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Education 101: Hassle Free Classroom Management Strategies

Revealing the secrets that will allow teachers to educate children and enjoy teaching without discipline problems
Aharoni Carmel
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You will learn how to keep your class on target in the case of disruption.
You will learn how to pre-plan for disciplinary events in the classroom.
You will learn how to avoid disciplinary events.
You will learn how to compliment so that students believe you.
You will learn what students gain from misbehaving.
You will learn how to leverage disciplinary events to create constructive learning.
You will learn what constructive learning is and how to create it.
You will learn how to begin your lesson in a way that will lead to more learning.

Have you ever prepared an amazing lesson, spent hours making sure every detail was in place, but at the beginning of the lesson, one of your students completely wrecked it with one interruption that snowballed out of proportion?

How would you react towards that student? How can we save our derailed class?

The truth is that many of the methods used today in schools, are still better suited for teaching in the 19th century, when the teacher was second only to The Almighty, and students weren’t meant to have views and opinions, they were supposed to listen to the knowledge spouting from the teacher and hope to maintain as much of it as possible.

Do we expect students in the 21st century to act in the same way? Are teachers’ jobs the same? Well most students don’t – they expect their feelings to be taken into consideration, and teachers aren’t google, they are live role models who help make sense out of the abundance of knowledge that exists in the world.

So let’s go back to our student at the very early stages of the interruption. You’re teaching about civil rights and he’s discussing with his neighbor about the football game last night.

Calling out on him will call attention to him, derail your train of thought and distract the rest of the students, while also potentially embarrassing him or empowering behavior you’d like to discourage all with little chance of this student really reconnecting to the lesson. The ROI (return on investment) seems extremely small.

Instead you might walk over to his seat and hand over a personal note, letting him know you believe in him, without stopping the lesson once. We call it a “reconnecting note”. The student’s dignity was kept, the class wasn’t interrupted, it didn’t erupt into an aggressive match and what’s even better is that you gave him an opportunity to rejoin the lesson without feeling like he lost.

This is only one tip of many we’d be happy to share with you in our course Hassle free classroom management strategies, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here at The Freedom to Teach we believe that the way to get a student to do anything in the 21st century is through inner motivation – not animal training – and that is why we created a series of courses that have helped tens of thousands of teachers create a systematic method with which you too could enter the classroom.

In this course we will discuss three seemingly separate classroom related topics that are actually intrinsically related – discipline, the essence of learning and how to begin a lesson. The common thread between these three points is that all of them are essential to Hassle Free Classroom Management.

Looking forward to seeing you at our first lesson!

The Freedom to Teach

Classroom Discipline 101

Putting Out Fire With Gasoline

Does the way you deal with classroom discipline problems actually encourage them?

Wrong Way Driving

The dramatic effect on education as a result of dealing with classroom discipline problems the wrong way

What Can You Learn About Education From Isaac Newton

How do you manage your classroom when you lose your voice?

"Be Prepared!" - How does Football Help Teachers Prepare for a Lesson?

Yellow, red and connecting cards in the service of education.

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How to get your students' minds into the classroom and not only their bodies?

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How to strengthen students' self esteem by giving indirect complements.

Pre-Teaching ; Preventive Medicine in Education

An effective teaching technique to ensure a successful lesson.

I Tried EVERYTHING but NOTHING Seems to Work!

Stop dealing with the symptoms...find the root cause instead.

Let's Learn About Learning

What is Learning? - The Container Model of Education

Understanding the common teaching model and its limitations in the classroom.

What is Great Education? Information or Knowledge

Presenting a new learning model that will change the way you look at teaching.

From Theory to Practice

What are the three main implications to education of the new learning model to everything you do as teacher.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First impression

Introduction - Let's Get Started!

Why the first few minutes in the classroom will determine the fate of an entire lesson.

With You Till the End

The trick that will keep students with you throughout the lesson.

A Promising Technique

Learning a new and useful way to ignite an effective lesson and the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.

No Pain No Gain

The secret about the great benefit of pain for learning

Wrapping it All Together - Are You Erasing the Board?

What actions we take at the beginning of a lesson that might set us on the wrong path.

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Education 101: Hassle Free Classroom Management Strategies
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