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Public Speaking: How To Think & Speak More Clearly

"The Ultimate Course to Help You Organize Your Thoughts and Present Them With Greater Precision and Clarity!"
Michael Williams
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Organize your thoughts easier and faster
Think more clearly
Speak with greater precision and clarity

Your career success greatly if not solely depends on your ability to THINK and SPEAK clearly.  

Do people pay attention when you speak?  Do they understand what you're saying?  Are you able to present yourself and your ideas in a manner such that people are persuaded by what you say?  

You have great potential.  But people will not recognize it IF you're not able to organize your thoughts clearly, and then present those thoughts in a way that virtually anyone can understand them. 

Take this course, put into practice what you learn, and you'll find that more people will…

  • Maintain eye contact with you while you speak,
  • Nod in agreement when you're presenting,
  • Seek you out for advice,
  • More readily accept your ideas,
  • By from you,
  • Hire you, and
  • Promote you!

Companies are requiring that you have the ability to communicate well in English, work well with teams and be able to present information in such a way that you engage the audience and not bore the heck out of them.  

I know you have the ability to present your ideas intelligently.  

THIS course will give you the exact tools you need start thinking and speaking with such great clarity that more and more people will instantly recognize your intelligence.  

Take this course, equip yourself and watch the doors of opportunity fly open for you. 

This course contains not only downloadable videos, but also the complete program in mp3 format so that you can listen on the go!

Think and Speak More Clearly Introduction

Course Introduction
Critical to your career is the ability to organize your thoughts and speak clearly.  This video will provide you with an introduction that lays out very clearly what you will learn in this course. 
DOWNLOAD THIS: A Single-page PDF Cheatsheet
Download this single-page PDF cheatsheet of the course. 

Using Mental and Speaking Frameworks In Meetings

Using Mental Frameworks - Introduction
What in the world is a "framework"?  In this section, we'll go deep and help you understand what they are, why they are important and how they will help you think and more far more clearly than you ever thought possible. 
Using Mental Frameworks In Meetings With Colleagues
How can you use mental or thinking frameworks in meetings with colleagues?  Yes, meetings with colleagues can require you to think and prepare a little differently than meetings with leaders or clients. This video will walk you through how to use frameworks in this context. 
Using Mental Frameworks In Meetings With Leadership
How should you think through and prepare for meetings with leadership?  That's what we'll discuss in this video. 
Using Speaking Frameworks In Meetings
What is a Speaking Framework?  How will it help you deliver your information in a more precise, understandable and satisfying manner.  That's what you will learn in this video. 

Using Mental and Speaking Frameworks In Presentations

Using Thinking Frameworks In Presentations Introduction
How you think through and prepare for a presentation is a bit different than preparing for a meeting in most cases.  I'll introduce you to thinking (mental) frameworks and how they will work for you as you organize your thoughts for a presentation. 
Using Thinking Frameworks In Presentations
In this video we'll go deep into how you can use thinking frameworks to help you clearly organize your thoughts for a presentation.  I think you'll find that you'll be pretty amazed at the results you get from using this process to prepare.  
Using Speaking Frameworks In Presentations Pt 1
Do you want to be able to speak with precision, clarity and confidence?  THIS is how you do it. Watch this video. 
Using Speaking Frameworks In Presentations Pt 2
Do you want to be able to speak with precision, clarity and confidence? THIS is how you do it. Watch this video.
Mental and Speaking Frameworks

Using Proactive Speaking Skills for Clarity and Control

Using Proactive Speaking Skills for Clarity and Control Introduction
What is Proactive Speaking?  Watch this video to learn the answer and find out how it can help you gain greater control over your speech especially in high pressure situations. 
Using Proactive Speaking Skills - Inflections
What are Voice Inflections?  How can you use them to enhance your speech and gain control over it?  Discover the answers here in this video. 
Using Proactive Speaking Skills - Word Extensions
Learn how Extennnnnding your words can slow your speech down and give you control when your tendency might be to talk too fast.  
Using Proactive Speaking Skills - Finish Your Words and Thoughts
THIS is a BIG one.  Finish your words!  Finish your thoughts!  If you can keep this one in mind, you'll drastically improve the smoothness, completeness, understanding and clarity of your speech. 
Proactive Speaking Skills

Three Principles for Thinking and Speaking Clearly PLUS Wrap-up

Principle 1. Repeated Recognizable Patterns
Do you do some of the same things over and over again at work?  If so, you can use this occurrence to help you formulate frameworks or templates, which in turn will help you think and speak more clearly because you will not need to "reinvent the wheel" each time. 
Principle 2. Principle of Repetition
The more you use this thinking and speaking process, the easier it becomes.  In fact, you'll eventually be able to put together clearly organized presentations within just a few minutes.  Discover why in this video. 
Wrap Up AND Principle 3. Clarity AND Simplicity
Keep it simple.  Could a child understand what you're explaining?  Do you know, exactly, what you are about to present?  Can you see it clearly in your mind?  Let's answer these questions in this video. 
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