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Quantum Jump – Extremely Powerful Reality Manifestation

Effortlessly manifest your wants, wishes and desires.
Shu Huang Chen
511 students enrolled
Do Quantum Jump to easily manifest wants, wishes and desires.
Consciously control the mind.
Efficiently work with visualization.
Cleanse negative emotions.
Understand possibility, reality and life frame.
Rearrange the belief system.

This course is NOT for you if you are looking for a personable instructor to give you one of the most pleasant learning experiences, this course is FOR YOU if you are looking for genuine and invaluable information to change your life.

Do you want to easily and effortlessly change your life? To become rich, to be happy, to have impeccable health, to be in a perfect relationship, to be successful, to do anything and everything? Then Quantum Jump is made for you.

I have developed this technique myself based on the secrets of many mystic doctrines, you won’t find this knowledge anywhere else. Quantum Jump is an extremely powerful method of wish manifestation—you can create any reality with it, there are no limitations. If your mind can conceive it, Quantum Jump can make it a reality for you. I have changed entire galaxies and planets with Quantum Jump, the power is overwhelming and the results astonishing! That said, you can only do positive wants, wishes and desires with Quantum Jump.

Begin fulfilling your deepest desires that benefit you and the ones you love today. Don’t let this golden opportunity to make your dreams a reality slip away—take this course here and now.

Enrolling in this course is truly an encouragement, I want the best for my students, with the proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” With Quantum Jump you can generate perpetual wealth, health, and happiness all by yourself.

Fully subtitled in English.

Getting to Know Quantum Jump

Introduction to the Course

In this lecture we have a preview of what you will find throughout the full course.

What is Quantum Jump?

In this lecture we take a look at the scientific and metaphysical definitions of Quantum Jump.

What Can You Achieve with Quantum Jump?

In this lecture we learn about the capabilities of Quantum Jump.

The Dangers of Quantum Jump

Know the dangers of Quantum Jump and how to prevent them before actually Quantum Jumping.

Understanding the Infinite Possibilities

In this lecture we learn about the existence of infinite possibilities to empower Quantum Jump.

What is a Reality?

In this lecture we learn about the deeper meaning of a reality.

Preparing for Quantum Jump


In this lecture we learn about the importance of energy in a universal context.

Life Frames

Learn about Life Frames and how to utilize this knowledge to strengthen your Quantum Jump.

Belief Systems

In this lecture we learn about belief systems and how to use them to support your Quantum Jump.

The Heart

In this lecture we learn about the pivotal importance of the subtle Heart.

The Mind

Learn about the secrets of the mind and how it can affect your Quantum Jump. Practice mind exercises.

The Emotions

In this lecture we learn about the sometimes overlooked importance of the emotions and how they are without our conscious realization impacting on our worlds. Also practice negative emotion cleansing exercise.


Learn about visualization and do visualization exercises for your Quantum Jump.

Additional Elements

In this lecture we learn about the additional elements that are relatively important to Quantum Jump in addition to: heart, mind, emotions, and visualization.

Designing Your Ideal Reality

This lecture teaches you how to design your ideal reality and make it ready for Quantum Jump.

Quantum Jumping

Preparatory Exercise for Quantum Jump

This lecture teaches your how to ready yourself prior an immediate Quantum Jump.

Standard Quantum Jump

This lecture teaches you how to do Standard Quantum Jump.

Continuous Quantum Jump

This lecture teaches you how to do Continuous Quantum Jump.

Visual Quantum Jump

This lecture teaches you how to do Visual Quantum Jump.

Written Quantum Jump

This lecture teaches you how to do Written Quantum Jump.

Motion Quantum Jump

This lecture teaches you how to do Motion Quantum Jump.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up the course.

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Quantum Jump – Extremely Powerful Reality Manifestation
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