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Interviewing Skills for Jobs: Ace the Job Interview

Interviewing Skills - How to ace any job interview-Excel in all Job Interviewing skills
TJ Walker
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Getting a job!
Acing every interview
Learning interview research techniques
Mastering the job interview strategic memo
Making small talk
How to dress for the interview

Interviewing skills are essential for job hunters. Imagine walking into every job interview knowing that you are going to come across your very best! Imagine getting your dream job! You will be excellent at job interviewing skills.

You will know how to showcase your strengths and accomplishments in every job interview. You will learn secrets in preparation and planning that go beyond just checking out a company’s website. Employers will take notice of you; you won’t be lost in the pack. Finally, you will learn a foolproof system for eliminating nervousness before any job interview. This course will take several hours to complete, if you do all of the exercises. Become completely confident in your job interviewing skills.

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this job interviewing skills course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

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Here is what Udemy students say about TJ Walker and this Interviewing skills course:

“5 Stars! I am really excited and can’t wait to apply everything you taught in this couse. I took notes on all the lectures and will begin the video practice first thing tomorrow morning (when I have some privacy). The content is comprehensive and informative, but also clear and concise. The production quality met my expectations. The instructor’s delivery is interesting and engaging. I appreciate all the examples–it really helps in applying the instruction. Thank you!!!” Colleen Bent


“5 Stars! I watch this course before i go to interview about my dream job and dream carrier, and thanks to this course i get my Dreaming job and carrier. Thank a lot to TJ Walker for good explanations :)” Aydan Aleydin


“5 Stars! This class is great for pointers and reminders on acing an interview. Tj doesn’t just give you tips and tricks, he goes into why you should follow his steps. Also, the impressions you leave on the employer by your actions.” Garrett Williams


“5 Stars! Thank you, its been 7 years since I’ve had to prepare for an interview and am very rusty. This course helped me prepare answers to questions and prepare myself mentally in preparation for the actual interview. The recording and sound quality was very good and TJ was very clear and concise in his presentation. I know this will go a long way in helping me land that dream job. Thanks again.” Darren Fernandez.


“5 Stars! Smart, logical and almost obvious tips on how to rock an interview. A must for everyone looking for a job!” Marcin Kossowski


“5 Stars! This course offered valuable information which will allow me to better prepare for interviews. The instructor T J Walker, is incredible, prepared, engaged and REAL during this entire course. The production quality is outstanding and would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for an interview. A+ Course / Instructor!” Eva Cook


“5 Stars! TJ, I feel very supported by your course on interview skills. it has motivated me to be more prepared and less nervous about the event. i like your clarity and also how you have highlighted what best NOT to do. thank you.”  Siobhan Foley.


“5 Stars! I love the insights that he gave in certain situations. Thank you so much.” Jan Jephraim Medina

Start improving your job Interviewing skills today!

You Can Ace Your Job Interview

Establishing Your Winning Job Interview Goals job Interviewing skills

Your Job interview is about one thing: getting a job offer.

Homework: Write three reasons why you would be a great asset to the organizaton interviewing youy.




Secrets to Acing the Interview Before You Show Up


1. What is the organization's most important customer?

2. How does the organization make money/receive funding?

3. What competitors does the organization have?

4. What has the organization been in the news for lately?

5. What industry trends are affecting this organization?

Please Introduce Yourself
Dress for the Interview and the job


Plan what you will wear for your upcoming interview.

1. Shoes?

2. Dress or Suit?

3. Tie/Jewelry?

4. Casual attire?

Make Small Talk like a Pro


What three common hobbies or interests do you have that others might display in their own office?




Tell Me About Yourself - And be Memorable!


Write down a story about yourself involving real people, real problems/challenges, real conversations in real places that demonstrate some experience you have that would be relevant to an employer.

The Proper Job Interview Mindset
Exciting New Update to this Course

I've listen to you tell me that you found it difficult to upload your homework videos to the Udemy Q and A Section. To make it easier for you to get quick feedback from me and your fellow students, I've created a Facebook page just for my Udemy students.


Please note that this page is just for posting homework and questions related to your course. There will be no promotion or selling of any kind by me or any students in this forum. And please note, that you are in no way required to join this page or post your videos to Facebook. You can simply use the Udemy Q and A section here if you prefer.


The Strategy Memo Interviewing skills


Write a 1 page strategy memo for the organization. Write a paragraph summarizing what you think the primary strengths and assets are of the organization.


Additionally, write 10 Bullet Points with suggestions on how the organization can improve/add product/service lines.











Rehearse Your Interview on Video


1. Have a friend, colleague or family member conduct a job interview with you.

2. Have that person record your interview answers on video (on cell phone, tablet or webcam).

3. Watch the video of your interview and determine what you like and don't like about your style and substance.

4. Conduct another interview on video.

5. Review the video again.

6. Continue this process until you are happy with how you look and sound for an entire interview.

Note: this is the most important homework assignment in the entire course. DO NOT SKIP this assignment.

Ask for the Job

Final tip: Don't forget to ask the interviewer for the job. Let that person know you would like for them to hire you.

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Housekeeping Matters

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