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Understanding Strategic Marketing

A guide for managers and MBA students to master marketing theory and application
Chris Croft
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Master a wide range of marketing techniques
Design a comprehensive marketing strategy for their company
Take control of your marketing strategy instead of being pulled along by the market
Feel able to take on a new marketing role at work!
Apply academic techniques to your company and sector
Deconstruct marketing terminology to use it in real life
Identify profitable gaps in your market for future development
Assess your product range for dead weight and future stars
Understand why some products excel and others flop - and how to make them all winners!

Understanding Strategic Marketing

A guide for managers and MBA students to master marketing theory and application

This course could save your business $1000s – if you’re launching a new brand, moving into new markets, or wanting to grow your existing sales – marketing is a valuable skill that you definitely need to master.

Chris Croft is an international speaker and widely published author, who’s been teaching Marketing skills to companies for over 20 years. He’s taught all over the world, as well as online, and has an entertaining and practical teaching style. This course is guaranteed to keep you engaged and amused, and teach you life changing skills for home and work.

He covers everything you need to know from preparing and planning, understanding your customers and competitors, setting your prices, and ultimately getting the right products in front of the right people. This course covers all the academic models and theories you’d learn on an MBA course, but with practical tools and examples you can use right away to get better results for your business.

The course overview includes:

  • Getting your product in front of the right people at the right time, to see your sales rocket

  • How to understand your customers better

  • Spotting new lucrative markets to move into

  • Understanding you weaknesses, and minimising them

  • Marketing theories ranging from SWOT, 4Ps, Porters 5 Forces, Ansoffs Matrix, and many others

  • Setting your prices for maximum revenue

  • How to make sure your marketing budget gets the highest return possible

  • And lots lots more!

This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


What is Marketing?

Marketing is often mis-defined, but this lecture looks at the true meanings and types of marketing.

Course Overview

In this lecture we'll outline the whole course - everything you can expect to learn and why you need it.

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What Business Are We In?

Are You Product or Market Led?

The first thing you'll need to decide about your marketing strategy, is where your product design starts - are you product led or market led to your product innovation?

Understanding the Product Lifecycle

In this lecture you'll learn all about the Product Lifecycle, what it means for your marketing and how you can extend the profitable life of your offering.

Identifying High Performing Products and Creating More!

In this lecture you'll learn what the Boston Matrix is and how it applies to your company. This tool will help you identify which of your products are bringing in large profits, and which ones should be scrapped.

Calculating Your Relative Market Share

What is Relative Market Share and why is it so important? This tool is a great way to translate your market share to a real life number and get a feel for your market.

What Threatens Your Market?

In this lecture we look at how to use Porter's Five Forces analysis to identify threats to your market, and opportunities for the future.

Predicting Future Events

Here we look at the PESTLE tool can help you safeguard against future environmental developments. Make sure you're not caught off guard by changes you didn't foresee.

Defining Your Competitors

Before we can measure our competiton we must first define them - harder than it sounds!

How to do a Competitor Analysis

By analysing your competitors gives you opportunities to identify untapped markets, and avoid losing your market position to new threats. This lecture provides valuable structures for doing this.

What Did You Learn?

Understanding Our Customers

How Fragmented is Your Market?

In this lecture we compare Fragmented to Concentrated markets - the benefits and drawbacks of each, and how you know which type you're trading in.

Determining Strategic Future

Once you've worked out where you and your competitors sit right now, you need to start thinking about your goals. In this section we'll look at where your company and brands should be heading, then identify how to achieve that through effective marketing.

Success Factors and Competitive Advantage

SWOT Matrix

In this lecture you'll learn what the SWOT matrix is and how to apply it to real life examples.

Critical Success Factors

When it comes to succeeding in marketing it's really important that you identify not just what you do well compared to your competitors, but which things really matter to the customer. This tool will give you exactly that.

Porter's Competitive Advantage

Identifying your competitive advantage is a vital step in successful marketing. Once you know what your unique strength is you can build on it to grow your market share, brand recognition, and sales.

Building A Strategy

Segmentation and Product Positioning

Identifying different customers, product groups, competitors and gaps can help you move into new profitable markets before anyone else. This lecture looks at how to segment your market, and mapping the product positions of all your competitors.

Is Your Market as Attractive as You Think?

Using the Directional Policy Matrix, this section will look at assessing your relative strength in variously attractive markets. Are you missing out on some opportunities and wasting your time with accidental losses in others?

The 4 Ps

This simple, but age-old model, is a great way to think about your marketing mix. Are you investing in the right areas, and which area is holding you back from being a best seller?

Mastering Price - Strategies and Tactics for maximum profits

In this section you'll learn how to price your product for maximum sales. Would putting your price up increase your revenues or lower them? And what makes your customers buy? This lecture will answer all your questions.

Summing up with SWOT

Next, let's sum up everything we've learnt. SWOT is a really great model for this as it covers all areas of your business both present and future.

What Did You Learn?

Communicate to your Market

Why do your customers buy, and should you invest in a brand?

In this final section we'll look at everything you need to know about product promotion. Who to target, how to reach them, how much to spend, and much much more.

Wrap Up

Thank You
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Understanding Strategic Marketing
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