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HubSpot (CRM)- Learn Free Version From Scratch

Scale up your business with Free CRM that has features more than any other CRM out there.
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Using HubSpot's Free Edition for Their Business
How to use Using CRM
How to use Using Forms
How to use HubSpot's Contact Section
How to use HubSpot's Email System
How to use HubSpot's Reporting
How to use HubSpot's Deals and Tasks
How to use Lists and Segmentations

This is course is about HubSpot’s FREE CRM Tool that many people are unaware of how to use. These features can take any small business to a next level.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, an existing business or even a mid-level company that is using various software and looking to make a switch to a new CRM. HubSpot is a CRM that offers you a lot of features that can scale up your business to a completely new level.

But I have seen that most people don’t even want to experiment because they feel that HubSpot is expensive. Well, it is not, at least when you want to try its features or maybe just keeping the existing FREE features.

The features are so many and so easy to integrate that it almost takes no time to get started.

With FREE HubSpot you can

  • Choose the right set of tools that fit your business model

  • Start using from day one by importing your data

  • Start using advanced features like Chatbots, Deals, Pipelines, and Custom Properties

After taking this class, you’ll be able to craft your own CRM strategy that will help you achieve your business goals, foster authentic connections with your database and get a lot of free time to focus more on ideas than stay lost in operational issues.

Introduction to free HubSpot


Understanding What We Are Doing

Contact Import

Learn how to connect the most basic thing, that is, how to import your contact with HubSpot, I will discuss here 3 ways to do it including how to import data using sample csv files provided by HubSpot.

Download the attached file with this lesson to fill it up with your data.

Integration with Website

Integration with website

This should be the first step if you are running an online business. HubSpot can integrate with any kind of website CMS like WordPress, Wix, Pure HTML, and many others.

Step 1 is to go to settings,

Step 2 is to go to Tracking

Step 3 is to select the code

and then you can paste it in the Header of the Footer of the website.

In order to integrate it with your website, please have a look at the course.

Understanding the HubSpot CRM Contact Section

Import and Create Manual forms in HubSpot

This is where all the CRMs start their work. So does HubSpot, HubSpot has 3 methods to store contact into its system.

1. Connect with Website or Facebook or Google Ads

2. Import contact

3. Create manually.

You can also make list from the contacts that you import. Lists mean segments.

Creating a Landing Page

Creating a Free Landing Page in HubSpot

Landing pages are an integral part of any business. HubSpot offers a free (limited) Landing Pages creation option.

Learn how to create landing page and connect it with your business.

How to Creating Forms and Connect with your digital properties.

Forms Creation - Free for all, captures important details from website

Online business depends on Forms. If there are no forms then a website or any digital property is only there for information purposes and not for lead generation. If your business is dependent on generating leads or capture information of visitors and turning them into prospects. HubSpot offers free Form creation (with certain limits) option but it is more than enough for any business to make a good start.

Creating Sendable Emails

Creating Emails

HubSpot offers a 2000 Email sending limit (scheduled and manual) plus it also offers upto 5 emails to be created from scratch or using a few of its templates. If templates are not available, the free drag and drop email creation is good enough to start.

Additionally, you can also get email health report of opens, clicks or bounces.

How to create customer segments using List and Companies

List and Companies

List in HubSpot is what is called Segments in Marketing. Learn to create segments using lists. The free version offers only 5 manual creation limit. But if you use a 3rd Party tool you can create as many as the 3rd party tool permits.

How to connect Google, Facebook or LinkedIn Ads in HubSpot CRM

Connect Google, Facebook or LinkedIn Ads using HubSpot

This module is of super importance for those who use Google, Facebook or LinkedIn ads or paid marketing channels. If you do, you might want to connect it with your CRM. It lets you know which visitor has become a prospect through which keyword, or even ad units.

Additionally, it also allows you to create ads from within HubSpot only that syncs with Facebook or LinkedIn.

Using Chatbot to Capture Leads

Using HubSpot Chatbot and Livechat

Here you will learn to use Chatbots and Live chat in combination so that when you are not in the office, even then the Chatbot can capture your lead for you so that you can connect with them when you are back after office hours or from a vacation.

Capture Meeting in your Calendar

HubSpot Meetings

Learn not only to connect your calendar but also can send an automated Zoom meeting request from the calendar itself. This also includes sending multiple reminders before the meeting.

Creating Quote and Sending it to the customers from deals

Send Quote to a Clients or Customers using HubSpot

Connect your Stripe account, and send quotes (manually) using HubSpot. A very powerful feature available for free in HubSpot. Using this you can get your quotes paid by sending it through your email or even your personal message tools like WhatsApp or other tools.

What are Deals in HubSpot and how to create them

HuBSpot Deals

Deals are the main section for businesses, they have stages dependent on your business models. So you can easily customize deals in HubSpot based on your business requirements.

If you are an E-Commerce you can have an E-Commerce pipeline or if you need your Lead management operation to be managed you can have them in the Sales Pipeline.

Talking about the pipeline, that is also explained in the chapter. So we need it like Pipeline > Deals > Deal Stages.

I will create a separate tutorial for that.

Allocate tasks (manual) to your team members.

HubSpot Tasks

HubSpot Custom Property

HubSpot Custom Property

What is a Custom Property?

Every business has different needs. A real-estate business works differently than a hotel business. The type of data that requires to be captured for a real-estate is different from a hotel business. For example, apart from the general information that any CRM captures like Name, Email, Phone number. They also need data like property visited, etc. The same goes for a hotel business.

These additional fields are called custom properties in HubSpot.

Learn how to create those properties.

HubSpot Tickets

Service Tickets

Every business needs to serve its customers. The business technology that you choose should be able to provide you with all the options in one place so that you don't have to go to different tabs and different systems and keep juggling between different tools.

HubSpot provides all the business systems in one place. HubSpot's service module helps you create custom queries as tickets like any other system like Freshdesk or Zendesk would do. This helps you understand how things are working in the CRM together.

HubSpot Reports

HubSpot Reports

Reporting seems an integral part of any SaaS-based system. After all, they have to report what they are capturing. This is done very smartly and easily in HubSpot. You can create your own Dashboard, custom reports. However, there is a limit in HubSpot's reporting if you are using it for free. Checkout what is available in HubSpot Free reports.

HubSpot Sales Extension and Notification settings

HubSpot sales extension.

Whats Next

The next steps.

Having the free HubSpot might not be enough for you. Some businesses, after its successful implementation and testing, might want to go ahead and scale-up. Explained in this lecture.

Additional content - HubSpot's Marketplace and How to Use it

Using HubSpot Marketplace
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