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Mobile Game Development With Gamemaker Studio

Learn what it takes to create your own Mobile Games using Gamemaker Studio. (Compatible with GMS2)
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Understand how to setup and use In App Purchases (IAP), in game ads, and leaderboards
Create Mobile Games with Gamemaker Studio
Understand how to create and code your own games using Gamemaker Studio's built in scripting language GML

In this course students will learn how to create mobile games using Gamemaker Studio. This includes learning how to setup and add In App Purchases (IAP), in game ads, and leader boards. Students will also learn to program with Game maker Studio’s built in scripting language called GML.

This course takes about 5 hours to complete.

This course will strengthen your programming and game development skills. By the end of this course, you will be ready to develop a variety of video game projects using GameMaker Studio.

What will I learn from this course?

  • Students will know How to build a fun mobile game with Gamemaker Studio from scratch.

  • Students will know how to Import sprites, sound effects, and background images.

  • Students will know how to Program games using Gamemaker Studio’s built in language GML Scripting.

  • Students will know how to Create a start menu.

  • Students will know how to Create game levels with rooms

  • Students will know how to Create objects and use events to control them.

  • Students will know how to use fonts as sprites.

  • Students will know how to add and set leader boards for your game.

  • Students will know how to setup and add In App Purchases (IAP).

  • Students will know how to add and set in game ads.

  • Students will know how to export their game to an APK to upload to Google Play.

  • Students will also receive access to a student Discord server where they can ask questions and talk about the course or game development in general.

This course is aimed at development with Gamemaker Studio 1.4.

Course is now compatible with GMS2 via a update lecture. Note the primary part of the course is still from GMS 1.4.

Getting Started With Gamemaker Studio

Important Resources

Important resources for the course.

Student Discord
Installing SDK, NDK, JDK

Installing the Android SDK and NDK aswell as the Java JDK.

Update: Installing Android SDK (Android Studio)

Updated instructions for installing the Android SDK for GMS 1.4.

GMS2 Android Studio Overview (Watch Lecture 4 first.)

Android Studio overview for GMS2.

Variable Scope and Comments Refresher

Variable Scope and Comments Refresher.

if and switch Refresher

if statements and switches refresher.

loops Refresher

do, for, while, and repeat loops refresher.

Section 1 Gamemaker Fluency Quiz

Test your skills. Are you ready for mobile development?

Tappity Birds. (A Flappy Bird Clone)

Getting Started.

In this lecture we add sprites and create our flappy bird object aswell as add code to apply gravity every step. We will also add the background for our game.

Parallax Scrolling/Player Interaction

In this lecture we add our pipe sprites, add our remaining background, and code the player's interaction with the bird (tapping on the screen to make the bird flap upwards). We will also set up our backgrounds to move and different speeds to create a parallax scrolling effect.

Collision Checks/Pipe Movement

In this lecture we add collision checks for our flappy bird for hitting the ground and the pipes. We will also add code to our pipes to have them move.

Collision Masks and Parallax Scrolling

In this lecture we discuss collision masks and why we use them as well as set our parallax scrolling.

Pipe controller object and graphical effects.

In this lecture we add a controller object and add a graphical effect.

Initialization Room and Game Controller Object.

In this lecture we create our initialization room and our game control object.

Draw Event and Font Sprites.

In this lecture we learn how to use the draw event and use sprites as a font.

Adding Remaining Sprites and adding our Menu Room.

In this lecture we add our remaining sprites, create our menu room and create our menu objects.

Game Play instructions screen

In this lecture we will be adding instructions at the start of the game to tell the player how to play, and updating some code for other objects.

Pausing and setting up the gameover screen

In this lecture we will begin setting up our pause code, as well as starting work on our game over screen.

Continuing work on our game over screen and checking for pause.

In this lecture we will be picking up where we left off with our game over screen and updating code to check for pause status.

Wrapping up! Sound Effects, Clamps, and more.

In this lecture we will be wrapping up the game over screen, adding sound effects, using a new function called clamp, and adding something we forgot.

Achievements, Leaderboards, and In App Purchases (IAP)

In App Purchases (IAP)

In this lecture we go over the code used for in app purchases.  Be sure to download resources attached to this lecture.

Leaderboards and achievements

In this lecture we briefly discuss the code needed for leader boards and achievements.

Google Play Dashboard, In Game Ads

In this lecture we discuss the google play dashboard and the code needed for in game ads.

Bug Fixes

True 16:9 Aspect Ratio and Memory Leaks.

GameMaker Studio 2 Compatibility Update

GMS2 Compatibility Update.

Updates that make this course Compatible with GMS2.

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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3.1 out of 5
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Mobile Game Development With Gamemaker Studio
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