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Mobile App Development – A Practical Lessons

A Practical Guide to all the Moving Parts involved in Mobile App Development from Pre-Production to Post-Production.
Vijay Kumar
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Students will be able to start a mobile app business with all the necessary information
Students will be able to become mobile app entrepreneur with a help of lessons learnt in the course
Students will be able to start teaching about Mobile App Eco-System
Students can change their current career to become product managers or product owners for mobile app

Hello and Welcome to the course ‘Mobile App Entrepreneur – A Practical Lessons’. In this course, you will learn about the basics of all the areas associated with mobile app development, right from idea conceptualization to production release of the app and perform post-production activities. This course is divided into three stages, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. You might have seen courses focusing on only one topic where you have no clue of things to take care before and after topic you just learned. Hence, I have come up with this comprehensive course, where I would touch base on all the areas of Mobile App development, which are very much essential in becoming successful as a mobile app entrepreneur.

Having said that, you will be learning various different topics in this course.

Pre-Production Activities

1.     Conceptualization of Idea or How to test a Business Idea

2.     Outsourcing vs In sourcing

3.     Deciding iOS, Android, Windows or All

4.     Pricing Models

5.     NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Now let’s talk a little about Pre-Production activities. During your idea generation, you might be wondering whether my app idea, can really become successful or not. In those cases, how do I test my business idea? You have an answer for this, in this course. And whether I should outsource my work to a different company or not, whether my app should become available only for iOS users, or for both like iOS and Android or even for Windows also. You have an answer for all this and the decision you take will have a rationale for that. Sometimes you are confused with what is Fixed Pricing, what is Milestone pricing and could not able to make a decision on the pricing model if you are outsourcing your work to a third party, or you might be in a dilemma whether or not I should get into an NDA, that is Non-Disclosure agreement. This course will provide all the necessary basic information required in order to make those decisions.

App development and other miscellaneous activities,

1.     What are the different methods used in Software Development?

2.     How to Define Requirements?

3.     What is Quality Assurance? And its importance in app development.

Now let’s talk about production activities. Whether your app development work has been outsourced or in sourced, as an owner, of the app it is important to know, what all the different methods involved in software development, How the requirements are defined? What is Quality Assurance and why it is important? This course will give you all this information so that you can make an informed decision.

Other important things to be taken care during app development,

1.     App Logo & Design

2.     Domain Registration & Hosting

3.     Payment Gateway account creation

4.     App store and Play store account creation

When a team is involved in mobile app development, as an app owner what all the miscellaneous things need to be taken care and why they are important? There are certain activities like domain registration, Payment Gateway Account creation, App Store account creation, these needs a lot of preparatory work before doing all of this. This course will talk about all of these so that you can best use of your time for this purpose, which will make you much more comfortable during the actual production release of the app.

Post Production Activities,

1.     Social Media Marketing

2.     Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign


Now let’s talk about what all the things involved in post-production activities, I mean once the app is released into production. These days, you might have noticed that people spend a lot of time on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram etc. It’s very necessary to leverage these platforms to reach out to a large number of audiences. You will learn the basics of social media marketing on each one of them in this course.


Other Post Production Activities,

1.     Google Ad words campaign

2.     Twitter Ad Campaign

3.     App Store & Play Store Optimization

4.     Google +

Ad Campaigns play a very important role in producing the leads for app downloads. There are various programs like Google, Twitter Ad Campaigns, Continuous App Store & Play Store Optimization for continuous improvement etc. You will learn the importance of these in this course to make informed decisions.

Other Post Production Activities – Contd.,

1.     App Videos for Marketing

2.     App Performance Tracking

Last but not least. You can market the app in various ways and video marketing is one of the important marketing. You will learn about various different types of videos you can create and what all the different channels you can use in order to promote your app. Also, it is very important to track the performance of the app by using the analytics tool. This course will throw a light on what all the pros and cons of each tool, available platform etc.




What are you waiting for? Let’s get started. Because, as an Appneur, I don’t want you to commit the same mistakes which I committed when I was developing my app. So, I hope to see you inside the course. Thank You.



At the end of this lecture, you will learn about me, what qualifies me to teach this course and what the course is all about.


How to Test a Business Idea

This lecture will throw a light on how to test your business idea with proved methods. There are methods like Asking the right questions to yourself, Assessing the market, Evaluating your budget and better understanding of your competitors. You will learn what each method says in terms of testing your business idea.

Outsourcing vs In Sourcing

This lecture essentially talks about comparison between Outsourcing or In-sourcing of your work. Its very important to know what all the pros and cons of each approach. Its good to always know about the difference before you take any decision where you have very less chance of failure.

Pricing Models

This lecture will be important to understand as it involves decision which would impact your planning on investment. Learn different flavors of pricing models, understand each pricing model’s advantages and disadvantages and take decision which would suit for your mobile app which you think of developing.


Deciding iOS, Android, Windows or All

In this lecture you will learn about, how to decide to release or develop your app various different platforms. You will learn about what all the business and strategic considerations which you need to analyze to start working on mobile app for different platforms. You may want to release the app on only iOS and later expand it to others like android, windows etc. 

NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Learn about Non-Disclosure agreement and why it is important to enter the agreement as an app owner.


Production Activities in Parallel

This is a very important lecture in terms of understanding what all the things need to be taken care as owner and developer of the app. When team is working on developing the app, as an owner of the app, you need to take care certain activities which will make you comfortable on the production day of the app.  

Software Development Process

In this lecture, you will learn about what all the different software development processes are there and decide which one would be more suitable for your app development. There are processes like Agile, Waterfall, iterative which you will learn in this lecture.

Design & Prototyping

In this lecture, you will learn about what all the occasions you can consider for outsourcing your work. What is the importance of design when it comes to mobile app. Selecting the outsourcing agency for design work etc.

Actual Mobile App Development

In this Lecture you will learn about what all the things you need to take care as an owner of the app when development of the app is being done by the development team. You will learn about daily meeting, follow up things with development team etc.

Define Requirements

This lecture will teach you about what all the different types of requirements you need to prepare in order to provide them to development team. Requirements are the base for any development. More the quality requirement, more the quality of the product.

Quality Assurance

In this lecture you will learn about, what is the importance of Quality in mobile app. What all the different testing like Functional, Non-functional testing you can perform in order to make sure product meets the quality standards. You will learn about what all the different functional testing types and non-functional testing types.

Product Pre-Launch Strategies

In this lecture, you will learn about what all the different product pre-launch strategies. These strategies are very important when it comes to product launch, which will help in early adoption of users.

Latest Product Launch Techniques

In this lecture, you will learn about some of the latest, innovative product launch techniques adopted by tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. if your app is of similar app, you can too adopt these techniques for the production release of your app.

App Monetization Model

In this lecture you will learn about different pricing models which are to be considered, if you have a plan to monetize your app. As an app owner you have to decide what type of business model, I need to have for my app. You will learn about each model in terms of pros and cons.

App Logo & Design

In this lecture, learn about importance of app logo, how to get it done and what all the easy ways of getting it done. App logo carries your brand. SO be careful when you designing your app logo.

Privacy, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions

In this lecture, you will learn about importance of privacy, terms and conditions and disclaimers. You will learn about when these required & not required for a app. You will learn about why Terms & Conditions are important? Which apps requires terms and conditions? What all user benefits by having these etc.

Miscellaneous Learning

This lecture is about what all the different data sources available for free, or paid, where will you get the photos, icons for free or paid.

Domain Registration & Hosting

This topic covers what all the things you need to consider before buying a domain. Where to buy the domain, and some of the mistakes generally people make and what to do in order to make sure those mistakes are not repeated.

Company or Organization Registration

In this lecture, you will learn about how the companies are getting registered, things to take care before the company is registered, how to register a business name, how to set up tax accounts, How to get business license and permits. You will learn all about this in this lecture.

App-store Account Creation

In this lecture, you will learn about, what all the different account types you can create in both android and iOS eco system. If you are an individual, what type account has to be created, if you are large enterprise, what type of account has to be created. All these things are discussed here in this topic.

Payment Gateways

This topic covers what is Payment Gateway? What all the things involved in Payment Gateway? Things to consider before choosing a payment gateway like business model considerations, Technology considerations, Security measures, Customer support etc.

Copyright Protection_IP Registration

In this lecture you will learn about, meaning of intellectual property, different types of intellectual property, what each intellectual property mean as an owner of the app, Why it is important to register an intellectual property? Where to register of an IP? Which intellectual property the app business belongs to, etc. you will learn.


Social Media Marketing

In this lecture, you will learn about, what do you mean by social media marketing of mobile app? What all the different strategies like planning well ahead, create value based and user generated content, Humanize your content with social media etc.

Google Ad words Campaign

In this lecture, you will learn about what is google ad words campaign? Does ad words really work? What is called CPC? How does CPC works? How much does Google Ads cost? What is the average cost per click on Ad Words? And many other aspects w.r.t google ad words campaign.

Facebook Ad Campaign

In this lecture you will learn about, what is Facebook Ad Campaign? Why Facebook Ads? What all the three parts of Ad Campaign? What is Campaign? What is an Ad set? What is ‘Ad Set’ checklist, What's an ad? ‘Ad’ checklist?   

Twitter Ad Campaign

In this lecture, you will learn about, what is a twitter campaign? Types of Twitter Ads, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends, How Twitter ads are useful? Tailored Audiences.

Instagram Ad Campaign

In this lecture you will learn about, what is Instagram Ad Campaign? Types of Instagram Ad, Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Stories Ads, Slideshow Ads, Instagram Ad Campaign Objectives, what are benefits of Instagram Advertising?

App Videos for Marketing

In this topic you will learn about, Why Videos are important for marketing? Different types of App Marketing Videos, Marketing Channels to Promote App Using Video etc.

App Store Optimization

In this lecture, you will learn about, What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?, What all different types of App Stores? Learn about ASO is similar to SEO or not? What are organic downloads?, The importance of App Store Optimization, What exactly an ‘App Store Optimization?, Who should do App Store Optimization?

App Performance Tracking

In this session you will learn about, what is Mobile App performance monitoring? KPIs for Mobile App Performance, Mobile App Analytic Tools Available in Market and many other things.

The End

The End

End of the Course. Thank you for coming along with in this journey. I wish you all the Best!

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