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VTiger CRM 6.5 is the world most popular honest open source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Used by millions of people around the world.    

The open source edition is supported by a vibrant community of thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users, and countless developers and partners that help shape its direction. That means that while its core functionality far surpasses that of alternatives, and it can be easily extended through the hundreds of plugins developed by professional Vtiger developers, and available on the extension marketplace. With all that, it’s no wonder that Vtiger’s free open source CRM ranks #1 in total downloads on SourceForge, at 4.5 million to date.   

This course provides complete in depth training starting from CRM concepts and definitions, installation (both platform MS Windows & Linux) and then step by step HD video instructions to configure and deploy full features and working CRM application.      

Further the course helps you to understand the Marketing, Sales & Support management using VTiger CRM 6.5 (Open Source version).   

You will be able to customize the standard forms available in VTiger CRM 6.5 using the power and flexibility of VTiger CRM studio and will take advantage of Business Analytics & Reports available inside VTiger CRm 6.5.



CRM Concepts & Definitions

Course Introduction

This is the introductory video lecture about course. The CRM definition, VTiger introduction and course outline are the discussed in this lecture. 

Instructor Message

Instructor message about the course.

History of the VTigerCRM.

In this lecture, we are discussing the brief history of VTigerCRM like how it started and the founder inspiration. 

VTigerCRM Core Features Set & Common CRM Terms.

In this lecture, we talk about the core features of vtigerCRM and the common terms used in CRM domain. 

Technical Components of VTigerCRM.

In this lecture, we will learn about the building block of VTigerCRM that is Apache, PHP and MySQL. 

Open Source VtigerCRM v/s OnDemand Cloud VtigerCRM.
Quiz 1

CRM Concepts & Definitions Quiz

Installation & Configuration of VtigerCRM.

Server Specifications for VTigerCRM Installation.

In this lecture you will learn about the hardware server specifications for installing VtigerCRM.  

Installation on Microsoft Windows. Pre - Requisites

In this lecture, we will learn about the right version of WAMP for Windows 8.0 platform for CRM Installation. 

Setting WAMP - Configuring Database & Permission for VTigerCRM Access.

In this lecture, I will show you the installation of WAMP and MYSQL Database setup and permission to use for VTigerCRM installation. 

Downloading VtigerCRM for Windows platform.

In this lecture, I will show the download of VTigerCRM and basic web root directory settings. 

Time for Action: VtigerCRM Windows Installer.

In this lecture, We will complete VTigerCRM installation on Microsoft Windows platform. You will also learn fixing the PHP recommended settings for VTigerCRM. 

Installation on Linux - Pre - Requisites

In this lecture, i will show how to install and setup LAMP - Linux Apache MySQL and PHP for VtigerCRM. 

Setting LAMP - Configuring Database & Permission for VTigerCRM Access.

In this lecture, I will show you the MySQL configuration for VTigerCRM. The database user creation and grant privileges for VTigerCRM database. 

Downloading ViterCRM for Linux platform.

In this lecture, You will learn about downloading VTigerCRM for Linux platform and getting ready to the installation screen. Make sure you disable the selinux. If you don't know how to configure it. 

Time for Action: VtigerCRM Installation on Linux.

In this lecture, You will learn the PHP settings and configurations for the VTigerCRM installation and will complete the installation phase on Linux platform. 

Quiz 2

Installation & Configuration of VTigerCRM.

Practical Activity 01

Basic Administrative Settings - Company & Users Roles Setup

General Overview of VTigerCRM.

Get familiar with VtigerCRM GUI layout and navigation. 

Entering Business Basic Details.

Let start configuring CRM. In this lecture, I will show you how you would enter your business details into the VtigerCRM. 

Gathering Data About Your Organization for VtigerCRM.

In this lecture, We will discuss the mandatory step or documentation that you need to perform before you actually start CRM implementation. 

Creating Profiles, Groups, Roles & Sharing Rules in VTigerCRM.

In this lecture, you will learn the role based security for VtigerCRM. You will learn how to create different profiles and roles that will access to certain features or fields. 

Creating VTigerCRM Users.

In this lecture, you will learn the users creation in the VtigerCRM. 

Practical Activity 02

Setting Company Inventory: Products Services Price Books & Vendors.

Setting up Vendors, Price Book & Currency.

In this lecture, You will learn how to setup Vendor and Price Book in VtigerCRM. 

Setting up Products Portfolio.

In this lecture, I will show you how to customized and edit the product form after it we will add the product to our VTigerCRM. 

Setting up Services Portfolio.

In this lecture, I will teach you how to create professional services in VTigerCRM. 

Configuring Outgoing Email: CRM Alerts & Notification.

Configuring the outgoing email server for all notifications and alerts from VtigerCRM. 

Marketing Modules.

Marketing Automation Overview.

VTigerCRM Marketing Automation overview. 

Create Marketing Campaign.

Creating our first marketing campaign inside VTigerCRM. 

Add Event & To Do Task to Marketing Campaign.

Marketing Campaign Events & To Do - Activities Management in VTigerCRM. 

Lead Management

Leads Default Form

Leads Management in VTigerCRM. 

Vtiger Studio: Adding Custom Fields to New Lead Form.

In this lecture, I will show you the VTigerCRM Leads form customization like adding dropdown, custom fields and dependency drop down box. This will help you to customized all VTigerCRM forms and adopt to your business needs and requirements.  

Import & Export Bulk Leads.

In this lecture, You will learn how to perform the bulk import/export of leads into the VTigerCRM. 

Leads Follow UP - Events, To Do List & Email.

This lecture will teach you to perform the follow up to the leads by using the activity management inside VTigerCRM. You will be able to create the events and To Do list for the leads follow up and also sending an email using the email templates in VTigerCRM. 

Sales Force Automation Module

Sales Process Automation Overview.

Complete Sale Process Automation Overview. 

Convert Lead to Contact & Organization

In this lecture, You will learn to convert Lead into the Contacts & Organization. 

Create Customers Contacts & Organizations without Converting From Leads.

Contacts & Organizations Management in VTigerCRM. 

Create Sale Opportunity to Forecast Sales Pipeline.

In this lecture, I will show you to prepare the sales pipeline for your business by creating the opportunity inside VTigerCRM.  

Create Sales Quotes.

in this lecture, You will learn to create a Sales Quote from the Sales Pipeline(Sale Opportunity). 

Create Sales Invoices.

In this lecture, I will teach you to generate the Invoice from approved sale quote. 

Create Sales Orders

In this lecture, you will learn about creating the sale order from the available quote in VTigerCRM. 

Customer Support Service Automation Module.

After Sale Service Overview.

In this lecture, You will learn the after sale services and support management flow in VTigerCRM. 

Create Project & Milestones

In this lecture, you will learn about Project Management inside VTigerCRM. Creating Project Milestone and managing the Project Tasks. 

Create Service Contract SLA.

In this lecture, You will learn about creating a Service Support Contract for your customer. After project completion. 

Creating Complaint Reference No or Support Ticket

In this lecture, You will learn about creating a service ticket in VTigerCRM. 

Convert Support Ticket or Complaint to FAQ - Building Knowledge Base.

To Build your knowledge base, you need to convert your ticket that been resolved into the FAQ - Frequently Asked Question. In this lecture, I will show you how to convert ticket into the FAQ. 

Business Reports & Analytics

Sample Report 01: Sales Pipeline & Forecasting Report.

In this lecture, I will show you the Reporting & Analytics feature of VTigerCRM and will give you an overview of pre-available reports in VTigerCRM. 

Sample Report 02: Monthly Project Report

In this lecture, I will show you of creating a custom report in VTigerCRM based on your requirements and needs. 

Add Widget: VTigerCRM Dashboard.

In this lecture, You will learn to design your own custom Home Dashboard screen in VTigerCRM. Where you can add different widgets related to sale & support. 

CRM Maintenance & Backup

Backup up on MS Windows.

In this lecture, You will learn to backup your VTigerCRM on Microsoft Windows platform. 

Back up on Linux Platform.

You will learn how to perform VTigerCRM on Linux platform. 

Final Lecture - Conclusion of the Course.

Final & Course completion lecture by the Instructor. 

Bonus Material

VtigerCRM on Virtual Machine (VM) Platform - OVA file

If you are not familiar with PHP/MySQL database setup and all web server configurations and really like to skip the installation part or tech details for installation. I've added Virtual Machine OVA file that you can import on Virtual Box Host on any Microsoft Windows (TM) platform and start exploring VtigerCRM. 

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