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How to Manage a Startup Company

Tips on How to Manage Startups
How to successfully manage a start up company as efficiently as possible.
How to avoid start up management pitfalls
How to differentiate the role of a manager in a start up and a leader
How to measure start up company performance

Starting a company can be exciting, but also filled with costly mistakes.

As someone who has worked on over 50 startups, I’ve learned that entrepreneurs typically make the same mistakes in terms of managing their startup concepts.

This course is intended to help you navigate the start up journey effectively from a Management and Operations perspective.

It will give you insight into what to look for and what to be aware of when laboring a start up company.

30% of the reason why startups fail is due specifically to Management.

How you manage your startup might very well be the reason you fail or succeed!




  • Intro: About Me

  • What is Management?

  • Why are Managers so important to a business?

  • How is Management different from Leadership?

  • Management How To’s

  • Plan

  • Organize

  • Direct

  • Monitor

  • Evaluate

  • Perform

  • Key Takeaways

  • Wrap up

Understanding Management

Understanding Management

  • Limited resources

  • Time constraints

  • Time constraints

  • Roller coaster

  • Lack of experience

  • Inspiration

Why do Businesses Fail?

46% of businesses fail due to incompetence, 30% due to lack of managerial experience, 11% due to lack of experience, and the rest were attributed to fraud, natural disasters and neglect.

(Source: Indiana Small Business Development Center)

What is Management?

What is management?

These are the traditional roles of a manager:

  • Plan

  • Organize

  • Direct

  • Monitor

  • Evaluate

  • Perform


“A startup is an institution, not just a product, so it requires management, a new kind of management specifically geared to its context.”

Why are managers so important to a business?

  • The input of the labor, capital and raw materials can never become production without the catalyst of management.

  • Management is the business means of support.

  • Management is concerned with acquiring maximum prosperity with minimum efforts.

  • Management is essential wherever group efforts are required to be directed towards achievements of common goals.

How is management different from leadership?


  • Plans

  • Budgets

  • Organizes

  • Allocates Resources

  • Controls

  • Solves Problems


  • Provides direction

  • Aligns objectives

  • Influences

  • Motivates

  • Inspires

  • Develops other leaders

Management How To's

Management How To's


  • Preplanning: set time aside just for planning.

  • Implementation: put what you plan into action.

  • Monitoring: follow up on what is currently in action.

  • Evaluation: how did your plan do? Ask yourself this question.


  • Manage your time

  • Prioritize

  • Delegate

  • File your paperwork

  • Create a desk or space



  • Provide information

  • Guide operation

  • Strategize

  • Reinforce

  • Create boundaries


  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring goals.

  • Design reporting for your business or purchase reporting tools.

  • Set benchmarks

  • Engage with your team

  • Engage with customers

  • Continuously look for better monitoring tools

What to monitor first?


  • Social Media

  • Email Campaigns

  • Website


  • Process

  • Order/service fulfilled cycle

  • Financials

Customer Service

  • Complaints

  • Customer engagement

  • Feedback

Measuring: Really getting to know your business

Measuring: Really getting to know your business

1.How many clients/appointments do you want to book in a month?

2.How many months do you plan to work?

3.What are the total number of appointments you “will” have over 12 months?

4.This will give you the estimated close rate you will have and the clients you have to have each month to meet your goals.

ROI = Return on Investment

2.Now that you know how to calculate how many clients you need each month , it’s time to calculate your ROI.

3.Annual clients

4.Average revenue

5.Your total revenue generated a year.

Great Resources and Measurement Tools

Great resources & Measurement Tools

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Email Campaigns Platforms

  • Website Platforms

  • Operations Platforms

  • Customer Service Platforms

Common Startup Mistakes

Common Startup Mistakes

  • Not prepping your life

  • Confusing a product with a business

  • Not paying for expertise

  • Ignoring data

  • Scaling too quickly

  • Clinging to the wrong idea

  • Failing to delegate

  • Thinking money solves everything

  • Underestimating how long sales take

  • Fearing failure

Management Must Have’s for Startups

Management Must Have’s for Startups

  • Self awareness

  • Knowledge of measurement tools and concepts

  • A clear plan

  • Follow through

  • Control mechanisms (checks and balances)

  • Discipline

Wrap up and Takeaways!


  • Compare

  • Analyze

  • Identify

  • Adjust


  • Get it done!

  • Follow through

  • Make it a routine

  • Practice and practice some more

  • Have a plan

Key Takeaways

  • Management is separate and different from Leadership.

  • Management is an important part of a business in any stage of business.

  • Plan

  • Direct

  • Monitor

  • Evaluate

  • Perform

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