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Create a profitable social media management business
Define your unique proposition as a freelance social media manager
Setup a brand and website
Offer the right products, services & how to price them
Find customers and land them as clients
Deliver the various products & services to the best of my ability
Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of self-employment
Be positioned to go on and learn new digital skills to increase income and grow their business

What do you get?

  • Join over 8,000 students taking this course
  • Start your own  social media management business
  • Break 6 figures per year as a social media manager
  • Free downloads, templates, guides and support

Ever fancied starting your own business? Social media is THE hot topic that businesses around the globe need help with. Train with us to start your own freelance social media management business..

Introduction to this course

This course takes you step-by-step through the process of establishing a credible social media management company. The same blueprint we used to start our own social media management company that has gone on to support global brands and organisations.

Why become a social media manager? The numbers talk….

  • 97% of all consumers search for local businesses online
  • But only 12% of businesses using social media feel they actually use it effectively
  • The average social media manager earns $85,000 per year!

Who are we?

SO ME Academy are a best-selling Udemy author. Our social media courses are consistently rated 5 stars and we have taught over 22,000 students. We are a collection of social media professionals who have worked with small businesses, charities and some of the world’s largest brands.


This course is about starting a social media management business. The blueprints, the documents, the sales process. If you’d like to learn the intricate details of the social media platforms, check out our other course- “Social Media Marketing 2015- The Complete Course”.

How we support you

With over 11 years’ experience of supporting and accelerating some of the UK’s most successful companies, SO ME Academy is uniquely placed to help you prepare your own business as a freelance social media manager. As a student of SO ME Academy you will be eligible for on-going support via the discussion functionality, Twitter or access to our exclusive “Social Media Management Group”.

We look forward to welcoming you as a student and helping you launch your own business.

DON’T FORGET: Udemy operates a 30 day full money back guarantee, no questions asked! If you’re not happy with this course you can request your money back.

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Introduction to this course

Introduction - what you will learn, how to use this course and getting help

Welcome to this latest course from the SO ME Academy. Find out what to expect, how to get help and why @CalumBrannan is your teacher with the know-how.

The role of the Social Media Manager

So what is a social media manager? Probably more than you think....

The role of the social media manager

Do you understand what you may need to do as a freelance social media manager?

Setting up your business

Creating your business - a few home truths

This lecture looks at a few myths and home truths when starting your business and introduces section 2.

Your unique proposition

How do you stand out from the crowd? We look at your unique proposition in this lecture. Don't forget the worksheet attached to the lecture too.

Building your brand - the 4 simple steps

In this lecture we look at the 4 steps to building your brand.

Naming your business

Prestige or something a little more fun. How should you name your business and where can you get help? This lecture dives right into naming your business. Don't forget to read the attached PDF too.

Creating a website on your budget (yes, even for free!)

We believe that getting started shouldn't be complicated. Enjoy this lecture as we guide you through the expensive, cheap and free ways to get your website up and running.

Building your brand identity
Setting up your business

Customers, competition and services

Choosing your perfect customer

Which customer should you target? Is your target market too broad? How can you decide which customers are the best to target. Don't forget to review the sector list attached.

Find your competitors and learn from them

Your competitors offer a whole world of insight. In this lecture we learn how to find them, monitor them and learn from them!

Services of a social media manager

More than tweets and pokes. The freelance social media manager needs to know how to do a whole load of stuff. Here's our introduction to the big list!

How much should you charge?

Pricing is a really key point to look at when starting your business. It can be the make or break of your business. Pricing shouldn't be a finger in the air exercise. Follow our lead to understand how you should charge for your time.

Finding, attracting and landing clients

How do you reach & find clients?

Your clients are out there, waiting to sign up to your services. But how do you find them?

Events as a marketing tool

Offline events are the perfect way to attract businesses who are not quite ready to start with social media, well not without your help anyway. Here's our guide on exactly how to win clients with offline events.

Using Google AdWords
Preparing for your first client meeting

It's time to pitch to your first client. Use this lecture as THE framework for success. Come back and use it for future meeitngs too!

First meeting checklist
Meeting the client - goals and outcomes

  • This lecture will help you make a professional impression & build rapport, understand the client's needs and goals , then translate that into a strategy at a later date. You'll be able to close your meeting with clear outcomes and goals.
  • 7
    Landing your first deal

    This lecture includes a sample social media proposal and an exact guide on how to land your first client. Good luck!

    Using freelance websites to attract clients

    Freelance websites provide a ready-made market place of people to buy your services.

    Finding, attracting and landing clients - the quiz

    Delivering your services

    Introduction to the services you can offer

    Now it's time to deliver those social media services.

    Guide to services of a SMM - Audit & strategy

    This is our jam packed guide on how-to deliver each social media service. How much to charge and how to persuade your client to buy that service from you.

    Guide to services of a SMM - Account creation & branding
    Guide to services of a SMM - Posting & responding on social media
    Guide to services of a SMM - Blogging
    Guide to services of a SMM - Contents & giveaways
    Guide to services of a SMM - Social media monitoring
    Guide to services of a SMM - Crisis planning
    Guide to services of a SMM - Client training
    Guide to services of a SMM - Social media ads
    Interview: Day in the life of a social media manager with Lisa L Flowers
    Out-sourcing: saving you time & money?

    A look to outsourcing to help you save time and increase your profits.

    Guide to out-sourcing
    Are you ready to become a freelance social media manager?

    Take this quiz to understand any areas you may need to review or to give you the validation that you're ready to become a freelance social media manager.

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