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Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction & Christianity

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How to manifest your dreams
How to use the law of attraction
How to time travel
How to create reality
The Nature of God & The Science of The Human Body
Understanding Dreams, Visions & Spiritual Experiences

What to Expect in the ‘Kainos Club’ Online Spiritual Course?

  • a global community of like minded believers in the body of christ aka the kainos new creation

  • bible study lessons

  • sharing of spiritual experiences, dreams, visions, OBE/NDE, trances and ecstasy

  • spiritual conversation

Here are the topics that we will discuss:

  • How I Trans-relocated/Transported to Another Dimension/Timeline

  • Infinitesimal Nature of God – How God Fits Himself In Man

  • Christ the Galactic Infinite Grid – The Cosmic Matrix

  • YHWH – The Tetragrammaton: a Scientific & Jewish Point of View ( A Expose on the Nature of Reality)

  • What is time & How To Time Travel?

  • How To Create Your Own Reality Using Quantum Mechanics from a Spiritual Point of View

  • The Human Species is the Microcosm of the God Macrocosmic Universe

  • Dark Matter & Dark Energy – How God Obscures Himself In Darkness

A Spiritual Treatise to Quantum Physics, The Law of Attraction & Manifestation

Law of Attraction 'I AM' Secret

Law of Attraction: ?The 'I AM' Secret To Manifesting Anything Instantly Like Magic!

How to Access The Millennium Reign Kingdom of Heaven Age Now? Law of Attraction

How to Access The Millennium Reign Kingdom of Heaven Age Now? Law of Attraction Meditation Money!

The Biblical LOA Water Manifestation Two Cup Method

The Biblical LOA Water Manifestation Two Cup Method | Benefits of Speaking in Tongues/Blood of Jesus

How I Quantum Jumped Into Another Dimension

You will learn how to transport or transrelocate in the spirit.

The Infinitesimal Nature of God - What is the 'Vanishing Point'?

You will learn about how the infinite God can condense Himself into the seemingly limited space of the human body and the implications of having the God of impossible workings living inside you!

The Vanishing Point - Eternity

In Him we live, move and have our being.

Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forevermore

God is the great I AM. The Eternal Constant

He constantly and presently exists in every moment of time

God makes up time and is time itself just as much as He makes up the structure of space. God is space-time

He who is, who was, and is to come.

That is describing time. Time is a person.

God has put eternity in mans heart so that in whatever moment of time man would have the tools and means to draw from God/Eternity/past-present-future to re-create his world.

The future exists now in mans heart as seed form.

Gods works were completed from beginning to end.

The word is the holographic seed that contains the future

Christ the Word is that holographic seed. The world started by Him and ends by Him. He is the Alef Tav. The beginning and the ending, the first and the last. All space-time is contained in Him

Christ The Galactic Grid - The Cosmic Matrix

God is closer to us than the air we breathe. He is the All in All. All of the universe is made of Christ. God didn't just create the world by his Word. The world wouldn't exist without Christ.

YHWH: The Tetragrammaton. A Jewish & Scientific Point of View


YOD - singularity, black hole, infinite point/s of creation (varying sizes), vortex, the All contained in one, 10 = 1 (1 x 0 = 1, the totality (10) contained in parts (1), vacuum energy (potential), from the singularity within a atom to the singularity within a planet and/or galaxy and within the entire multi universe where the first point of creation at the beginning of time emerged.

HEH - the quantum fluctuations, active influx and flow of energy/vibration, the breath of God (outflow/inflow), the sound is light and light is sound, flow of consciousness/time-space dimensions

VAV - the wormhole/s connecting all reality together as one systematic organism of bio feedback. (Quantum entanglement) The hook that holds together and harnesses all information. Controls the nature of time (past, present & future) via wormholes modifying reality with new and adjusted information.

HEH - the quantum fluctuations, active influx and flow of energy/vibration, the breath of God (inflow/outflow), the sound is light and light is sound. flow of consciousness/time-space dimensions


HEY is composed of the DALET and the YUD. DALET opens the door for YUD to create. Without DALET (the door) all of the YUD wouldn’t flow via HEY. HEY flows from YUD through VAV (which connects all things). From God to man from spirit to physical/material. ZAYIN flows back to YUD through VAV to complete the cycle (7) and then start again. All things start and end with YUD.


YOD is infinite potential of energy/information

HEH breathes out (exhales/expansion) the energy through

VAV which connects all things (time/energy/consciousness) and

HEH breathes in (inhales/contraction) the energy back to YOD through VAV to repeat the cycle within a toroidal shape field.

The greater the symphony of sounds/light and complexity of information/energy the greater the complexity of the geometric form. A highly complex geometric form is a intelligent organism with 3 dimensional form or above. the YHVH toroidal cyclical field is what creates and maintains reality as we perceive.

All universe and all matter is 9.999999 % empty space which is not really empty but teeming with energy. Only a little tiny percentage is matter which is basically nothing at all. So most of our reality is composed of energy. this energy is YHWH and It comes from YHWH. We live, move and have our being in YHWH. We exist and all creation exists in his toroidal field and in His electro magnetic field of energy or in other words in his LIGHT/SOUND/VIBRATION. There is no other reality but YHWH. YHWH makes up every cell in our bodies and all the quantum fluctuating energy that keeps our body from going into non existence comes from YHWH.

What is Time & How To Time Travel?

By understanding what time is or who is time we can begin to learn how to travel through and in time!

How To Create Your Own Reality using Quantum Mechanics

You will learn the mechanics of how to create your own reality!

The Human Species is the Microcosm of the God Macrocosmic Universe

You will learn about the inner connection between the human body, God and the universe.

Dark Matter & Dark Energy - How God Obscures Himself In Darkness

Are you afraid of the dark? You will learn to see the light even in the darkness. God dwells in darkness. Most of the universe is composed of dark matter and dark energy. Perhaps the dark and the night isn't as spooky as one would think.

New Creation Man: To Become Beyond Human: Deeper Into Christianity Secrets!

How To Become BEYOND HUMAN - Enter Into The Deeper Secrets of Christianity!
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Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction & Christianity
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