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Interviewing Secrets: Master Job Interviews w/ Goldman Exec

Master job interview secrets from an Author, top i-bank interviewer, and Career Coach to win your dream job
Natalie Evie
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Know exactly which selling points to focus on in an interview to maximize your chances of receiving a job offer
Gain the Interviewer’s Trust, build rapport and increase your Likability quickly and easily
Know what job criteria are only window-dressing
Learn the 4-step Interview Structure Strategy and the exact do’s and don’ts at each stage.
Learn how to up-skill and go from a Good to Great interview through effective Storytelling
Discover how to create a powerful Interview Story using the STAR Technique
Learn how to create the Interviewer’s Checklist to understand exactly who the interviewer is looking for
Discover the Interview Success Formula that underpins all interview success
Learn all the techniques and strategies to ace your next interview from Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach Natalie Evie
This course has been taught to over 10,000 people live, and is now available widely here on Udemy.

Welcome to Natalie Evie’s and Wantedly’s Interviews Skills course on Udemy!

Learn the ultimate interview techniques from an ex-Goldman Sachs Executive Director and recruiter who has personally interviewed over 1000 candidates in the past 20 years.

Natalie has taught this course live to tens of thousands of students and professionals since 2007. It is part of the regular course curriculum for Peking University, and taught at major top-tier universities including Tsinghua University, the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong Baptist University and Lingnam University. Natalie has also coached clients from global corporations and institutions such as the Government of Hong Kong, HSBC, UBS, WarnerMedia and Colgate-Palmolive. With this extensive experience, Natalie has a clear understanding of what employers want – and what they don’t, as well as what makes people tick.

Wantedly is a jobs platform whose mission is to create a world where work drives passion. With over 37,000 employers and 2.9 million users, they’re bringing their experience and knowledge of the recruitment industry along with Natalie’s expertise to help job seekers land jobs that they’re truly passionate about.

I guarantee that this is THE ONLY COURSE that will bring you this deep on a journey into the Interviewer’s mind and heart. This is a psychology course in Interview Skills.

· This is the most comprehensive but also essential career course I’ve taken. Thank you for sharing the amazing strategies and tips for interview preparation. – Michael R.

· The teacher’s sharing of interviews is very systematic. The entire framework has a relatively comprehensive coverage from large to small strategies. For people who do not know much about interviews, a relatively complete methodology framework can be constructed. For those who already have interview experience, there are also many small ones. The details and tips are worth learning. Thank you Natalie for your sharing, I have learned so much! – Vijay K.

· I kept getting interviews but not job offers. After taking your course I finally understood what interviewers wanted to hear (I’m not naturally good at speaking) and that’s when I began getting job offers! I’m not only much more confident about interviewing and I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today without this course, thank you! -Ziyu S

· Natalie’s sharing is very systematic. The entire framework has a relatively comprehensive coverage for students who don’t know much about interviews. This is a very complete interview methodology. There are many details and skills are worth learning. Thank you Natalie, I had transformed a lot! -Ceci Leung

This clear and concise course has all the information you need to prepare for your next interview, without filler or fluff. We have clearly make it as 5 sessions:

Session 1:

Many people rely on luck for their job hunt – and get mixed results. To get the job offer each and every time, what you need is an effective strategy. The 3 Keys to Successful Interviewing and my proprietary DaCAMMS© methodology are the ultimate job hunt strategies so you can be successful in getting your dream job offer.

Session 2:

From my experience teaching ‘Interview Skills for Interviewers’ to colleagues and interviewing hundreds of candidates while working at Goldman Sachs, I learned how an often overlooked yet key part of interview strategy is the Structure of the Interview.

Here I share with you the core essentials – the 4 parts of an interview, the expectations of the Interviewer for each part and the exact strategy to passing each stage of the interview with flying colors. Know the biggest and most common mistakes made, exactly what you need to do and a crucial mindset shift that will pave the way for your interview success.

Session 3:

How can you upskill your interview skills from Good to Great? By telling effective Stories. In a great interview you don’t answer questions, you tell story after story. But Storytelling is a skill just like any other, and to make your stories work for you, you need an effective method.

Here I share with you my secrets to effective interview storytelling:

– The 3 key benefits of a well-constructed interview story in influencing how an Interviewer thinks and feels about you as a candidate, and how these are critical to your interview success

– The 4 components to constructing a story that rings true

– The 4 benefits of a well-constructed story that save you from the biggest and most common interview pitfalls

– The exact components to include in an effective interview story

– How to leverage the STAR technique to construct a story that works to your advantage to best showcase your experience and talent

Session 4:

Get right into the mind and heart of the Interviewer to know exactly what kind of candidate she is looking for:

– Learn the 3 Steps to constructing the Interviewer’s Checklist

– Analyze what you have to offer against the Interviewer’s Checklist to know exactly where to focus the Interviewer’s attention and what to manage or downplay

– Understand how to prioritize the Interviewer’s Checklist to choose the Interview Stories that will best get you the job

– Find out how to assess your suitability for the job and prepare to address the Interviewer’s concerns.

– Find out how to prioritize your opportunities by understanding your level of interest in the job.

– Learn the key framework to understanding what answer the Interviewer is really looking for.

– Discover the Interview Success Formula that underpins all interview success

Session 5:

In this final section, we discover two ‘Must Do’ strategies essential to interviewing and the job hunt from both an execution and psychological standpoint.

Learn the DaCAMMS© Hunt Methodology, a comprehensive strategy for your job hunt, resume writing and interviews, that helps you be best prepared to maximize your job hunt success.

Discover how to use the Mirroring Technique, leveraging language choice for the ultimate in building rapport and removing psychological distance between you and the Interviewer to increase your chance of getting a job offer.

Still thinking? Why not try it first!

Udemy provides a 30-Day Refund Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our course, they will refund your purchase! Our number one priority is to help you ace that interview.


Introduction: Key learning

Key learning:

3 Keys to Successful Interviewing

DaCAMMS© the Ultimate Job Hunt Methodology

Hello: Speaker Introduction

3 Keys to Successful Interviewing (1): The 4-Step Interview Structure Strategy

Interview Structure Strategy: Part 1 Introduction
Interview Structure Strategy: Part 2 Build Rapport
Interview Structure Strategy: Part 3 Answering Questions
Interview Structure Strategy: Part 4 Your Questions
KEY 1: The 4-Step Interview Structure Strategy_Exercise 001

3 Keys to Successful Interviewing (2): Storytelling

Storytelling: Should you answer interviewer's questions?
Storytelling: Prove Your Claims & Likeability
Storytelling: Personal Branding
Storytelling: This is What a Real Story Sounds Like
KEY 2: Storytelling_exercise 002
Storytelling: STAR Story Construction
KEY 2: Storytelling_exercise 003

The Interviewer’s Checklist

The Interviewer’s Checklist: Construct
The Interviewer’s Checklist: Must Have & Nice to Have
The Interviewer’s Checklist_exercise 004
The Interviewer’s Checklist_exercise 005
The Interviewer’s Checklist_exercise 006

3 Keys to Successful Interviewing (3): Answering Questions

Answering Questions: The Question Behind the Question
KEY 3: Answering Questions_exercise 007


DaCAMMS© the Ultimate Job Hunt Methodology
DaCAMMS©_exercise 008


Luck vs Strategy
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