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Quantum Physics For SERIOUS Beginners Series

In The Beginning There Was Light
Kwaku Eason
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The student will learn quantum physics from the ground up, along with using python to compute problems to aid in learning. This course is the first in a series, focusing on historical developments laying the foundations for the development of quantum mechanics (physics).

This course on Quantum Physics thoughtfully layouts a large amount of content in a series aimed to truly help create real experts in the field of quantum physics, whether its for your personal interest, academic support, research and development goals, or industrial applications, you will gain deep and correct understanding of several fundamental and new topics in quantum physics. This first part focuses on the historical significance of analyzing light, as well the the activities around discoveries of subatomic particles like the electron, proton, and neutron. This course also utilizes python to do virtual labs to analyse various topics more deeply.

Course Introduction


Course and series introduction, discussing the topics that you will learn, the course objectives and design of the course , as well as how to kick a#! in the course.

Historical Discoveries & Analyses From Studies of Light

History of studying light and refraction, etc.

Early documented evidence of humans taking an interest in understanding and using light.

Corpuscular Model Derivation of Snell's Law

Walks through a corpuscular model of light derivation of Snell's law using principle of least action.

Wave Model & Derivation of Snell's Law

Discussion and derivation of Snell's law using the wave model of light, in contrast to the corpuscular model of light.

Python and PyCharm Installation

Guidance to installing Python and the IDE PyCharm for use in the course.

Python Introduction

An introduction to get started using Python software.

PyCharm IDE Introduction

Introduction to the PyCharm integrated development environment (IDE)

Refractive Index Data Collection For Snell's Law

Collection of optical data from Refractiveindex.info, to be used in Snell's Lab

Snell's Virtual Lab Using PyCharm

Coding Snells law into a virtual lab

Compute the ratios of velocities v1x/v2x and v1y/v2y extending Snells lab?
Electromagnetic waves up to Maxwell’s epiphany

Events leading up to Maxwell's epiphany

Hertz Virtual Lab Model Using Python

Model & discussion of Hertz experiment and physics using PyCharm.

Hertz Experiment Lab - Exact Solution Comparisons

Addition of exact Hertz experiment model solution and comparison to numerical model

Discoveries of subatomic particles and atomic structure

Crooke’s Tubes For Charged Subatomic Particles

Introduction of Crookes Tube and how they were used to quantify properties of subatomic charged particles.

Atomic structure and the discovery of the neutron

Deduction of atomic structure and discovery of the neutron subatomic particle.



Lesson Summary and Wrap-up

Review Quiz

1. True or False: the history of studying light has nothing to do with quantum mechanics?

2. What is refraction?

3. Which incidence angle leads to the least amount of refraction? 15 deg, 10 deg, 5 deg, or 0 deg

4. Which subatomic particle was discovered first? proton, electron, or neutron?

5. Why did Thomson and team ALSO need to use the magnetic field in addition to the electric field to measure the charge-to-mass ratio of the electron?

6. Could an electric and/or magnetic field be used to measure the velocity of a neutron, as was done for the electron?

7. Explain why Hertz experimental electromagnetic wave generated in his lab was short lived, or why did the amplitude die out leaving a spark in its trace? Recall our model of Hertz experiment for help.

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Quantum Physics For SERIOUS Beginners Series
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