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Social Media For Business Owners: Social Media Training

Increase Followers And Improve Conversions right now!
Michael Ingram
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Full of hacks, hints and tips for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
Learn how to get an all-star profile on Linked-in
How to complete a Social Media Audit
Discover which of your Twitter Followers are fake. Also, how to discover which Politicians and Celebs have fake followers.
Use video story-telling to Increase your You Tube presence
Know the best times to post on Social Media
Learn how To Improve Your Blog
Receive a Social Media Size Cheat Sheet
How you can find out your Social Profile score
How to work out your ROI on Social Media Marketing.
Learn how to build a large following on the main Social Media platforms

The Social Media for Business Owners Course.

This course shows you how to use Social Media for your business to Increase Customers, Improve profitability and get your brand message across to more of your Followers

We all use social media in our daily lives,but are you using it properly for your business, or to get that job in Social Media?

If not, why not? Your Competitors almost certainly are and you could be missing out BIG TIME by not having a cohesive and well thought out Social Media Strategy.

This course will show you how to Increase your followers across all of the leading social media platforms.

It will show you how to complete a social media audit to highlight any deficiencies in your marketing whilst explaining how to fix them.

Some of the many other things we will look at in the course are:-

  1. 10 reasons your business should be leveraging Social Media.
Nine tips for increasing your click through rates on Facebook and the Ninja way of attracting customers.
Reaching your target market on Twitter.
Ever-Growing circles on Google+
  5. Fundamentals of growing a large Linked-in following and how to get that Impressive all-star profile.
  6. How to spot your fake followers.
How to use Psychology to increase sales.
YouTube- using visual media and visual storytelling to improve your brand.

By taking this course you will learn lots of hints, hacks. and tips to get you ahead of your rivals. By properly leveraging and using the dynamic power o Social Media you will Increase your customers and Improve profitability

Enrol now. Every few minutes you delay means your rivals could be getting ahead with their Social Media Strategy.

I look forward to seeing you Inside


Course updated November 2017



Hi and welcome to the Social Media Compendium. In this introductory lecture, we will be looking at what you will be learning and how this course will help you raise your presence and standing on Social Media

10 reasons your business should be leveraging Social Media

Social Media is of paramount Importance to all sizes of business. Get it right and you can hit the sales jackpot. Get it wrong and your brand can be ruined overnight. In this lecture we look at the top ten reasons Social Media can help your business leverage your audience.

Using Psychology To Increase Sales and Followers

In this lecture, we look at how we can use color psychology to get more engagement on Social Media. Discover how the big brands subtly use color to draw people to their sites and influence their buying patters and how you can use this information to improve your Social Media engagement.

How to conduct a Social Media Audit

How to conduct a social media audit.

In this lecture we look at the way to conduct a Social Media Audit. Doing this will ensure you get consistency for your brand across all social media platforms and will help you increase productivity, eliminate duplication and improve feedback and conversions from your customers.

Assignment: Conduct a Social Media audit.

How to conduct a social media audit.

In this lecture we look at the way to conduct a Social Media Audit. Doing this will ensure you get consistency for your brand across all social media platforms and will help you increase productivity, eliminate duplication and improve feedback and conversions from your customers.

What is Social Media?

A brief history of how Social Media started and how it evolved to the platforms we use every, single day. How one man's vision transformed the way we interact with each other forever!

Main Social Media Sites

In this lecture, we take a look at the major Social Media sites and their audience figures. This will help you decide where to focus your efforts to get maximum exposure.

Writing Quality Content To Expand Your Social Network

To get to the top of the search engine rankings, you will need to provide quality content. This lecture looks at the way you can ensure your posts stand out and reach a larger audience.

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

This lecture contains a Social Media Size Cheat Sheet showing you all of the required sizes (in pixels) for posting Images on your favourite Social Media sites.

Reach your target Facebook Audience by using 'Ninja Style Dark Posts.'

In this lecture, we look at a 'top secret' method of targeting more Facebook traffic than those of your rivals. Use it to ensure you are one step of your Competitors in the social media marketing stakes.

Nine tips for increasing your Facebook Click-through Rates

This lecture covers nine top ways to get Increased click-through rates on your Facebook posts and so increase both your social media reach and also increase customer numbers and levels of Interaction.

How you can find your Social Media Reach score

In this lecture, we look at exactly how you can find your social media reach score by using Klout. You will also find by growing your social media presence you may even be offered Incentives for promoting other people's products.

Reaching Your Target Market On Twitter. Fake Followers and super hacks

In this lecture, you will learn the quickest methods of building a Twitter following and how you can ensure the people following you are real and therefore unlikely to spam you. We will also take a look at some of the Celebs and Politicans who have millions of fake followers.

Dynamic ways to grow your presence on Google+

It's rumoured by some that Google+ is on the wane. However, the Google+ platform still has hundreds of millions of engaged users each month. In this lesson, learn how you can build your Google+ circles to increase your Social Media standing.

Build a massive Instagram Community

This article describes exactly how you can benefit from growing an audience on one of Social Media's fastest growing platforms.

Grow a large Linked-in following and build an All-star profile

In this lecture, we look at probably the most Important of all of the Social Media platforms for making business contacts. I will explain to you exactly how to rapidly grow your followers and therefore increase your business contacts. Secondly, I will go into details of how to get that all-important all-star profile.

Linkedin All Star Rating. Tips On How To Get Yours!

An all-star rating on Linkedin is what you should be aiming for if you use this magnificent business networking site.

This lecture gives you my top tips to help you get an all-star rating.

Pinning Your Hopes On Pinterest?

Many people under estimate the potential of Pinterest. Were you aware that Pinterest's followers are the most engaged Social Media users and they are more likely to purchase your products than on any other site? This lecture looks at how to make the most of this fantastic sales opportunity.

The future is live streaming!!

This article covers live streaming and rise of the Meerkat and Periscope platforms.

You Tube-Using Visual Media and Story-telling To Improve Your Brand

Discover how you can use Visual media and soty-telling processes to increase your You Tube following and improve your branding.

Snapchat For Advertising

Many companies are falling over themselves to advertise on Snapchat. Why? because Snapchat's audience and young and have money in their pockets to spend. This lecture looks at how get the most out of advertising on Snapchat.

The best times to post on Social Media?

Do you know your can double your posts engagement on Social Media just by posting at the right time? This Infographic shows exactly when to post to ensure your post or advert has maximum exposure and engagement.

Bonus lecture - Contact details and services offered.

Thanks for taking my course. I am dedicated to providing you with a great service.This brief lecture shows you how to contact me

How to calculate your Social Media ROI
The Five Whys?

In this lecture we look at how the Five whys can help you with your business

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