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Luxury Facials: Ultimate Customer Skincare Experiences

Facial Techniques and Points of Difference to Enhance the Customer Journey for Long Term Retention & Relationship
Heather Stockley
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Learn the art of offering luxury anti-aging facials by implementing the combination of high touch hands on techniques.
Creating a customer journey during each treatment which touches on the five essential senses: touch, see, smell, hear and taste.
Creating strong perceived value and unique points of difference (PODS's) with each treatment.
The importance of client consultation and relationship building for long lasting trust and loyalty.
Hands-on techniques for each step of the facial protocol.
The art of using compresses and tools.
The importance of the R's in spa: Recommendation, Retailing, Rebooking, Referrals & Revenue.
Step by step review of cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask application and removal, massage, serum & cream application, eyecare.
Massage for the face, neck and decollete.
Massage for the specific, delicate zones of the eyes and lips.
Building loyal relationships using verbal and non-verbal communication.

International Educator & Business Development Consultant Heather Stockley has worked in the spa industry for over 20 years.  She is the current founder & Chief Beauty Officer of SWAT beauty, a skincare company offering cosmeceuticals for both retail and professional treatment.

In this course she combines the elements of hands on facial treatment techniques with the art of creating the customer journey from the start of the treatment to the end.   Her luxury anti-aging facial course will not only walk you through the full techniques used in a five star facial, she will focus on the art of building a customer journey for long-term loyalty and future retention. 

Heather will walk you through the elements  of creating unique POD’s or points of difference to wow your clientele; often referred to as USPS (Unique Selling Points).  In this course you will  learn how to build a strong relationship with your client to include verbal and non-verbal communication, the art of consultation and the R’s of selling: 





for increased Revenue.

The art of embracing the clients 5 senses for each treatment to build long term loyalty will also be reviewed paired with a brief discussion on verbal & non-verbal communication.

For the hands on portion you will learn the art of analyzing the clients skin to offer the best treatment which aligns with their type and condition.  Massage techniques for the face, neck, decollete, eye & lip zone will also be introduced.  Demonstration of various product applications and types will be shown and discussed to include peels, masks and serums. 

Offer a complete customer journey from start to finish: from consultation to treatment rituals, closing the treatment using education and expertise.

Great add on resources and a full 60/90 minute treatment protocol included for use as a guideline to build your own treatment journey.

Introduction: High Touch Luxury Facials for the Ultimate Customer Experience

Introduction: Creating the Ultimate Customer Journey
Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication: Instilling Confidence & Care

The story we portray to our client or guest is told through both non-verbal and verbal communication.  Learn how your overall image, body language and greeting can set the tone for a positive treatment experience.

The Customer Experience

Using the 5 Senses to Create Unique Points of Difference in the Customer Journey

Creating the Ultimate Customer Journey and Experience for a five star luxury treatment requires some attention to detail in addition to just the treatment protocol offered.   In this series of lectures learn about how the five senses can be utilized to create unique points of difference.  Touching on each of the five senses allows specific messages to be sent to the brain which in essence helps the client perceive the world, or in this case the experience around them.

The Five Senses: SIGHT

Our sense of sight absorbs the colour, space, light and presentation in each space we enter.  Part of creating a positive customer journey is to ensure the visual aspects of the treatment facility are visually appealing.  Perception about the quality of the business and service even begins from the outside of the building - the window display and signage for example.  Just like an interview, the customer forms an opinion about the spa from the moment they enter the front door. Make sure all areas of the spa look their best from the reception area to waiting room, changeroom and treatment rooms.  Creating a pleasant atmosphere is a combination of cleanliness, merchandising and decor.  Take a moment to perform a daily walk through of your facility before the start of each day paying attention to the visual appeal and items that may require attention.

The Five Senses: HEARING

The element of sound is the second factor to consider in creating a luxurious, soothing experience.   In this lecture discover simple ways to introduce music or nurturing sounds and personalize these settings to set the tone for a relaxing treatment. 

The Five Senses: SMELL

The element of scent is so personal but can make a great ambiance for your client.  Essential oils and diffusers, scented candles or natural room sprays can set the tone for either a relaxing experience or a great "pick me up" and invigorating treatment.  You can prepare the treatment room in advance so the client can inhale subtle essences as they enter the room by misting the room, linens or compresses.  Ensure not to use strong, overpowering scents or artificial perfumes which can induce headaches or allergies.  If time allows, you can have a library or oils on hand to allow the client to select the essence of choice!  Also be sure that the scent selected does not conflict with specific scents in your treatment products!  Positive scents can evoke and establish a memorable experience!

The Five Senses: TOUCH

What the client physically feels is one of the key elements in a luxury facial.  Of course your hands are the most obvious delivery tools utilized throughout the treatment to perform application of products and massage but you can also touch "no pun intended" on the clients sense of touch by offering linens with different textures and also in the types of products you use!

The Five Senses: TASTE

Before or after the treatment, tantalize your clients tastebuds with a sweet or savoury treat!  Many spas offer an herbal tea or selection of fresh fruit in the waiting are or relaxation lounge!  If allowed or where applicable you can also offer a sparkling prosecco and a dark chocolate truffle to add an element of lux!

The Ultimate Treatment - Preparation

Treatment Setup & Preparation

Preparation for each treatment and being organized will ensure the treatment runs smoothly each step of the way.  In this video lecture see how to set up your treatment area using tools and accessories as well as hygiene & safety items.  Disposable single -use items in some cases is best for optimizing hygiene in your treatments and reduces clean up/disinfection time.  If sustainability is also important to your spa or clinic then consider additional ways to dispense and or use tools for each step or product.  Whatever the case, always ensure to follow regional health guidelines.

Preparation Step Two - Client Intake & Consultation

The client intake is equally as important as the treatment itself to understand the clients health conditions, potential contraindications & allergies, their current home care regime or lack thereof, and their overall treatment goals.  Having the client complete a pre-treatment waiver whether on paper or a tablet allows the esthetician to discover these elements and conduct a personal consultation with each guest before  starting the treatment.  The consultation is the perfect time to plant the seed regarding home care and maintaining their facial results post-treatment.  If necessary, and if time allows, an alternate treatment may be offered to harmonize with their skin type and condition if the existing treatment is not suitable for their skin.  Following these procedures helps the client build confidence in you as you nurture  their objectives and demonstrate TLC.

Preparation Step Three - Skin Analysis

A tactile examination of the skin to feel the grain and texture paired with a visual analysis  of the skin under a magnifying lamp or using a derma analyzer to asses the deeper layers of the skin solidifies the appropriateness of the treatments and products to be used to achieve the desired results.  When using a device or skin analyzer, you can show the client on screen the areas of concern such as dehydration, sun damage and wrinkle depth.  Performing an analysis further assists in recommending home care products.

The Treatment Protocol to Create Memorable Rituals

A protocol is a guideline that assists with preparation, timing and products to be used in the treatment.  In summary, it is a plan that helps you ensure no step is missed.  Attached is a 60/90 minute protocol which can be adapted to any brand or treatment and your own unique rituals or points of difference can be added.

The Ultimate Treatment - Protocol: Step by Step High Touch Facial Techniques

The Zone: A Warm Welcome

Before beginning any treatment, it is nice to bring the client into the "zone" or a state of calm and relaxation, thus allowing them to escape and enjoy each element of their experience.  Stress, anxiety and other factors in life can make the client feel either anxious or solemn upon arrival for a treatment, especially if it is the first visit to your spa or clinic.  Creating a short ritual to introduce your hands and help them unwind is another element of adding a great USP (unique selling point) to your treatments.

The Ritual of Cleansing - Eye & Lip Makeup Removal

Removal of eye & lip makeup prior to cleansing the face, neck and decollete will ensure that the skin is thoroughly treated and no residual residues will be left behind. 

Cleansing & Detoxifying the Skin

Cleansing to detoxify the skin and remove makeup, dirt and toxins is the most important step in any treatment.  Cleansing is the essential prep for the skin making it ready to absorb the peels, serums and other treatment products to optimize the overall results.

Toning to Refresh & Restore pH

Toning restores the pH balance after the removal of any product so that the skin feels refreshed and relaxed.  Toning with cotton pads or soft gauze will also remove any makeup or product left behind on the skin.  This is not required after every step of the treatment but is ideal after cleansing, removal of a peel or after the removal of a clay or rubberized mask.

The Art of Using Compresses

Every step of the treatment should portray luxury including product removal.  Although using sponges and gauze may be effective, the relaxing sensation and weight using a warm compress or towel with gentle, calculated movements feels exceptional.

Dual Exfoliation: Mechanical vs. Biological vs. Peels

In a five star treatment (if the skin is not hyper sensitive) dual exfoliation provides the skin with a smooth, silky texture and prepares the skin for optimal penetration of active concentrates or serums.  The esthetician can combine a mechanical, biological or enzymatic or chemical peel to eliminate dead or keratinized cells on the skins surface.

Serums as Targeted Treatment Solutions

Serums are highly concentrated blends of active ingredients that offer precise, targeted results.  In todays skincare market there are endless options available in terms of ingredient base and textures.  Today we see oily serums, micro-lipids, water-based serums and gels!  Serums can target a multitude of conditions such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, hyperpigmentation and rosacea! 

The Art of Invigorating and Relaxing Facial Massage

Whether you are offering a traditional facial or medi-spa facial with devices, clients love massage!  The face has 42 individual muscles which can benefit from a vitalizing and invigorating massage.  Our skin is made up of collagen and elastin fibres and massage can stimulate bloodflow/circulation and oxygenation which is imperative for maintaining the architectural network of these fibres.  In addition, massage relieves facial tension and puts the client into a state of bliss when done right!  Keep your tempo in mind - never rush and allow your client to escape the stresses of everyday.

Develop Your Own Massage Ritual
Application of an Anti-Aging Collagen Mask

There are a variety of anti-aging and target treatment masks on the market.  In this treatment I will demonstrate the application of a freeze dried collagen mask which is ideal for any skin type (as it is not oily) and is ideal to prevent and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity for smoother, plumper, more firm looking skin.

Mask Removal with an Added Touch

Tasking an extra minute to remove any mask is an added touch to any facial!

Treating the Delicate Eye Zone with Massage

The first signs of aging are commonly seen first in the delicate eye zone because the layers of the skin around the eye are much thinner than the rest of the face and there are no oil glands.  Providing an eye treatment or mask with accompanying massage still stimulate blood flow and drainage in this area for a brighter, more radiant appearance.

Stimulating Lips to Improve Blood Flow

Loss of volume and vertical lines around the mouth are the typical signs of ageing; however using invigorating pinching techniques and massage in this regions will stimulate blood flow for a perkier pout!  You can even teach clients to use similar techniques at home.

The Grand Goodbye

A grand goodbye ritual that signals the closing of any treatment is a great way to awaken the client and prepare them for the ending.  "All good things must come to an end" so they say; but just like the Warm Welcome, the Grand Goodbye can by your signature stamp that customizes a treatment!

The Ultimate Treatment - Program: Establishing the R's Client Loyalty

Establishing the R's for Building Client Loyalty

Learn how to build client loyalty by considering the R's of Luxury Treatments:







Wrap-Up & Exceeding Expectations

In this concluding video consider exceeding your clients expectations as the ultimate way to build a long lasting relationship with them! 

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