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Exports Digital and Social Media Marketing | 18 Courses in 1

Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies, SEO, Googleads, Facebook ads, with Focus on Global Online Trade and Exports
Vijesh Jain
19,256 students enrolled
Learn how to grow your business digitally beyond country borders
Complete Digital and Social Media Marketing Skills With Focus on Exports and International Sales
How the world of business works? How this world functions to carry our international trade?
How to influence global digital audience and create right Social Media Strategies
SEO, Google Analytics, Keywords Research, Inorganic Digital Marketing and Branding
How to create your own fully functional eCommerce website using free resources?
How to create your own exports online store on most buzzing international eCommerce Market Places
How to do both Global B2B and Global B2C Online Marketing
All about Amazon Global Selling and Amazon FBA services

Hey friend, are you looking for a complete Exports Digital and Social Media Marketing certificate course. And with a focus on increasing global exports sales? Do you wish to become a global digital marketing professional? And that too with high paying salary? Or you want to  setup your own global digital business and marketing empire? May be you wish to conquer the immensely large global digital communities on social media? Is it RIGHT?

Hey friend, you have found the perfect exports digital and social media marketing certificate course. Because, it is the essential digital marketing training course on this topic.

After learning skills in this Digital and Social Media Marketing Course, you would be able to:

1. You can actually become a global person with global skills and knowledge

2. Grow your domestic business on global digital platforms

3. Learn tricks and techniques to conquer social media

4. Land a great job anywhere in the world with accurate the effective knowledge and skills

The instructor of this course, with his more than 30 years of global business and digital and social media marketing experience is here with the aim to help you with acquiring skills of:

  • Global eBusiness & eCommerce,

  • Exports Digital and Social Media Marketing,

  • Content Marketing,

  • Linkedin Marketing,

  • Facebook Campaigns,

  • Google Ads Marketing,

  • Influencers Marketing and

  • SEO marketing

I assure you best of my efforts to help you with your dreams to become a successful digital marketer and online exporter with minimum investment.

This Course Covers:

  • Digital Marketing Success Stories

  • Globalization

  • Borderless world eMarketing

  • Global eBranding

  • Global Business Communication

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • E Commerce Website Creation

  • Social Media Strategies

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Pages Creation and Promotion

  • Business and Ad Manager

  • Google Ads

  • Google Analytics

  • SEO

  • Linkedin Pages

  • Linkedin Advertising

  • Webbait/Web Magnet

  • Exports Marketing Sales Funnel

  • Keyword Research/Marketing

  • Trello

  • Quora

  • Wordstream

  • FIEO Mall

  • Amazon

  • Shopyfy

  • Amazon Global Selling & Amazon FBA

  • Indian Trade Portal

  • Global Digital Consumer

  • International Digital Communities

  • Automatic Scheduling Tools

Here, the instructor will teach you most of the above methods (related to complete gamut of Digital and Social  Media Marketing).

Other areas covered in this course include:

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  • Exports Digital Marketing Cheat Sheets of several modules

  • Helpful web article links

  • Links to inspiring case studies and profiles of successful digital exporters

To Ensure Your Satisfaction and Value, You Get:

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Life Time Access to the Course including Life Time Free Updates

  • Anywhere Anytime Learning

  • Self evaluation Quizzes and Assignment (Optional)

  • Verified eCertificate of Completion by UDEMY, World’s Largest Online American Education Portal

  • Direct Communication with the Instructor For any Academic Doubts or Query (Reply within 1 working day)

About Instructor Background

Dr. Vijesh Jain, your instructor of this course is an award winning Industry professional and also a visiting professor. He is a BITS, Pilani and IIFT, New Delhi alumnus with a PhD in International Business. At the same time, he is founder of VJ Exports Mastery Courses and Services, a new startup, promoting high quality digital education. Moreover, he has spent decades (more than 30 years experience) in exports, imports, executives training and business coaching in the areas of exports, imports, digital and social media marketing with special focus on increasing international sales.

So don’t wait. Act now. Get ready to fulfill your global dreams, start taking the first step today

What this course cannot do:

  • The course does not claim to cover everything in digital and social media marketing which is a huge area in present times.

  • The course cannot cover all digital marketing techniques step by step in great details as otherwise it will become like huge course requiring months of learning

Therefore it is highly recommended to watch the additional Youtube Resources provided in the course, covering minute details of several digital marketing techniques, step by step.

Introduction to the topic

Introduction to the course: text
Introduction to Course: Video

The concept of exports digital ans social media marketing is a most ignored area and hardly any course is available to provide expert knowledge in the areas of digital and social media marketing focusing on materializing and increasing international sales. Hardly any course is available which talks about brand promotion global digital channels and among global digital communities.

This is a professional course which is part of the VJ Exports Mastery Series of Courses. There are other 4 courses already available on UDEMY in this series and more than 10000 students are already enrolled to these four courses. I am Dr. Vijesh Jain, your instructor for this highly informative and skill building course on online marketing and socials. In this global e-Commerce course, I will teach and discuss, step by step, the ways of setting up an online digital export business from scratch.

The main aim of the course is to make the students knowledgeable of most important aspects of digital marketing and social media marketing with focus on global sales. First few sections of this course, are devoted to discussion on the basic tenets and skills required for exports management, which must be understood before embarking on digital marketing especially on socials and online channels. In the later sections, the course will discuss, step by step, how to create your own fully functional e-Commerce website on the internet, followed by tips and techniques on how and where (on which international market places) you can create your own online exports store. Later a set of discussions are done in detail, on how to digitally promote your online exports business and what are the strategies for increasing your presence on social media. Finally a highly detailed and deep discussion is done in the last section about how to do digital branding, ads marketing on platforms like Google, Facebook and Linkedin. This last discussion is one of the main themes of this course. With the help of the current video lesson,  students will be able to understand how this whole course is organized and its flow. Enjoy the course.

Introduction continue: Text
Introduction to the course part 2

So in this video discussion carries on from the last video lesson, talking about the course structure, course contents etc.

How does world of global business work?

Diversity in this world and what does it mean?
A diverse world and the change.

In this video I am explaining you the differences and similarities which exists in this world. I will also discuss about how these differences originated and what is the role of 'memory'. Also, what is the significance of human history in shaping of the modern world.

Reasons of diversity which we see so clearly: Text
Existing differences in this world and the reasons of these differences

The discussion continues on the differences that exists in this world and why is it important to understand both these differences and similarities.

The shift of power in the modern world
Traditional world vs digital world

While there are income inequalities in this world, globalization is changing the landscape of this world. There are clear shifts in the geopolitical power structure towards east. It is also called 'Rise of East'.

Quiz 1

Answer one that is the best. (Single Choice Questions)

Understanding International Business Environment

The changing world environment and international business
The story of Ceramic Tiles from Italy

In this video I am explaining the concepts of importance of a changing world environment,  using a real story depicting how businesses exploit the changing business environment world over.

The India's unsung worriers in the international trade
The story of world's largest Indian Sweet & Bhujia brand.

Back home, in India, the phenomenon is not so different. The enterprising stories do exist in all countries. India is no exception. Even without major training or education, by sheer common sense people understanding the changing contours of international business environment and grab the opportunity to align with these changes.

Middle class persons going places in international digital business.
India's middle class exporter making it big in exports digital marketing

So the success stories continues, shouting laud that ones who understand the world, are making a killing in this digital business world.

Success on International Digital Business Channels
Success stories of digital exporters

These case studies of small timers making it big in the exports digital marketing indicates clearly, anyone with right knowledge and passion can conquer the world of business, however small investment they are able to make to start the process.

Making sense of the changing world environment on digital channels.
Understanding world business environment part 1

In the next 3 videos - part 1 to part 3, I will provide you a step by step template to make it easy to create a mental map of the world around you and how to interpret the same for fine tuning your exports offering and business communications with your digital overseas buyers.

International Business Environment Part 2
Understanding world business environment part 3
Quiz 2

Please answer one that is best

How to easily create a fully functioning eCommerce exports website for free?

Self help in creating own eCommerce website for exports digital business
Creating exports digital marketing website part 1
Creating fully functional exports digital marketing website part 2
Creating fully functional exports digital marketing website part 3
Creating fully functional exports digital marketing website part 4
Creating fully functional exports digital marketing website part 5
Quiz 3

Answer only one choice that is the best. (Single choice questions)

Creating online business on high traffic Digital International Marketplaces

Playing on the international market places and winning the game.
Online digital international malls / market places

What are international malls, marketplaces? What is FIEO mall? Why are these new properties to succeed in international business?

So what are the most performing digital market places?
Top 10 online market places for selling internationally

So what are the most performing digital market places?

The merits of FIEO Mall for Indian Exporters.
Creating online exports store on FIEO mall - Part 1

So why FIEO Mall is new but must have service for all Indian exporters? Sooner the better.

Making best from FIEO Mall online
Creating Online exports store on FIEO mall - Part 2

A fully functional online store on FIEO mall is absolutely free for Indian exporter. Learn the process of creating your online exports store on FIEO mall today. Don't wait. No need to out source the creation online.

Quiz 4

Choose one only that is the best: Single Choice Questions

Digital and Social Media Promotion Strategies

International Business Digital Communities
Typical areas of digital promotion - Part 1

Understand the world of international digital business and international business communities.

Email marketing: Old gun still too effective.
Typical areas of digital promotion - Part 2

What is Email Marketing? What is its role in overall digital business focusing on international sales?

Brand promotion on socials: The tries and tested recipe.
Recipe for brand promotion on social media - Part 1

So here is the original recipe for brand promotion on socials. Create your social media strategy and enjoy the taste.

Recipe for brand promotion on social media - Part 2

Optimization vs conversion is key to online business success. More so for increasing global business sales.

How to trigger emotion and win the game?
Triggering emotions on social media

The biggest skill of an online marketer and social media expert is triggering the response of the customer to your actions. For this you need to trigger the emotions, but in a positive sense, rather than in a self damaging manner. Remember social media is a serious business not a personal war of ego.

The Power of Behind the Scene Stories
Show them behind the scene stories

Behind the scene stories have the abilities to trigger emotions. But try to be as consistent and predictable as possible.

#Hashtag marketing: Trending power tool for digital marketing
#Hashtag Marketing

Large digital communities can contain users in hundreds of millions, whom it is impossible to target. # hashtag marketing make it easy to do segmenting, targeting and positioning in digital marketing.

Uniqueness Vs Creative Collaborations

It is not necessary to remain aloof to what your competitors are doing, in order to remain unique and display distinct personality of yours. After all your personalities are developed over the times, aping your peers, friends and relatives.

Automated tools like Chatbot revealed.
Automated Scheduling Tools

Thanks to automated digital marketing tools and artificial intelligence,  now you can service your clients from all over the world 24X7. Automated scheduling tools coupled with Chatbots can do the trick.

Optimizing the resources while getting healthy conversions
Optimization Vs Conversions

What works? What trigger the emotions most? What actions of your gives best ROI on net? Thanks to several tools and techniques it is easy to find a trade off between the investment in resources and conversion, to maintain acceptable ROI.

Strength from numbers.
Identify KPIs and derive insights

A successful digital marketer need to understand the numbers, created by several analytical tools and artificial intelligence, built around digital and social media marketing. These numbers show the path and enlighten the mind to success.

Building a reputed personality on socials
Managing reputation on socials

Socials are the places to trigger emotions and action by the audience. Taking the audience reaction to a war will severely erode reputation. Need to find find ways to manage adverse reactions of the audience and clients on socials for overall advantage.

Keep a watch.
What about the competitors?

While you need not ape the competitors, it essential to know what they are doing on the social platforms. Watch out for direct as well as indirect social media competitors as indirect competitors can become direct competitors in no time, on digital platforms.

Quiz 5

Choose one answer that is best: Single Choice Questions

Google Analytics For Beginners

Google analytics made simple
How to setup google analytics account for your exports website

In this video I will show explain to you how you can create google analytics account for your exports website.

Adding google analytics tracking code to your website or exports store.
Linking google analytics account with your website for tracking

If you are using word-press website, then these step will make you understand the steps to add tracking code to your website, so that data would start populating on your google analytics account. If you are on any other platform, almost same or similar process can be used to add tracking code.

Making sense of the google analytics data
Understanding traffic numbers on google analytics

How to get numbers from the google analytics account and derive insights into the customer behavior.

Analyzing the google data
Analyzing users and visitors trends and behavior through google analytics

Making sense of the numbers and trends given on Google Analytics page of your account.

Analyzing advanced behavior of the users on the website

Extracting deeper insights from the numbers and trends on Google Analytics pages.

Search Engine Optimization

The power of keywords on digital media
Keywords research for SEO : An overview

Keywords are not the one and the all solution or the last word in Digital and Social Media marketing. But the keyword research does help in making your digital infrastructure visible. Focus on your message, website contents and context remains more important though.

Taking off with the keywords research
Starting keywords research

Keyword search strategies are the game of experience and common sense. Think from the mind of the digital customer or social media audience. Answers will start emerging.

Keywords research tools on the net.
Using free keywords research tools: Wordstream

Keyword research tools claims to give you the right set of keywords. But go beyond these to master the art of writing copy for your contents, as word are more important on digital medium. Although sentences are today playing increasingly important role in SEO.

Quora Keywords.
Using free keywords research tools: Quora

See what the people are writing and communicating, you will start building a great set of keywords.

Keywords strategic research plan
Modern keywords strategies for modern world

Keyword research is incomplete without a comprehensive and holistic keyword strategic plan.

Secrets of Google Search Engine Algorithm
Understanding the objectives of Search Engine Algorithm

Google search algorithm is becoming more customer friendly. Algorithm is adding new capabilities to understand websites and are able to hard search engine strategies, which in long run, fail.

Optimizing the website
Optimizing your website and other online resources: Introduction

Ways to optimize your website for search engine robots.

Power of user friendly web pages
Understanding different components of the pages for onsite/links optimization

Understanding the role of website pages in being more and more customer friendly.

Search Engine Optimization Plugins: Making life easy
Using search engine optimization plugin in your website admin management

It is a good idea to deploy great SEO software which have the ability to tell you, if you are on the right path and what corrections may be needed for your web pages, to become customer as well as search engine friendly.

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