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Start Improving Customer Service

Creating a Customer Service advantage in Your department or business through communication and Customer Management
Symon Stephens
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How to Improve Business and Personal Performance through Connecting with and Engaging Customers
How to Turn an Angry Customer into your Best Customer
How to Present your Message with Style and Attention to detail and content
What it takes to Deliver Great Customer service on a Personal level
Build rock solid Working relationships with Colleagues
Communication across a range of Mediums
The Art of Passing work along the Chain that inspires and Motivates people to Do their Best
Putting the measures into Place to Evidence how Customer Satisfaction is the Core of your Business difference

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage in your business or department can be a costly exercise if you focus on products or service rather than delivery.

In this course, Start Improving Customer Service, we take a fundamental look at what makes for good Customer Service, ways to implement a strategy into your team, and how to measure your success.

In this course you will learn:

Personal Benefits of Providing great Customer Service

Communication skills

Presentation, content, style and purpose of communication

Complaint Handling

How to Build Relationships

Creating great work and great Colleague relations

Common Causes of Complaints

Ways and Methods of Measuring your and your teams Successes

Some of the learning is brought to life through demonstration of the application of the models and there is a range of supporting resources to help you on your journey of growth as a professional interviewer.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Try this course for 30 days risk free. If you don’t find the value in it for you, then you get your money back no questions asked.

Learn this key skill in business and management today and start to build the team around you that will carry your future successes with Customers who promote you every chance they get.

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Who is this course for:

Front line Managers or Supervisors who are new to customer service or currently feel they lack the skills or confidence.

Small Business owners looking to grow their business and need a sustainable competitive edge.

Anyone interested in Customer Service but with limited knowledge on its parameters



Why Customer Service Matters

The Benefits of Good Customer Service

An insight into the need for customers service and the personal benefits to you

Why businesses and organisations need Good Customer Service as a selling point

Exploring the need and use for good Customer Service as a Unique Selling Point (USP) of the business or organisation

Experience and Expectations

It's not just the services and products of your business that customers buy, it's also about experiences. Get that right and you build repeat customers.

The Silent Complaint

Good Customer Service is not about not getting any complaints, it's about meeting the customer need.

Skills and Knowledge required for Good Customer Service

The Personal Skills and attributes required to deliver great Customer Service

Three Tips to Creating Great Customer Service

Personal Tips on how to create customer service excellence

It's all in the details when Delivering Great Customer Service

Giving attention to the details and making small adjustments are key in creating a customer service experience.

Taking Responsibility

What the customer needs from you and an introduction to Communication, the central part of Good Customer Service

Why Customer Service Matters Conclusion

A recap of the learning from section 1

Effective Customer Service Communication

Listening Skills

Listening skills and barriers to be mindful of when dealing with customers and customer service.

Building Relationships in Customer Service and Diagnostic Listening.

The importance of developing relationships in the customer service journey and the tools to help

Written Communication

An introduction to the first two elements of written communication

Written Communication Continued

The final two elements of written communication to create effective Customer Service relationships across the Network.

Technology and Customer Frustration.

How Technology can make the customer experience a lot better, or a lot worse

Using Email in the Customer Service Journey

As one of the most commonly used forms of Customer Contact we explore the best practice for creating a memorable experience for all the right reasons

Effective Communication Conclusion

Turning Complaints into Opportunities

Eliminating the Cause and Turning A complaint into a Benefit

You will be able to identify and eliminate common issues on Customer Service that can cause customers to complain.

Causes of Complaint and Complaint handling

Covering the common causes of complaints in relation to customer service and initial ways to start handing the complaint and managing the customer

How Not to Handle a Customer Service Complaint
When Customers Get Angry

Exploring how to manage a customer who feels they have not received the service they expect as a customer with a complaint about a product or service.

Is the Customer Always Right?

How to manage the challenging behaviour of Customers who feel they are in the right when they turn to abuse. Also some techniques for managing stress.

Complaints into Opportunities Conclusion

An over view of the learning from Complaints into Opportunities

Empowering Great Customer Service

Everyone has A role to play in Great Customer Service

Looking at the combined roles and where everyone makes a difference to the end user.

Internal Network Mapping, finding your way to Excellent Customer Care

Identifying the network that helps to support the customer service element of business and how to strengthen the chain to reduce complaints and upset for customers and colleagues.

Passing Work Along the Chain

How to pass work along the internal and external communication chain in a professional manner that will limit any negative impact on the customer experience.

Empowering Great Customer Service Conclusion

Review of the learning from this section.

Measuring Customer Service Satisfaction

Setting Standards

How to set realistic standards for Customer Service and how to implement measures to ensure you know it's working and not causing the team to focus on the wrong things.

It's not Just Standards

Looking at some different external measures to ensure you are achieving customer service satisfaction and not just setting up meaningless standards

Using what you Have Learned

How to look at implementing the learning from this course and ways to continue to improve your customer service

Start Improving Customer Service Course Conclusion


Course Conclusion

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