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Grow Your Business by Improving Your Customer Experience

Grow your business and improve customer & employee loyalty by developing and executing a customer experience strategy
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Why customer service matters to you and your organization
How to create a positive experience for you customers
How to use language to improve the customer experience
How to improve your digital experience for your customers
How to turn upset customers into your advocates
How you can identify areas of opportunity in your service delivery and develop an action plan to improve
How appearance matters to your customers and how to improve appearance to improve the experience
Learn to identify coaching and recognition opportunities to help improve your team's performance
Learn how to develop a customer complaint system
Learn where and how to effectively respond to customer complaints

A study conducted by American Express finds that 33% of customers say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service.  Furthermore, companies like Amazon and Apple are setting customer’s expectations higher and higher.    This means that all companies regardless of industry or size are being compared to these customer experience powerhouses. 

This course is designed for anyone that wants to grow their business by improving their customer experience.  You will learn the fundamentals and tactics to make an immediate impact to your business.


Course Introduction

Welcome to Grow Your Business by Improving Your Customer Experience!  This lesson will give you a preview of what you will learn in this course.

Why Customer Experience Matters

Why Does Customer Experience Matter?

Why does customer experience (CX) matter?  This video describes why customer experience is important for small businesses and the various stakeholders.   

Customer Experience Strategy

Why Do You Need a Customer Experience Strategy?

Why is a customer experience strategy important?  This lecture walks you through why it is critical for any size business to have a CX strategy.

CX Stategy Elements

You understand why a CX strategy is important, but what does a CX strategy include? Learn about the components of a simple and effective CX strategy and what they entail.

Build Your Own Customer Experience Strategy

Now it is time to make your own CX strategy for your business.  Walk through this simple and intuitive worksheet to create and develop a CX strategy for your business.

Building a Customer Culture

Customer Centric Culture

Having a customer-centric culture is important when growing your business. This lesson you will learn how and why culture is important to your growing business.

Assess Your Culture
Build Your Culture

Once you have identified what type of culture you currently have it is time to start building the culture that you want.   In this lesson, we will walk through tactical things that you can do to make your culture more customer-centric.

Customer Experience Fundamentals

What Every Customer Wants

In this lesson we will explore what every customer wants when interacting with a business.   These core elements should be incorporated into all aspects of your customer journey.

Language Matters
Service Delivery

Service delivery is how you interact with your customer. In this lesson learn more about the fundamentals of service delivery.

Appearance Matters

What you customers see is an important part of their journey. From employee appearance to what your website looks like, we will walk through how you can improve your customer experience by focusing on the visual elements.

Visual Appearance Checklist

Checklist to assess the visual elements of customer experience for your business. This should be used regularly to ensure that you are meeting all of the requirements for an effective customer experience. 

Best practices is to complete at least once a month. It is also helpful to get others in your business to complete the form. The more eyes and perspectives you get, the better! 

Customer Friendly Processes

Does you business have customer friendly policies and business practices?   Learn what it means to be customer friendly and identify ways that you can make your business more customer friendly.

Digital Fundamentals

Your online presence plays a large part of your customer's experience. Learn how you can provide the best digital experience for your customers.

Online Assessment Tool

Use this simple checklist to identify areas of potential improvement in your online experience.   

Best practice:   Set up a regular cadence and use this checklist regularly.   Also, have employees and/or trust family/friends complete as well. The more feedback, the better! 

Coaching to Improve the Customer Experience

Coaching Overview

If you have employees you will want to utilize this lesson.   Ensuring that your employees are delivering the best possible experience for your customers requires regular and effective coaching.

In this lesson, learn how to effectively coach and recognize team members on their service delivery using the GROW model.

Customer Complaints

Develop a Complaint System

Complaints are an inevitable part of running a business.   Learn how complaints are actually valuable gifts that your customers are giving you.   Learn to develop a complaint system that can be used to capture complaints and identify where you can find complaints.

How to Effectively Respond to Customer Complaints

Your response when a customer complains can either make or break your relationship with them.   Learn how to effectively respond to customer complaints in order to not only keep the customer but to create a loyal advocate for your business.


Thank you!

Thank you for enrolling and completing this course. Let's recap all that you have learned along the way.

Bonus Material

Best Customer Experience Books

These books are excellent resource for anyone that is looking to improve their customer experience! 

Best Customer Experience Resources

Check out these resources to help you learn more about customer experience.

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