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How To Be The Greatest Salesman: Develop Sales & Life Skills

Develop important personality traits and skills through principles that lead to success in sales, business and life.
Salil Dhawan
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Learn important personality traits that are required for success in every aspect of life.
Learn value of hardwork and persistence, and how to generate a habit of persistence.
Learn how to overcome failure. Understand the concept of failure and its impact on every aspect of life.
Learn how to master your emotions. Understand the role of emotions in sales and how to use them to your advantage.
Learn tips and strategies such as 'sell with smile' and 'once more' to make being a great salesman intuitive and effortless.
Learn the knowledge required for successful sales career and how to acquire this knowledge.
Learn importance of passion for the product you are selling and how to generate that passion.
Learn to believe in yourself. Acquire the tools to achieve everything you want in life.

How to be the greatest salesman? You can’t control your circumstances, the people around you, the competition, the industry, the economy or the customer. You can control your behaviour, your behaviour influences everything around you. Through skills and principles that you develop in yourself you can influence everything around you. These principles then help you in your sales and marketing career as well as in your business and life.

You can influence everything around you by your actions. In the course I guide you through all the ways you can influence your environment. All the principles talk about convincing customer to make you the greatest salesman but they are also applicable in every aspect of life. This course is my attempt to make a sales course that can be used to succeed in life and also when you succeed in life you succeed in sales. Follow the principles in this to the point course and see immediate results to a lasting and successful sales career, business and life.

The course goes into detail about values such as –

  • Persistence –  The key to developing any habit. Its key to success in every aspect of life

  • Mastering your emotions – How to use emotions to your advantage

  • Knowledge – How to use knowledge to win in sales and business

And a lot more. So come along for the ride and get ready to see amazing results in your life.

Additionally, if you are a sales manager, you can use this sales course to educate your sales team. Sales Management is less about sale and more about enablement of your team. To become the greatest sales manager, learn these techniques and go on and impart them to your team to make them the greatest sales team.


Let Me Help You Become The Greatest Salesman

This introduction will give you an insight into what you can expect in this course. It will show you a glimpse of what it takes to be a great salesman, how the techniques and principles taught in this course will enable you to have great sales, business and life.

Quick 1 Minute Trick That Boosts Your Salesperson Charisma

This quick tip is to help you get started on your journey to increasing sales. Follow the tip immediately and see results.

The Tools You Need To Succeed In Everything In Life - Persistence/ Hardwork

Key To Success For Everything In Life - Persistence and Hardwork

Start developing persistence with any act and form a habit. Start with something small act and work your way up to bigger habits.

Never Give Up With The "One More Sale" Technique

Print the attached file out and keep at your desk

Change Your Outlook On Failure Completely

Convert Failure To Success With A Simple Change In Perspective

Change your outlook on failure. Think of a past failure, change your perspective and start seeing the learning from that failure. Change that incident in your mind from failure to learning for forever.

Master Your Emotions And Harness The Power Of Emotions In Sales

Learn To Understand The Role Of Emotions In Sales And Life.
Harness The Power Of Positive Emotions With One Simple Trick! Smile!

The Power Of Knowldege

Learn And Acquire The Types Of Knowledge Needed For Success In Business

Believe In Yourself & Your Product And Watch The World Change With Your Passion

What is Passion? Why is it important?
How to generate passion?
Learn What Brings All The Principles Together - Belief In Yourself

Regularly Updated Bonus Content

Bonus Section Introduction
Want To Make Just One Sale Or A Long Term Relationship With The Customer?
Love Thy Customer


Thank You For Coming Along This Journey With Me!

Thank you for being part of this course. I hope I was able to contribute to your life.

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How To Be The Greatest Salesman: Develop Sales & Life Skills
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