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Public Speaking and Presenting at Work

Master professional presentation skills, develop confidence, command the room, facilitate meetings & design your speech.
Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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Overcome nervousness and anxiety about speaking
Project competence and confidence and command the room
Use notes, cues and memory techniques so you’ll feel confident that you wont’ forget what to say.
Develop professional presentation skills
Enhance your presentation with body language and non-verbal communication
Use voice tonality and projection for emphasis
Present data and complex information clearly
Develop rapport and connect to your audience
Break the ice and engage your audience using powerful workshop activities
Use visual aids properly, including PowerPoint, flip charts, videos, and worksheets
Structure an organized presentation based on your desired outcomes
Target your talk to your audience
Write the content for your presentation or curriculum using proven templates and blueprints
Run meetings and group discussions like a pro
Master the art of fielding questions from the audience
How to handle difficult participants, keep them focused, and stay in control


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Public speaking in the workplace is a common requirement for managers and leadership. However, employees can also find themselves asked to:

  • Present at meetings

  • Facilitate groups or training

  • Deliver sales pitches

Presenting is a great opportunity for employees to demonstrate their expertise and value, making developing your presentation skills a key to your career.

Whether your goal is to inform, persuade, entertain, or train, there are core communication strategies and presentation techniques that will ensure you give a professional presentation that engages your audience and achieves your desired outcomes.


Poor presentation skills or avoidance of public speaking results in leaders who fail to inspire their teams, sales people with low sales numbers, and individuals whose careers are stagnant. The good news is that public speaking skills can be learned.


In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare for your presentation so that you know exactly what to expect. You’ll learn how to:


  • Prevent and handle nervousness both before and during the event.


  • Gear your presentation toward your audience, whether it’s 5 or 500


  • Use notes, cues and memory techniques so you’ll feel confident that you wont’ forget what to say.


You’ll also develop your presentation skills. You’ll learn how to:


  • Light up the room when you enter, command the attention of your audience, and own the room.


  • Enhance your presentation with body language, non-verbal communication, and voice tonality and projection.


  • Present data and complex information clearly and use visual aids properly, such as PowerPoint, flip charts, videos, and more.


  • Design and structure the content for your presentation, using proven blueprints that ensure you achieve your desired outcomes.


  • Run meetings and group discussions like a pro, including fielding questions and handling difficult participants.


So, are you ready to master the art of presenting? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!

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So who are we?


We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera. We own a digital media publishing company called Transformation Services, Inc. We provide training programs and curriculum development for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We also run a magazine and live events and conferences. We’ve worked with 300,000+ students, coaches and businesses from 195 countries. All of our programs are created based on over a decade of experience in education, business development and coaching, as well as my background in psychology, including my Master’s in Counseling and Education and my research on happiness for my dissertation for my PH.D. in Psychology.   

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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome, in this lecture we will go over what you will learn, the relevance of it, and also introduce ourselves and our background in the speaking field.  

Types of Presentations in the Workplace

Explore common types of presentations you may encounter in the workplace, as well as the different purposes of such presentations.

Questions, Resources and Meet the Instructors

Developing Confidence

Overcoming Stage Fright

Learn why it is so common (and completely normal) to fear public speaking and explore strategies for overcoming stage fright.

Practice Practice Practice

Practice makes improvement! Plus, the more you practice the more confident you will be. In this lecture we will go over the power and importance of practice. 

Dealing with Nerves the Day of the Event Part 1

In this lecture we will explore strategies and tools for keeping yourself in a confident place and calming anxiety on the day of your event.

Exercise: Dealing with Nerves the Day of the Event
Dealing with Nerves the Day of the Event Part 2

Explore additional tips and tools for handling nerves.

Nerves Before You Begin

In this lecture you will explore strategies and tools for keeping yourself in a confident place and calming anxiety before you begin.

Exercise: Dealing with Nerves When You Arrive

Presentation Skills

Commanding the Room

In this video we will go over tips on how to control the room, raise  energy, set expectations, project confidence, and how to work the room. 

Exercise: Commanding the Room
Memory Techniques

Most peoples greatest fear is forgetting what they are going to say during a presentation. Therefore, in this lecture you will learn how to make sure you don't forget what you're supposed to talk about by using powerful memory techniques. 

Exercise: Memory Techniques
Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

In this lecture we will go over how to use posture, hand gestures, facial expressions, and movement to communicate, as well as what to do and not do with your hands, eyes, among other things 

Exercise: Body Language and Nonverbal Communication
Vocal Presentation

Learn how to use your voice to project, enhance your delivery, and convey confidence.

Using Notes & Cues

Methods for creating visual prompts for yourself including notes, cue cards, keywords, and mind mapping. 

Presenting Data

In this lecture we will go over the presentation of data and how to tell a story through data using proper graphs and charts.

Audience Engagement

Developing Rapport

In this lecture we will go over strategies for connecting with your audience, developing trust, and establishing a relationship.

Visual Aids and PowerPoint

In this lecture we will go over strategies for using visual aids, including white boards, flip charts, projectors, slides, etc.

Exercise: Creating Effective PowerPoint or Slide Presentations
Enhance Your Presentation with Videos

In this lecture you will learn how to use video to enhance engagement with your audience.

Enhance Your Presentation with Worksheets

In this lecture you will learn how to use worksheets or other writing exercises to enhance engagement with your audience.

Workshop Activities

In this lecture we will provide you with a variety of workshop activities and ice breakers to use in your events.

Planning Your Presentation

Preparing for Your Presentation

In this  lecture you will learn how to plan for your presentation by considering the objective, subject, audience, location, time, length, seating, and delivery method.

Exercise: Preparing for Your Presentation
Designing Your Presentation

In this lecture you will learn how to turn the information you wish to share into a full, teachable curriculum. This lecture also includes a template that you can use.

Exercise: Curriculum Template
Exercise: Writing Your Presentation Curriculum
Exercise: Designing the Content for Your Presentation
Time Planning and Staying On Track

One of the most important aspect of presenting is time management. Be prepared by knowing how much time each segment of your presentation should take and use timing tools to stay on track and finish on time. 

Running Meetings and Groups

Laser Speak for Group Discussions

In this lecture how to use the laser speaking strategy for keeping discussions flowing using short, focused speaking (for you and your group participants).

Dealing with Challenging Participants

In this lecture we will go over tips for dealing with common types of difficult participants, in order to maintain focus and engagement.

Exercise: Dealing with Difficult Participants
Taking Questions

In this lecture we will go over strategies for question and answer sessions, including what to do when you don't know the answer.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Congratulations on finishing the course! In this lecture we will summarize the main points and provide tips for moving forward.

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