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Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

Sales Hacking: Essential sales skills, sales strategies and sales techniques to sell just about anything!
Chris Croft
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Enjoy selling by befriending customers
Close deals with confidence
Be organised and efficient
Understand the selling process and how to master it
Feel confident preparing for a sales meeting
Know different selling styles and their uses
Master body language and rapport to build relationships

Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

Sales Hacking: Essential sales skills, sales strategies and sales techniques to sell just about anything!

Sales is all about listening to people and prescribing a solution. In every job you’ll come across sales moments, whether you’re selling yourself in a job interview or selling products to customers – it’s an essential skill in all career paths. Sales needn’t be slimy, immoral, or complicated – it’s simply about getting the best solution for the customer so they are thrilled to buy from you.

With this course you can maximise your sales potential in just a few minutes – if you’re already working in sales, or looking for a lucrative and enjoyable future career, effective selling is a valuable skill that you definitely need to master.

Chris Croft is an international speaker and widely published author, who’s been teaching Sales skills to companies for over 20 years. He’s taught all over the world, as well as online, and has an entertaining and practical teaching style. This course is guaranteed to keep you engaged and amused, and teach you life changing skills for home and work.

This course covers everything you need to know about sales: from preparing and planning, relationship building, objection handling techniques, and closing the deal at a brilliant price. It looks at lots of real life examples (some of which will definitely get you laughing) and gives practical tools you can use right away to get better results.

Sales Hacking overview includes:

  • Planning your toolkit

  • Building a rapport and relationship

  • Handling objections and hidden excuses

  • Creating a foolproof efficiency system for organising your sales

  • Simple tricks to raise yourself above 90% of the competition

  • Simple phrases that will get you a brilliant closing price

  • And lots lots more!

This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


What to expect

Welcome to the course, here's an introduction to what we'll be covering over the next few hours.

What is Sales?

Staying on the Sales Tightrope

The sales process is kind of like a tightrope - if you just stick to the plan and go straight you'll succeed, but if you put a foot wrong you can't recover.This lecture looks at what the steps are.

'Prescribing' not Selling

Sales is often misunderstood to be a pushy process, but in this lecture we explain how it can HELP the customer and even make them happy!

Part 1 - Building a Sales Relationship


In this section we'll be looking into relationships - why their important and how to get them right.

Do you need to be liked?

In this lecture we look at what the most important part of your pitch is - does it matter if they like you, or is it all about the product qualities?

First Impressions and Body Language

First impressions are extremely important and very easy to get wrong - this lecture looks at common mistakes and fixes.

Make Me Feel Important

It's vital to befriend your customer and make them like you - but how do you do this by still being genuine? This lecture teaches you how!

Being a Great Listener

Listening is vital, and harder than people think, and this lecture looks at simple tools to help you become a great listener.

The Sales Questioning Funnel

Listening can be turned into an easy to follow process - and the questioning funnel can help with that. Make them feel important, while you still stay in control of the conversation.

Four Types of People

When selling to people, it's very important you understand their thought process and personality types. This lecture introduces you to the 4 main types of people, and what sort of selling style works for them.

The Delight Factor

Don't just provide the basics - go that extra step and surprise your customer!

What Did You Learn?

Part 2 - Diagnosing the Sale


In this section we'll learn about how to find out what your customer really needs, and how to show them you can fulfil it.

Finding Out Their Needs

Before you start offering solutions, you need to find out what they're looking for. This lecture demonstrated how to do that.

Building Their Needs

A common, and effective, way to get a customer on the buying process is to build up in their mind how serious their needs are. Then they'll be desperate to take your solution!

Get them to say it

Far more powerful than you telling them what they need, is them saying they want it!

Part 3 - Prescribing a Solution


In Part 3 we will be looking at offering a solution to your customer, and understanding the difference between Features and Benefits

The Difference Between Features and Benefits

It's easy to prescribe lots of features, but what the customer truly wants to know about is the benefits to them.

What Did You Learn?

Part 4 - Objection Handling


In this section we will be looking at how to handle objections from your customer. To get from the pitch conversation to closing the deal it's vital you understand their objections and how to remove them.

Can Objections be a Good Thing for Sales?

In this lecture you'll learn about why people object, why they might lie about it, and how to overcome them.

Feel Felt Found

A great way of overcoming objections is to use this simple and highly effective technique - Feel Felt Found.

Preparation is Key to Sales

It's a good idea to prepare some responses to common objections and be ready to offer these as helpful solutions.

"It's too expensive"

This is the most common objection, but it's in fact rarely true.... here's why and how to fix it.

What Did You Learn?

Part 5 - Closing Sales


In this section we'll look at closing the deal. This needn't be painful or pushy - it's simply about making life easy for your customer.

The Principle of Closing

Closing can often be an intimidating phase of selling, but this lecture will make it easy for you to see how to guide customers through it pain free.

Closing - The Words to Use

This lecture will give you simply phrases to help close without intimidating the customer.

Keeping the Ball in Your Court

An important part of closing is not letting the customer take control of the ongoing conversation, keep the ball in your court!

What Did You Learn?

Efficiency & Measurement in Sales


In this section we'll be learning methods and tools to ensure you don't let customers down. Efficiency is a huge part of selling, and can help you rise above 90% of your competitors.

7 Essential Principles of Sales Efficiency

Here are 7 skills for efficiency that we think will transform your sales results. Simply getting these handy changes right will mean customers are constantly impressed with your reliability and trustworthiness.

The Science of Sales Measurement

As well as meeting with customers and doing presentations, it's important that you have a scientific handle on your sales process. This lecture teaches you how to measure your process and ensure you're creating long term success as well as short term.


Thank you

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