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WordPress Backup & Restore

Learn how to backup your Wordpress website & then use those backups to restore your website, even after server failure.
Andrew Williams
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Backup and Restore a Wordpress Site
Automate the backup of the Wordpress Database and important files and then be able to use those backups to restore a broken website
Get backups sent to cloud storage (e.g. DropBox) and/or email.
Understand the important parts of a Wordpress site that need to be backed up, and those parts that do not need to be backed up.

WordPress powers some of the most important websites on the planet.  If you own a WordPress website, then you know how powerful and easy it is to use.  Wordpress makes it easy for anyone, even a complete beginner, to build a high quality, professional website without needing to learn the technical aspects of web design.

The one problem I often get asked though, is how do you back it up?  I mean you wake up one morning to find your website is returning some kind of error in the web browser.  What do you do?  How do you restore your website?  For that matter, how do you back it up so that you have what you need to restore it?  

Well now you can finally relax.  This course will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know about backing up and restoring a WordPress website.  I’ll show you how to manually backup and restore the site, and then show you a free plugin you can use to automate the backups on a schedule that suits you.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • which parts of your WordPress install you need to backup, and how to access them.  
  • how to manually backup the important files using either FTP or the File Manager found in cPanel.  I’ll even teach you how to setup FTP.
  • how to manually restore the files using FTP or cPanel.
  • how to manually backup the WordPress database.
  • how to manually restore the WordPress database.
  • about the different types of automated backups you can create.
  • how to install a simple plugin that will automatically backup your WordPress database on a schedule you define, and send those backups to your email address.
  • how to setup a free WordPress plugin to automate the backup of your entire Wordpress website, and upload those backups to Dropbox (or other online storage area), AUTOMAGICALLY.

By the end of this course, you will be confident that you will be able to restore a WordPress website in the event of a tragedy.  You’ll know the importance of keeping regular backups over a period of time, and be confident handling those backups.

Never worry about your WordPress website again.  After this course, you will be fully prepared for any problems that might occur in the future.



This lecture introduces the instructor of the course and the course itself.  It will tell you what you are going to learn, and why it's important for your success as a Wordpress site owner.

Wordpress Sites v Traditional HTML sites

This lecture introduces you to a few differences between more traditional HTML based websites and Wordpress. Knowing these differences will help you understand how to backup Wordpress.

What You Need To Backup

This lecture shows you the components that make up a Wordpress website, and explains which parts you need to backup and which you don't.

Roadmap - How to Use this Course

This course gives you options.  For example, you can backup your site manually, or by using a plugin or script.  Even within the manual backup, you have options.  This lecture explains the options you have for backing up and restoring your site, and tells you which lectures are relevant to the possible backup pathways.  See this lecture before you move on with the course.

Manual Backups

The Files - Option 1 - FTP

This lecture shows you how to backup the important files of your site manually using FTP.  If you have not setup FTP on your web host, please check out the FTP lecture in the Resources section at the end of this course.

The Files - Option 2 - cPanel

This lecture shows you how to backup the important files on your site using cPanel.

The Database

This lecture shows you how to backup the database of your website.

Restoring the Manual Backups

A Note About Restoring Wordpress

Please read this. It includes important information on the restoration of a Wordpress site.

Restoring the Files - Option 1 - FTP

This lecture will show you how to restore the files you backed up earlier, using FTP.

Restoring the Files - Option 2 - cPanel

This lecture will show you how to restore the files you backed up earlier, using cPanel.

Restoring the database

This lecture will show you how to restore the database you backed up earlier, using phpMyAdmin.

Restoring with a new Wordpress Installation

Sometimes you need to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.  That means deleting the current Wordpress install, and restoring from your backups.  This tutorial will go through that process.

Automated Backup & Restore

Types of automated backups

Some plugins will backup just the database, while others will backup the database and files.  This lecture looks at the pros and cons of each method.

A free Database-Only Backup Plugin

This lecture looks at WP-DBManager.  It's a free Wordpress plugin that I use personally to backup my database on a regular basis.  It is fully automated, and even sends you an email with the backup.

Full Backups with a Free Wordpress Plugin

This lecture will look at a free Wordpress plugin that can automate the backup and restore of your site.

A Backup Strategy

Backup Strategies

This lecture considers the important points with any backup strategy.


Setting up FTP

Learn how to setup FTP, to quickly access the files on your server.

Bonus Lecture

This bonus lecture lists all of the resources mentioned in the course.

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