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Omnichannel Customer Experience Management (CX)

How To Create A Seamless Customer Experience In An Omnichannel Ecosystem
Dana Mando
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Develop a comprehensive Omnichannel Customer Experience Management Strategy
Provide customers with a seamless and positive experience throughout their entire journeys
Create detailed Customer Journey Maps
Develop robust Buyer Personas
Identify your business's most important customer group(s)
Address your organization's structure in order to be better equipped to provide a seamless omnichannel experience
Evaluate and maximize the performance of each of your business's channels
Achieve consistency among your business's different channels
Utilize technology to enhance your customer's experience and your channels' performance
Move away from silo operating systems and closer to collaborative systems for more streamlined efforts and results across your organization
Obtain key customer insights

Welcome to this course on Customer Experience Management (CXM), with a specific focus on Omnichannel customers.

The customer journey map is changing, it’s no longer a straight line that goes from point A to point B.

Customers now use multiple channels when interacting with businesses and most importantly, they use them interchangeably and simultaneously, which means that there is a need for these different channels to work cohesively together in order to deliver positive and seamless customer experiences, thus the need for Omnichannel CXM.

Businesses following dated and traditional CX frameworks are failing to cater to the needs of customers today, resulting in disjointed and negative customer experiences that are costing huge losses of revenue.

In this course, you will learn how to develop a comprehensive Omnichannel Customer Experience Management Strategy that will allow your business to provide a smooth and seamless customer experience across all channels.

The strategy is broken down to the following sections:

1. Know Your Customer (KYC):

  • We will cover the various methods and tools that can be used to gain a meticulous understanding of your business’s most important customer group(s)

  • You will learn how to uncover key customer insights such as demographics, behaviors, habits, attitudes, preferences and more.

  • These insights will serve as the foundation of your CXM strategy

  • The methods in this section include: Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Customer Analytics & User Behavior Tracking Tools, additionally you will learn how to develop robust Buyer Personas & Customer Journey Maps

2. Implement Consistency Across Channels:

  • The process of making your business’s channels work cohesively together through implementing consistency among them, resulting in a smoother customer experience when changing between channels

  • In this section, we will cover the 4 pillars of consistency: 1) Design & Aesthetics 2) Categorization 3) Terminology 4) Functionality

3. Technology Utilization & Integration:

  • We will discuss the importance of Technology in Omnichannel CXM and the 2 key roles it plays in your strategy

  • You will learn how to use technology to best serve your business and customers

  • The key points you need to consider when choosing which technologies to invest in for your organization

4. Address your Organization’s Structure:

  • We will observe the negative effects of legacy operating systems on a business’s efforts in achieving seamless omnichannel experiences

  • You will learn the 8 best practices when taking on the challenging but necessary task of shifting an organization’s structure to be better equipped to provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience

5. Build Strong Relationships With Your Customer:

  • We will observe how building strong customer relationships looks like in an omnichannel ecosystem

  • How to achieve personalization when so many channels exist

  • Finally, we will cover the notion of the Single Customer View, the obstacles you’ll face when aiming to achieve it and the steps you can take to overcome these obstacles

Enroll in this course to start delivering a seamless omnichannel experience that is crucial for customers today!

I look forward to seeing you in the first lecture.

The Rise Of The Multichannel Customer

The Rise Of The Multichannel Customer
From Multichannel To Omnichannel

How Omnichannel Is Changing Retail: A Look At Recent Shopping Trends

A Look At Recent Shopping Trends

Development Of An Omnichannel Customer Experience Management Strategy

Strategy Overview

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Introduction to KYC
KYC 1 Ask Them
KYC 2 Customer Analytics & User Behavior Tracking Tools
KYC 3 Qualitative Research
KYC 4 Develop Buyer Personas
KYC 5 Customer Journey Mapping [Introduction]
KYC 5 Example Of A Customer Journey Map For A Medical Insurance Company
KYC 5 How To Create A Customer Journey Map [Part 1]
KYC 5 How To Create A Customer Journey Map [Part 2]
KYC 5 How To Create A Customer Journey Map [Part 3]

Implement Consistency Across Channels

Introduction to Implementing Consistency Section
Consistency in Design & Aesthetics
Consistency in Categorization
Consistency in Terminology
Consistency in Functionality

Technology Utilization & Integration

Introduction to Technology Utilization & Integration
Technology's Role in Omnichannel CXM [Part 1]
Technology's Role in Omnichannel CXM [Part 2]
Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Technology For Your Business

Address Your Organization's Structure

Introduction to Address Your Organization's Structure
8 Steps to Shift Your Organization's Structure

Build Strong Relationships With Your Customer

Build Strong Relationships With Your Customer
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Omnichannel Customer Experience Management (CX)
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