quick tour in Elementor

Quick Tour in Elementor page builder for wordpress website

Creative Art directions & layout inspirations for wordpress design

Get inspired by those creative Art directions for your Wordpress website.

Familiarize with Elementor part 1 (sections)

understand section design in your Wordpress website.

Familiarize with Elementor Part2 (widgets)

Undestand Widget placing & handling in your Wordpress website

Elementor Minor Menu Update (the right click)
Introducing the Ultimate Freehand Design Experience
Brain storming & tips for fast workflow with Elementor

Brain storming & tips for designing your Wordpress website in fastest time.

Wordpress home page Design & development

Wordpress header & banner design part 1

Design your Wordpress header

Wordpress header & banner design part2

Wordpress Header & bannser design part2

Wordpress header & banner design part3

Wordpress website's banner design complete

Wordpress website middle sections design & development

Wordpress middle Section design

Wordpress Png section design

Wordpress png section design for creative layout.

Wordpress email opt-in section design

design your Wordpress email opt in section

Wordpress Testimonials Section Design

Wordpress Testimonials Section Design & development

Wordpress Image carousel section design

Wordpress Image slider section design & development

Wordpress Website Footer Design

Wordpress website footer section development & design

Wordpress Website theme Customizer tour & Logo

Wordpress theme Customizer tour & logo

Finalizing our Wordpress home page & design tips

Wordpress About Us page Design & development

Wordpress About us page design part1

Wordpress About us page development upper part

Wordpress About us design part2

Wordpress page design middle sections

Wordpress About us design part3

Wordpress About Us page design lower part

Wordpress Contact Us & blog page design & development

Wordpress website Contact Us page & blog page design

Wordpress contact us page design complete

Creating Wordpress blog & posting with elementor

Create blog page with Wordpress and design your posts with Elementor.


Title & text customizing for SEO ranking

Wordpress Responsive website & publishing website

Wordpress Mobile & Tablet Responsive website

Wordpress responsive website made easy

Publishing Wordpress Website & Creating Maintenance & coming soon pages

Publishing Wordpress Website & Creating Maintenance & coming soon pages

Free Plugins to mimic the Elementor Pro & Premium plugins

Free plugins to convert your Elementor into Pro

Use these brilliant plugins to turn your Elementor similar to the pro

Crocoblock for Elementor

Crocoblock for wordpress Elementor

10+ More Add-ons for Elementor

+10 More addons for your elementor to make it even better

Exporting & importing our Elementor pages

Exporting & Importing our elementor web pages

learn how to re-use any page or section again in anywhere

Creating Our Wordpress ecommerce store

Installing Woocommerce Plugin ( for Wordpress ecommerce )

woocommerce plugin for wordpress ecommerce online store

Making first ecommerce product (simple product)

simple ecommerce product

Variable ecommerce product

variable product with many input data (color, size..etc)

Up sells & Cross sells

use them for your ecommerce marketing strategy

Wordpress Woocommerce settings

wordpress woocommerce settings

Ecommerce Discount Coupons

Ecommerce woocommerce discount coupons

Designing ecommerce store with elementor & wordpress theme

Wordpress website customization

Converting wordpress website to HTTPS (SSL Certificate)

Make your wordpress https secure

Google Analytics & webmasters Tool

introduce your wordpress website to search engines

Install Google Analyticator plugin
Wordpress Privacy Policy & Terms & conditions page
Speeding Up our Wordpress website

Increase your wordpress website's performance

Optimizing Images & Creative Art directions

Learn how to Optimize images for faster wordpress websites


Learn how to Create subdomains and even more wordpress websites

Wordpress Website Backup, official email & more

Website Domian official email

get the professional emails for your business

Wordpress Site back up & Trust Lock Seal
More About Wordpress Site back up

Understand more about wordpress site back ups

Wordpress Security Plugin


Bonus Lecture: Be a pro Designer !
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WordPress Complete Web Design :Latest WordPress Design Techs
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