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Impactful Interviews

A comprehensive course with practical, real life tips for interview preparation and impactful interview performances.
Dr. Pankaj Rawal
68 students enrolled
Tools and Techniques to ace any job interview. Interviewing skills
Master answers to common interview questions.
Frameworks to answer convincingly and impress recruiters with impactful answers for behavioral and situational questions.
Professional guidance for interview preparation through practical and pragmatic approach, inclusive of real life experiences and knowledge.
Learn about common interview mistakes and ways to avoid them.
Effectively manage conversations and communicate confidence during phone interviews.
Learn to score positive points, and avoid negative traps
Learn how to overcome interview anxiety and face the interview with poise
Know about the types of job interview questions asked in the interviews and how to effectively respond to them.

Consolidate your foundations of interviewing skills-inspired by Practical and Real-life experiences

This course prepares candidates to master any interview by consolidating their foundations of interviewing skills. The course draws its inspiration from real-life practical examples to help candidates ace their interviews. It is easy and covers most of the aspects needed to master face-to-face, phone, and online interviews, it will take you from pre-preparation to preparation and then interview performance guidance.

Prepare your own reference material

You will learn to understand the requirements of the recruiter and prepare accordingly for success. You will not only learn but with the help of this course, prepare your own cheat sheets, ready reckoners, personalized powerful statements for answers, and backups for your interviews.

Learn to give compelling answers to the most common interview questions

Every interviewee must know about the most common interview questions and hence should prepare compelling answers for these questions. It’s very important to learn about the approach and tricks to handle these questions as the interviewer expects you to be prepared with these.

Learn to impress by effectively answering Behavioral and Situational questions

Behavioral and situational questions are an integral part of most of the interviews. You must understand the reason behind these questions, understand what the recruiter is looking for in the answer, and must know how to structure the answer for maximum impact. You will learn about various frameworks to approach different questions and give impactful answers.

Lack of confidence?

If you feel a lack of confidence for interviews, It is highly recommended. You will feel confident after mastering most of the aspects that recruiters cover.

Feel anxious?

If you feel anxious before interviews, it is highly recommended. You will learn to avoid common interview mistakes and learn to overcome anxiety before the interviews.

Find it difficult to make conversation during the interview?

If you find it difficult to make conversations and communicate confidence during phone and online interviews, it is highly recommended. You will learn about having meaningful conversations and communicating confidence during phone interviews.

Overall, at this cost, this course is a winner and will make you confident to take on any job interview successfully.

The course covers the following in detail:

  • Understanding Interview Process

  • Job Interview Preparation: Preparing your own decks

  • How to approach most Common Interview Questions

  • How to answer behavioral and situational questions-Frameworks to structure the answers for success

  • Master Phone Interview-Techniques to impress and communicate through voice

  • Managing online job interview

  • Common interview mistakes

  • How to overcome interview anxiety

Let’s begin, All the best!

Let's Begin-Understanding the Interview Process


You will know how the course is structured

First Things First-Hiring Process

This session describes the interview process through institutes. The process involved is Analytical tests, GD (Group Discussions), and rounds of interviews.. This is for the benefit of candidates who are not aware of the interview process,

Direct Hiring

Some candidates and students particularly are not aware of the direct hiring process. The session will explain the process for these candidates

Job Interview question types

The reading describes few common' types' of questions. This reading is to give you an idea about types of questions, Some of these types will be explained in detail in future sections.


Job Interview Preparation

Important Characteristics

All organizations seek certain characteristics in their employees. They tend to assess these qualities during the interview. Candidates must understand these characteristics and should be well prepared to handle the evaluation.

Selling yourself

Appearing for an interview is about selling yourself. However, the selling pitch has to be amended based upon the customer. Here, a customer can be an HR manager, Supervisor, or another organization. With the same Resume, how can we pitch differently to different audiences (Interviewer)?

Three key things
Bring Power to your Resume/CV using powerful words

Using power words in your resume/cv can charge it up and can make it stand out. Learn to use power words from the article. Attached is a list of power words to be considered

The article is downloaded from https://alis.alberta.ca/look-for-work/resumes-and-references/choose-power-words-to-make-your-resume-stand-out/

Common Interview Questions

What Do You Know About The Organization?

Not answering this question well may jeopardize your chances of getting success in the interview. What should you be knowing about the organization? How should you prepare?

Tell me about yourself-1

Most of the time, "Tell me/us about yourself" is the first question. I suggest looking at this question as an opportunity. If you have done your homework well, you can use this to set the tone and direction of the interview. You need to practice, HOW YOU SAY few words. By emphasizing these words you are suggesting the interviewer ask you about these. Obviously, you should prepare yourself beforehand to answer these in detail. When you set the direction of the interview, you are in control. This leads you towards success.

Tell me about yourself-2
Tell me about yourself-3
Tell me about yourself-4
What are your strengths?

This question is an opportunity to score positive points towards a successful outcome of the interview. The candidate should look at the interview process as a game of collecting points. All the right answers and positive moves will be generating more points. By mastering this step, the candidates can collect more positive points and reinforce his/her position in the interview.

What are your weaknesses?

There are a few questions that do not give many positive points but if not handled properly they take away points. These are dangerous and candidates need caution. One may not attempt to be over-ambitious to score here. It is suggested to be neutral and get over this part as soon as possible.

Tell us about your internship

The candidates who have done their internships should expect many questions about the internship and should prepare themselves on this question very well. It may become the major part of their interview. If a candidate has done well in the internship, they should try to continuously throw baits and spend more time around their summer internship. Keep key Baits handy. While replying, throw Bait for the next Question for which you should be prepared.

Sell something to me

In sales interviews, the interviewer usually asks this question. The candidate should not be too pushing, should not be mentioning discounts or deals initially, and should not lose the balance of mind. The interviewer may not buy but would definitely evaluate the Approach took, Persistence, Creativity in the offer, Confidence, Positive Attitude with a smile. It is a good chance to reinforce your candidature.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

It is a very standard question that may not fetch more positive points but may lead to negative points. The approach should be not to reply over ambitious answers but take a safe route of standard plain answers and move on to questions/directions where you have more strength and score positive points.

How Do You Manage Priority?

As the work pace is high and candidates need to do a lot of multitasking, Many interviewers ask this question. The right approach to answer will help in earning positive points during the interview.

Who Is Your Role Model?

The answer for this question should be prepared with the right backups.

What will you do in first 90 days?
Presence of mind questiions
Personal questions, guess estimates and other questions

If a candidate has some positive hobbies/strengths or achievements, these must be brought to the notice for scoring positive points. However, the candidate has to be very cautious and evaluate that these should not be coming in way of the job role or the organization. When can a candidate talk about something personal? Please go through the video

Giving compelling answers to Behavioral and Situational questions

Behavioral questions

You will know about behavioral questions and competencies

Behavioral questions and Competencies

You will understand about role of competencies in behavioral questions

How to answer behavioral questions
Using STAR technique to structure behavioral questions
Situational questions
Situational questions and values
Using analytical strengths for answering situational questions
5W Framework for answering situational questions

You will learn about 5W Framework for handling situational questions.

Preparing stories of accomplishments

Master phone interviews

Phone interview preparation
Phone Persona
Communicating confidence
Effective Conversations

How to make effective phone conversation during the interview

Managing online job interview

Managing online interviews

Attached is an interesting article from Forbes India. The link is also given:


Mastering the interview

Nine common interview mistakes

You will learn to avoid common interview mistakes

How to handle interview anxiety
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