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Step-By-Step Guide To Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product

One of the only Amazon FBA courses to be endorsed by Alibaba, the leading platform for global wholesale trade.
Eric John Campbell
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Decide on 1 product to import (with high confidence that it will be profitable to sell on Amazon FBA)
Find the best 2-3 suppliers for you to order a sample of your product from
Have a deep understanding of how the Amazon FBA model works (Private Labeling)
Have a deep understanding of why we want to import our products from China and how to communicate with Chinese suppliers
Know which product categories are best to focus on and which are the worst (this can make or break your business before you even start!)
Find a product with high potential to be profitable (using our Choosing A Product Cheat Sheet)
Calculate the Basic Product Criteria score for a product (our special method for deciding whether or not a product has high potential)
Calculate the Advanced Product Criteria score for a product (even more criteria to make sure you are confident that your product will be profitable BEFORE you import it)
How to find high-quality Chinese suppliers and communicate with them (use our Alibaba Message Cheat Sheet)
Calculate the potential profit you can expect to make from your new product
How to research the competition for your product (find out the key things you want to look for)
Learn our secret for how to get an unfair advantage over your competition

Recently we collaborated with Alibaba to update our course content (including adding many new lectures) making it one of the only Amazon FBA courses to be endorsed by Alibaba, the leading platform for global wholesale trade.

The Enormous Amazon FBA Opportunity

You already know there is a huge Amazon FBA opportunity. But you probably don’t know exactly how huge it really is…

In the next 15 seconds I will explain why so many people, just like you, are enormously excited…

Last year, in 2016, Amazon’s 200 plus million customers purchased $136 billion dollars worth of product.

Most importantly, 45%+ of those sales came from third-party sellers (these are people just like you)

In 2016, 100,000 of these people each made over $100,000 in sales from their Amazon FBA business

On Amazon 100,000 People Made Over $100,000 In Sales Last Year

I graduated from Penn State University and our football stadium is one of the biggest in the world, holding a little over 100,000 people. Imagine every single seat in that stadium filled with someone that made over $100,000 in sales from their FBA business!

Not only is the Amazon FBA opportunity enormous, it also keeps growing! 2016 was another record-breaking year for the company.

It’s easy to see why you’re so excited to start your own Amazon FBA business.

So, what’s the problem?

The 3 Roadblocks That Are Stopping You

We received 60 survey responses to this question and discovered there are 3 roadblocks that stop most people from creating their Amazon FBA business.

I bet that at least one of these is stopping you right now.

Roadblock #1 – You have a lack of knowledge of what to do and the more you try to learn the more overwhelmed you feel.

Roadblock #2 – You have a fear of failing. And of those fears the strongest is losing the money you invest

Roadblock #3 – You don’t know how to find the right product to sell

In other words… You don’t have the right knowledge and are afraid of failing and losing your money.

The More You Try To Get The ‘Right Knowledge’ The More Overwhelmed You Feel

It’s an annoying problem. The more time you spend searching for the ‘right knowledge’ on how start an Amazon FBA business the more overwhelmed you feel.

And the more overwhelmed you feel the greater your fear of failing and losing your money becomes.

Eventually this fear will grow to the point where you give up on starting an Amazon FBA business.

Or, instead of giving up you will say, “I will just start my Amazon FBA business later.”

But we both know that “later” will never come. And even IF you were to start later, the opportunity won’t be as great as it is now because of increasing competition.

Can you imagine how many people who would have successfully made a $100,000 per year Amazon FBA business didn’t because they gave up before they even started? 

In 2013 And With Only $500 Erik Started His Amazon FBA Business

After years of selling items on eBay, Erik was getting tired of doing everything himself.

Every few weeks a new shipment of products would arrive to his apartment. He packaged every single one of those products himself and made daily trips to the local post office.

He was making money but hadn’t created the profitable business he wanted. Instead he had created a full-time job.

In 2013 Erik first heard about Amazon FBA. The idea was exciting! All he would have to do is ship all his products to Amazon and they would do the work for him.

At First, Erik’s Amazon FBA Business Was Failing

With less than $500 to invest Erik decided to try starting an Amazon FBA business. Did he have immediate success? Nope. It was failing, fast.

He was a small step away from giving up on the Amazon platform completely. He decided to give it one last chance. This was it.

He started tweaking his Amazon listings and the sales slowly started to increase.

Most people would say this small amount of success was not worth the effort. But Erik saw the potential. This led him to spend years figuring Amazon out.

In this process he wasted huge amounts of time and money but he was learning. To him that was the most important thing.

After Years of Trial And Error Erik Learned A TON And Now Has $11,231 in Sales Each Month

Over time he turned his original $500 investment in Amazon to an Amazon FBA business that today generates $11,231 per month. And the best part?

He only spends 2 hours of work a week maintaining it.

He became one of those 100,000 people in Beaver Stadium.

But It wasn’t until Erik started teaching Amazon FBA to one of his friends that things got interesting…

Erik Found The Most Important Part Of Creating A Profitable Amazon FBA Business

After years of experience Erik realized the MOST important part of creating a profitable Amazon FBA business was selecting the right product.

It is also the first place every beginner should start when creating their Amazon business.

Earlier we talked about the 3 roadblocks that stop people. To help you overcome these challenges we knew our course had to be different.

By combing the expertise of myself, an eLearning Expert teaching over 42,000 students, and Erik Rogne, an Amazon FBA expert, we have created a unique course that solves all 3 of these roadblocks. 

The Solution To The Three Roadblocks That Are Stopping You

Roadblock Number #1 – You have a lack of knowledge of what to do and the more you try to learn the more overwhelmed you feel.

Our Solution: We made this course action focused. That feeling of being overwhelmed and lack of knowledge comes from learning too much but not taking action.

In 25 of the videos in our course you get 1 action step to complete. Then we walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to complete that step.

Roadblock Number #2 – You have a fear of failing. And of those fears the strongest is losing the money you invest

Our Solution: Almost everyone that fails on Amazon FBA and loses their investment did so because they chose the wrong product.

That is why we decided to focus our entire course on this subject. It’s that important!

Roadblock Number #3 – You don’t know how to find the right product to sell

Our Solution: We’ve taken all the guesswork and chance out of this process. You will be watching over our shoulder as we walk you through every step of finding a profitable product.

To make things even easier we’ve created 11 PDF resources that do all the work for you.

This PDFs tell you what factors make a product a good one. Your product either passes or it doesn’t.

You can’t do it wrong.

Our Brand New Course Is Already Helping 2,000+ Students Learn The Right Knowledge And Take Action! 

Our course was released in February 2017 and already it has helped students learn the right knowledge, overcome their fear of failure and most importantly given them the confidence to take action!

Very informative, perfect pace, and more importantly…interactive!

-Robbie Hartzell

This is the best course on Amazon FBA 
I have come across. It contains everything 
needed for your Amazon FBA journey…

-Elearning Guru

Great information, well structured 
and organized. Very good job!

-Onofrei Razvan

Clear, systematic, informative, 
well structured, and of course very practical.

This course makes the process from 
researching products and suppliers 
to ordering your products easy.


Here Is Our Offer:

  • You get 40 confusion-crushing videos

  • 25 of those videos are action-based

  • 11 Interactive PDF forms that do all the work for you

  • BONUS: Excel Definition List – Learn the insider language

  • BONUS: Excel Profit Margin Calculator – Calculates profit margin automatically

  • BONUS: Excel Supplier Comparison Sheet – Organize and compare all your potential suppliers

  • BONUS: Access to our FB community (150+ members and growing)

30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

For $200 you get lifetime access to all of this material, the bonuses, our FB community and answers to any questions you have.

You also get Udemy’s no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. You can go through the whole course and if you decide it’s not for you, still get your full money back.

This is a risk-free investment. You have nothing to lose.

Get Instant Access To This Course And All Of The Bonus Material

The best time to start your Amazon FBA business is right now!

To get instant access to the course and all of the bonus material click on the green “Buy Now” button in the top right hand corner. 

Enroll in this course now. Don’t put it off for later. 3 months from now you want to have your own profitable Amazon FBA business and not ask yourself what could have been.

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