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Sales objections handling: master objection sales skills

Objections handling masterclass: 100 techniques to handle any objection (sales skills & sales training masterclass)
Stefan Devito
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Handling objections confidently
Knowling what to say
Knowing how to say it (tonality)
Over 100 techniques for all possible situations and markets
Become a "born closer"
Handle objections like never before
  • “I’ve been a sales and marketing professional for decades, and this is fact about sales. It took me quite a while early in my career to discover customer value, communication and this course absolutely hits the nail on how I succeeded in growing my sales career.”

    Matt. Hope

When you are faced with an objection in sales, you only got split-seconds to decide what to say. If you chose the wrong words – or the wrong tonality – you are committing commercial suicide.

Not being prepared for those moments is irresponsible, frustrating and leads to negative feedback loops – and a drop in confidence.

If you have heard ANY of these objections before:

  • “I need to think about it”

  • “Could you send information over?”

  • “Not interested”

  • “I had enrolled series of sales course, this provide the best I have never come across.” – Digital Pack

Then you NEED this course in your toolbox in order to learn:

  • Over 60 objection handling techniques – your turn-key solution for any tough sales call

  • The crucial follow-up techniques making use of secret sub-conscious communication strategies in order to get a prospect HOT FOR YOUR DEAL

  • A step by step guide on how to use tonality and words in order to create congruency and build a rocket high level of trust, that if there is any deal to be made, it is made with you

  • “Awesome and empowering” – Mohan Janotra


  • Salespeople and entrepreneurs tend to fall into the trap of learning a few objection handling techniques and then waiting for a miracle to somehow change a prospect’s mind

  • It is crazy to think that even big names in sales like Grant Cardone still teach that mistake – and millions fall into this trap, loosing deals and getting crushed – this fallacy is based on techniques taught in the 60s and 70s that might well have worked then – but with all the advances in consumer information, marketing and the availability of options, it does not work any more today

  • Instead, in this course, you will be learning two things

    • over 60 concrete objection handling strategies

    • What secret unconscious AND conscious communication skills to follow it up with to get out of the deadlock and the prospect craving for the deal – in other words you turn a selling situation into a buying situation

The methods you will learn here are based on the most successful sales trainers in the world: Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street and Grant Cardone. However, in his own extensive experience in B2B software and analytical sales, the instructor found out that some of what is taught by them does only apply partially in the digital world we live in – a connected world where information is easily available and high pressure sales techniques fail to provide the same result as they did in a time when salespersons were holding critical information about any product. Today, the internet take away much of that power.

  • “Excellent course, Stefan covers a lot of material I’ve been missing from my sales experience. This was well worth the time.” – C. Andrew Wolfe

In addition to rocket-solid objection handling skills, this course equips you with

  • Advanced state and attitude management skills to make sure you go into every sale with unbeatable energy

  • Some of the strongest closing techniques of Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street, which he used back in the nineties to build an empire

  • Advanced tonality training: 10 tonalities crucial for becoming a master in sales and persuasion

  • Biggest mistakes and how not to make them

  • How to grab and keep attention at any time during the sales process

  • Storytelling in business to overcome objections

  • What to do if the customer gets upset

Which exact objections are you going to be able to overcome?

· “Not interested”

· “Already work with someone/competitor”

· “I need to think about it

· “I’m going to wait”

· “We are working on a budget”

· “Just looking”

· “We have no budget”

· “I’m not liquid right now”

· “I already have a

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Customer Centric Selling

· “The competitor offers better price”

· “It’s a bad time of the year”

· “I have no money to give”

· “We are waiting for the new budget to be approved”

· “I don’t like the market right now”

· “I am not the decision maker”

· “Not doing anything until”

· “We have a better price from”

· “I don’t have time/bad timing”

· “Your terms are not good”

· “I have bad credit”

· “We can’t do anything until”

· “Your product doesn’t have”

· “We never make a rash decision”

· “We don’t sign contracts”

· “We don’t need all of that”

· “If you can’t do it for…”

· “Please don’t call back”

· “We are already over budget”

· “I need to check with my X”

· “I’d like to but it’s bad timing right now”

This course will teach you exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to follow up the objection handling. After taking this course and learning the material, you will be able to handle any objection you will ever get (over 60 techniques) and then using a special technique the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort has taught me that worked for the 1990 brokers just as it will work for you – it is a secret weapon of sales.

Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Freelancers

  • Salespeople

  • Product managers

  • Anyone understanding that adding the sales skill to their skillset makes them infinitely more valuable in the marketplace


This course will teach you exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to follow up the objection handling. After taking this course and learning the material, you will be able to handle any objection you will ever get (over 60 techniques).

Using a special technique the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort has taught me to follow up after the objection is “handled” will turn objectors into buyers – it is a secret weapon of sales.

However, it is crucial to use it with care and utmost integrity, because these techniques bypass all logical reasoning capabilities of your target.

  • “I am really happy with this course” – Emily Cohagan


Own the sale
One question
5 approaches to overcome any objection
5 approaches to overcome any objection

Handling specific objections

Introduction to handling objections
Deflection - the single most powerful way to overcome objections
Storytelling technique
Building your own strategy - part 1
Building your own strategy - part 2
Handling the objection: "I need to think about it"
Early objections - introduction
Early objections - specific answers: not interested
Early objections - specific answers: send over information
Early objections - specific answers: others
Handling the objection: "call back"
Handling the objection: "I need to speak to so and so"
Handling budget objections
Motivational message: finishing what you start
Handling competition objections
How to handle third party objections
Pro tip: handle the objection before it comes up
Handling insecurities basics
Handling insecurities specific techniques
How to handle insecurities?

Additional sales skills

5 steps sales system
What are the 5 steps in the sales system?
How to increase your confidence
Attitude basics
Attitude - daily habits
Attitude - boosting yourself before the call
Confidence and attitude - what can you do to increase it?
Lion closer attitude checklist
When to use which tonalities

Congratulations and next steps

Thank you and next steps
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Sales objections handling: master objection sales skills
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