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Sales Skills – How to sell value instead of price

Skills and best practices for every sales rep to move away from price discussions to value creation negotiations
Amaro Araujo
2,963 students enrolled
Learn how to move away from a simple "vendor" to a position of strategic supplier.
How to use value as the main focus of sales discussions
Have deeper discussions with your customers to understand their real needs
To Leverage margins, know how important your products are to the customer
Differentiate from competition
secure market share
define and leverage value propositions

Sales tests and Business cases to help you explore and apply knowledge. Very important to prepare you for real case situations and job interviews. Both with proposed solutions.

Don’t forget to check last lesson, where you can find the downloadable support documents. There’s one in particular you can’t miss: “The value Selling Sensing and process”

This course is about the two sides of the balance – Price and value – to leverage your skills as a sales manager.

Price is the financial reward for your product or service and value is what your customer believes it is worth for them.

Find or leverage your unique value propositions.

Understand the concept of the value and shift your discussions towards value instead of pure price.

In this course, you’ll see practical examples, differentiation, and how you can leverage your products or services to move from a “Vending” position to a “strategic partner” position.

Customers will always push you to price discussions. Your role is to manage that diversion. In this course, you’ll have the insights and tools on how to do that.

This training is a masterclass on the topic and will help you in your commercial role: sales negotiation and closing deals.

Developing skills is the best investment you can make with your money, so join the course now and enhance your career in sales.

Course updated regularly.

Support material provided: There are several templates and documents in the bonus lecture at the end of the course that you can download for a better follow up and application of the learnings, and that includes my best seller book “Sales is my passion” available in the last section on ebook/pdf format.

Recently added: How this course can help your career evolution. Downloadable in the first lecture.

Some Testimonials:

Ratcliff K: “Good insights and new ways to look at same issue”

Arjen B: “this helps me to change my perspective and question the traditional way I work”

Gilles Broom: “very interesting and realistic “

Rose Denter: “I have difficulties to get away of recurrent price discussions, this course sheds some light on areas that I will be able to explore and hope to improve my margins “


Introduction, course scope, structure & Lessons

In this chapter you´ll find the course Intro, scope, lessons and e structure.

What is value, concept and levels

What is value at the eyes of the customer

How can you segregate value from price

Levels of perceived value on customer ranking

How do customers perceive your value

Concept of value selling - what is it about

What is the concept after all?

Define value

Choose the best definition of value in business or sales terms

Why value selling falls short, how can you mitigate

Why value selling falls short, why it doesn't work

Does it work always and with every single customer?

Value exchange - Never provide a concession without something in return

What can you trade?

Value exchange practice

How should you use value exchange techniques?

Optimizing your proposal

Solutions presentation - how tyo expose your solution for your best benefit

Be very clear and concise presenting your solution.

Four typical sales approaches - your position in the market

The most common sales approaches

Mention some sales approaches you're aware of

Just checking your knowledge about common sales approaches

Powerful scenes of proposals, negotiation and deal closing

Proposal scenes from the movie "the imitation game"
Proposal and Negotiation from the movie "Godfather"
Power negotiation scene from "Dark Knight"
Negotiation from the movie "Jobs"
convincing and persuasion scenes from "12 Angry men"

Practice Section (Sales Test & Business case)

Sales test

Let's practice a bit your knowledge and Skills.

Please be relaxed, this isn't a judgment exercise, but an opportunity to link theory with practice.

This is a multiple choice sales test. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

General business Cases

Bonus Lecture & support material

Course wrap up

Chapters wrap up and takeaway´s

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Sales Skills – How to sell value instead of price
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