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Master the Shopper Experience to build your retail business.

Grow your retail business by mastering the 3 key steps that build a great shopper experience to delight your customers.
Kevin Moore
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By the end of this course, you will better understand how to create an engaging shopper experience and a profitable retail business.

If you work in the world of retail, then this course is for you. It explains in depth the Retail Trifecta – the three elements that are integral to success, and increased profits, in retail.

Presented by retail marketing guru, Kevin Moore – a man who walks thousands of stores around the world each year – the course brings to life, with real-world examples, the steps needed to be successful in retail. Whether you own your own store/s, work as an associate in retail or manufacture and distribute through stores, this course contains essential knowledge that will help you in your business.

The course features videos of Kevin explaining all the steps needed to achieve the Retail Trifecta and photographic and video examples from stores he's visited around the world. It also includes interviews with some retail entrepreneurs who share their experiences and successes.

The first part of the course provides an overview of the Retail Trifecta and then the following sections go into detail on the twenty steps that will help you to ensure you achieve the shopper experience to build your business.

So if you want to understand your shoppers in more depth, build a store format and system that encourages them to linger longer, spend more and tell their friends about your business or product, then this is the course for you.

Course overview

If you're involved in the world of retail, why you should take this course.

This overview will give you a feel for the world of retail marketing, centred on the shopper in the store. It gives you an understanding of the importance of focusing on the Shopper Experience and how this understanding can help not only the people who own, run and work in stores, but also the sales, event and merchandising associates who call on stores to sell product in, and help stores to sell it out.

Kevin briefly touches on the three elements that make up the Retail Trifecta: great store formats, passionate and knowledgeable store associates and technology that speeds up the payment process and acknowledges customer loyalty.

Kevin also outlines how excited he is that the students of this course will be joining a community of like-minded retailers from around the world who are all passionate about learning from each other on how they can grow better businesses.

How you can benefit from a man who walks thousands of stores a year

Kevin Moore has built up his concept of the Retail Trifecta through years of flying, driving, walking and riding to see and experience thousands of stores around the world each year. As the CEO, and now Chairman, of the Australian New Zealand division of one of the world's leading Shopper Marketing agencies, Kevin made these journeys to keep across shopper trends on behalf of his large corporate retail-focused clients. Kevin invites you to share in his journey into "the world in stores" from the comfort of your PC, tablet or smartphone. It won't be so good for your air-miles but it will be far quicker, easier and cheaper!

An overview of the Retail Trifecta and how to use it to create the perfect store

So what is the "Retail Trifecta"?

So, what is this concept of "The Retail Trifecta"? It's three inter-linked steps in the retail marketing mix that allow you to create a great shopping experience that lets shoppers linger longer, spend more money in-store and tell their friends about their great experience.

The major point is that if you only get one or two of these steps right, you're missing out big time. You may have an amazing looking store but if the associates are rude or unhelpful, the shopper experience will be poor and they're unlikely to return. Alternatively, you may have a great looking store and fantastically helpful store associates but if it takes ages for the retail systems to process payment, then the overall shopper experience will again be diminished. It's only when you get all three elements right - a great store format, knowledgeable and passionate associates who live your brand, and great technology that makes the shopping process seamless - that you will truly delight your shoppers and see a multiplier effect that is likely to boost both revenue and profits.

Retail Trifecta part 1 - Great store layouts

Understand the thinking behind appetizing store designs, from the humble convenience store to the most expensive global luxury brand, and everything in between. Light, color, smell and theatre all combine to attract and retain shoppers' attention.

Retail Trifecta part 2 - People make the difference

Understand how people who work in stores always make the greatest difference to the shopper's experience. Well trained, knowledgeable and passionate people are the key, and here we look at how to achieve that.

Retail Trifecta part 3 - Technology: Point-of-sale and Back-office systems

There is no point investing in beautiful stores, well trained associates and then leaving shoppers standing at the checkout. Here we look at how we harness all forms of retail technology to make the shopping experience easy when it comes time to pay.

Introducing the twenty steps to achieving the Retail Trifecta

Having looked at the 3 steps in the Retail Trifecta we now look at each part that goes into building the Trifecta. Retail in detail.

What are the three elements of the "Retail Trifecta"?

Retail Trifecta Part One - the ten steps to the perfect Store Format

Step 1 - Curate then display

It's more than just buying and putting your wares on the shelf or hangers. It's about using your passion and knowledge to find amazing things, then displaying them beautifully to delight shoppers.

Step 2 - Find me! Location

Learn how a good location can be made better and a bad location made relevant.

Step 3: Awareness and currency
What are the two types of awareness in the "Awareness & Engagement" Tool?
Step 4: Sidewalk interruption

This section is a current and wide ranging resource to see how retailers, and brand owners, draw shoppers into store from the sidewalk.

Step 5: From the window to walk in

In this video, Kevin explains the importance of the shop window and shows a number of examples from stores he's visited around the world that illustrate how a good window display can entice shoppers in.

Step 6: The Decompression Zone

The decompression zone was a phrase coined by retail marketing guru Paco Underhill in his best selling book "Why We Buy." Here we look at how it's done well, and not so well, in different parts of retail around the world.

Step 7: Sightlines and airspace

Looking into and across big stores helps us understand world's best practice in using the "non-selling" space in retail to attract shoppers into store and ease their shopping journey.

Step 8: Front to back and round and round

This lecture is all about "total shopper immersion" inside a store. A whirlwind tour in photos and video of how the best and worst retailers and brand owners layout their stores.

Step 9: Care for your two-legged dogs!

In his best selling book "Why we buy," Paco Underhill taught us the importance of caring for the "non-shoppers" needs whilst in-store to increase sales. In this lecture, we look at the good and bad in the process.

Step 10 - Omnichannel Bridge - instore and online

If you're already online, benchmark yourself against some of the best in the world. If you aren't, then look at how you can benefit from the online world, from simple awareness of your store to a full transactional website.

​What 3 things should you do to develop passionate & knowledgeable associates?

Retail Trifecta Part Two - the five steps to Great Associates/Store Staff

Step 1: Associate passion and knowledge

Recruit, train, retain and reward the associates in store.

Step 2: Being the Brand

Let store associates be the best they can be. One word; Nordstrom.

Step 3: Product and sales knowledge training

If you manage or own a retail store, or sell your product to consumers via retail, it's your responsibility to constantly provide up-to-the-minute product knowledge.

Step 4: Incentive and recognition

"Educate, Test, Reward." The 3 steps to high performance in store sales associates.

Step 5: "Y'all come back soon, y'hear?!"

Give your shoppers the reasons to visit your store again, or to send a friend.

Retail Trifecta Part Three - the five steps to harnessing retail technology

Step 1 - Point-of-sale systems and how they can enhance the shopper experience

Technology isn't sexy, but it is one of the most powerful tools in making a shopper's experience easy and consistent.

Step 2 Back-office & inventory systems. Don't damage a great shopper experience.

Don't miss a sale, or worse, create a bad shopper experience. Invest in and use your inventory systems.

Step 3: Seamless retail and online

Awareness and Engagement at home and instore should be one and the same.

Step 4: Shopper recognition and loyalty

Personalising the shopping experience to create loyalty and advocacy.

Step 5 - Your online store and why it's essential

If you're doing it, look at how to improve your online retailing. If you aren't yet online, then look at how others in your sector are. Online is important!

Online stores only work for some retail businesses.
Want to learn more about the shopper experience in online retail?

Now you've learnt about the shopper experience in the physical retail world, join us on a new course to discover how to master the shopper experience to grow your online business. Since originally producing this course, Kevin has been immersed in the world of online retail and has translated ways to bring the best of physical retail into the online world in order to provide a more compelling shopper experience. And why is understanding the shopper experience invaluable in the online world? Because it will make your online offering stand out from your competitors, it will encourage your online shoppers to linger longer, spend more and tell their friends and families about your store - yes, exactly as it does in physical retail! In this new course, Kevin will share his first-hand knowledge in helping to build customer experience techniques into successful Australian hobby online retailer, Hobby Warehouse (https://hobbywarehouse.com.au) and how they took their learnings from growing this business to acquiring the rights to successfully re-birth Toy R Us (https://toysrus.com.au) as an online-only retailer in the Australian and New Zealand markets. This stuff works! Find out how you can become a master of the shopper experience online to grow your business - just go to our website: https://theroadtoretail.com

Your Next Steps

Understanding what makes a "Good" retail experience

Linking the 3 steps in the Retail Trifecta to create that great shopping feeling!

How to Shop Like a "Shopper" - tips from the professional!

Use the Trifecta tool to measure your professional shopping experience.

Your guide to walking a store as a "shopper" to help you achieve "great"

Learn the techniques to walk stores and think like a "professional shopper."

Thank you for taking this course...

Thank you for taking this course. If you'd like to now learn how to apply the shopper experience to your online business, check out our new course "Master the Online Shopper Experience to Grow Your Business". You can find out more at https://the roadtoretail.com

We've also entered the world of podcasting with "The Road to Online Retail" podcast where Kevin discusses all things online retail. Check it out on your favourite podcast app or just go to https://theroadtoretail.com/podcasts/

And if there are any other areas of physical or online retail that you'd like us to focus on, just let us know your thoughts either on our Facebook page or email us via our website. As a student of our course, you can also join our new Student Only group. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Retail Trifecta Checklist & Scorecard

The Checklist and Scorecard for determining a store's "Shopper Experience" rating. Use it to assess your own stores and those of your competitors! You'll also find out that there's more to a good score than just a great looking store!

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