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How To Build A Better Company

Effectively Develop and Utilize Specialized Methods, Tactics And Systems That Produce Superior Results Consistently
L.D. Sewell
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How to develop and implement management control systems to help achieve better results in every area
Communicate effectively with everyone from your employees to your customers everyone else inbetween
Build a team environment and work together toward common clearly defined goals
Drive out fear so that true teamwork can thrive
Know why other companies stumble and fail so you can avoid repeating their mistakes
Understand the roles, methods and tactics of disciplinary and reward systems
How to build and maintain trust with all your personnel
Establish and maintain progressive improvement systems
How to train your people, delegate to, and trust them
Use results oriented management systems

Top performing successful companies don’t become successful and stay that way long term by accident.

They all have very specific things in common – things that you can learn about and model so that you can produce your own superior results in your company too.

This course will show you how to do it.

Learn how to develop, implement and maintain your own success driven systems methodically throughout every part of your organization. These concepts are both old as time and as new as the latest technology. Learn how to harness the best of the best and forget everything else that does not work. That will help you adapt and change as technological changes require but do it without discarding foundational principles that are timeless.

These systems and methods can be used to build your own company better than you may even be able to imagine right now – and then sustain that level of productivity and success on an ongoing basis for as long as you continue to apply these principles.

Empower your supervisory and management personnel to do their jobs better by giving them the tools and resources they need and the authority to make decisions themselves on their areas of responsibility. Drive out inefficiency and bureaucracy by eliminating unnecessary obstacles and layers of bureaucracy wherever you find them.

Better results happen when you make them happen – and that is done on a day to day basis through focused intentional effort applied by all members of your team toward continuous improvement That is why building a team and maintaining it are such critical elements of a high performance company.

I like nautical references for many reasons – including my personal love of boats of all types and sizes and of being on the water every chance I get. Beyond my personal preferences though the analogy of a ship and its crew serves a useful purpose in illustrating how important every member of the crew is and how well they work together matters.

The very survival of the ship and all aboard depend on the crew and its leadership – whether the the result is a successful voyage and another opportunity to set sail again and again – or whether it is a tragedy resulting in the loss of the vessel, the crew and all aboard – you get the idea.

While the failure of a company may not be as tragic as the sinking of ship that has run aground or hit an iceberg – it is still a tragedy that can and should be avoided. 

It all starts at the top.

Leadership will either make it or break it in either case.

Take this course and learn how you can start actively, intentionally and consistently building a better company of your own!


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Orientation, Onboarding and Training
Systems Are The Key

Building It Systematically With Clarity and Intent

Section 2 Slide Introduction
The Need For Certainty and Stability
Communications Consistency
Building Trust and Squashing Fear
Progressive Discipline and Deterrence

Continuous Maintenance and Improvement

Keeping Watch and Constant Vigilance
We Already Tried That Syndrome
Keep Them Informed All Along the Way
Seek Out Specialized Information and Continuing Education
Failures Are Inevitable and are True Learning Experiences So Use Them Wisely


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How To Build A Better Company
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