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Fear of Public Speaking: Never Fear Public Speaking Again

Public Speaking Fear. You will deliver presentations/speeches with confidence and ease. Never be nervous again.
TJ Walker
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Eliminate public speaking fear
Reduce nervousness
Minimize anxiety
Become a confident and and competent public speaker

Public Speaking Fear can melt away. Imagine being so comfortable and relaxed when standing up and speaking in front of people that it feels like a conversation with one good friend. You can learn how to be totally relaxed and confident when speaking in front of people. You will never have to waste energy getting nervous or fearful again.

You don’t have to let a fear of public speaking harm your career or personal life. It’s OK to have anxiety about speaking, but it’s also easy to eliminate your presentation worries forever. TJ Walker has coached 10,000 students (in-person) for the last 30 years and he has helped people overcome terrible stage fright. Anyone can learn how to be a posed and confident speaker, once they know basic preparation techniques. Speaking in front of people is a learned skill, just like writing. You can be a confident and effective public speaker.

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking this Public Speaking Fear course?

*Eliminate public speaking fear

*Reduce nervousness

*Minimize anxiety

*Become a confident and and competent public speaker

What do Udemy students say about this Fear of Public Speaking Course?

“5 Stars! Excellent point of recording on a Phone and practice.” Venkata Panyam

“5 Stars! He give interesting tips to overcone the fear of public speaking.” Giancarlo Palacios

“5 Stars! This is the 3rd course I have taken by TJ Walker and I continue to learn new things. It is very apparent to me that he loves what he does by how well he delivers each lecture and how quickly he replies to any message or post. Thank yo for another helpful course. Now time to practice practice practice!” Naomi Wycherley

“5 Stars! I was skeptical at first, but as I started watching TJ’s lectures, I became convinced, that he was an expert I should listen to! He makes it look fun!” Wendy

“5 Stars! This is a great course. So much information in each short lecture. I will have to watch them again.” Ian Sheppey

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this Public Speaking Fear course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

How to Conquer the Causes of Public Speaking Fear

Eliminating Speaking Anxiety


Can you think of any presentation you ever gave that went well? If so, what was different about the circumstances surrounding that speech?

Please Introduce Yourself
Avoid Fake Solutions That Don't Work


Have you ever used any of the following to reduce your nerves before a presentation?

1. Alcohol

2. Beta-Blockers

3. Meditation

4. Hypnosis

5. Other Drugs

Curing Public Speaking Fear

The Process of Eliminating Fear


1. Please outline the process of how you get ready in the morning before you leave your home.

2. Outline your process of how you would write an important memo for work or school.

3. Now come up with a process you think you should follow before giving a presentation.

The Fear of Boring


1. What percentage of speakers have you seen in the last year who were really boring?

2. What do you have planned for you next speech that you know isn't going to be boring for your audience?

Rehearse Your Presentation On Video


OK, this is the part you are going to hate, but it's the most important part of this entire course. You need to practice a presentation - any presentation on any topic - on video. You can be alone in your bedroom or your office and recording on your cellphone or webcam, but you absolutely must record yourself speaking. Skipping this step of recording yourself is not an option. It is a complete waste of time to just talk your speech out loud or to speak to a mirror. You must record on video!

After you have recorded your presentation you must review the video and take notes on what you like and don't like.

Next, you must record your speech again. This time, do more of what you liked in the previous presentation and less of what you didn't like. Review this video.

Repeat the process until you are happy that you look and sound your very best.

Cheat the System


Create a one-page cheat sheet for your speaking notes. Have no more than five key points. Limit each point to three words or less.

Exciting New Update to this Course

I've listen to you tell me that you found it difficult to upload your homework videos to the Udemy Q and A Section. To make it easier for you to get quick feedback from me and your fellow students, I've created a Facebook page just for my Udemy students.


Please note that this page is just for posting homework and questions related to your course. There will be no promotion or selling of any kind by me or any students in this forum. And please note, that you are in no way required to join this page or post your videos to Facebook. You can simply use the Udemy Q and A section here if you prefer.


Practice Makes...Comfortable


Make a list of places where you could speak more often. This could include the following: asking a question in a meeting, speaking out at a PTA meeting, offering to give out an award at your child's Little League banquet, or calling into a talk radio show.

The Confident Speaker's Attitude


Stop telling yourself and others that you fear public speaking and hate public speaking!!

Long-term Speaking Goals and Conclusion


List three presentations you would like to give in the next three months. What are the topics and what are the venues? School, board meeting, new venture pitch?

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Housekeeping Matters

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