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Easy ways to work from Home

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Generate multiple income streams from home.
Over 100 ways to make money on-line
Become aware of new sources of passive income
Download a free and ready to use complete 'Business in a box'.
Fantastic Bonuses include: download a free and ready to use complete 'Business in a box'.

Welcome to the  ‘Easy Ways To Work From Home’ Course.

This course looks at easy ways you can make money working from home. If you’re thinking you could do with some extra cash then this course is for you.

What would you do with the money? Buy a new car, clothes, jewellery, a new home, new furniture or go on a luxury vacation?

I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching the methods in this ‘easy ways to work from home’ course so that you don’t have to. This course is designed to make you richer. We will go through methods that can, if used correctly, make you seriously wealthy.

  1. Join over 1000+ successful students taking and benefiting from this course.
  2. Over 3 hours of content
  3. Learn my secret, Income boosting methods.
  4. Lots of great ways to earn great income online.
  5. As a bonus, I will give you a complete, Google Adwords Business In A Box, included in the cost of the course. That’s right, absolutely free with the course.
  6. Lifelong access to this regularly updated course and contents. Last updated April 2016

I’m so confident that you WILL make money that I’m prepared to offer you a full 30 day money-back guarantee should you take action and the secret methods in this course not work for you. So the course comes with absolutely no-risk to you. If in the unlikely event you’re unhappy, just ask for your money back.

Also, you get to benefit from the fantastic Business In A Box I’m including in this course. This includes a 66 page training manual, cheat sheet, mind map , templates and more.

Imagine a life where you get up in the morning, at a time of your choosing, post on social media and get paid for it. Then, venture out for a fantastic lunch with a friend, or your partner, which will cost you nothing!.

After lunch, you return home and open the post, which could be bringing you your latest, fat commission check , or other fantastic news, on a free car, or, holiday or maybe some other freebie in recognition of your social media standing.

In the afternoon you relax by listening to some music (knowing you’re being paid for listening).

You sit down to work for a couple of hours (I say work, but in reality you know you’ll be either checking your bank balance or creating more income streams to enhance your burgeoning finances).

Afterwards you could go out again for a free dinner, or maybe have an early night at a beautiful Hotel, which of course, doesn’t cost you a penny. You fall asleep and whilst you’re sleeping, you’re earning more passive income. No, this is not a dream. This course will show you how you can make this a reality! The cost of this course is tiny in comparison to the wealth you can generate from my trusted methods.

This course offers you over a hundred ways to make money online. You don’t have to spend hours searching for them as they’re all here in the course.

Here’s a couple of reviews my Students wrote about this course:

5 Stars *****

Awesome course!

I highly recommend this course. Very knowledgeable instructor. Great content!


by Ricardo Párraga, 8 days ago ·

Fantastic Course 5 Stars *****

Great course full of tips and bonuses on how to create an online income. Recommended for people who want to know ways to make some extra cash.

Take their word for it and Join me today on the ‘easy ways to work from home’ course.

Every day you take no action is a day when you could’ve been earning loads of extra cash.

Sign-up now!.


Course updated November 2017

Create multiple income streams working from home. An introduction

Introduction-what this course is all about.

An introduction into what is taught on this course and how you will be able to make great multiple income streams which will boost your income

About me

Learn about your teacher. How I started from a humble messenger boy to earning my own companies turning over more than a million dollars each year.


Reflection on your life can help on your journey to achieving a higher level, sustainable Income. Learn to look at life in a slightly different way. Be grateful for everything that comes your way

The law of Attraction

Hear about how advancements in Quantum Physics provide insight into how our thoughts can shape our lives.


Creating the right mindset will allow you to achieve an improved financial outlook. This lecture looks at what is needed.

Recap of section one

Goal setting

Goal setting

This lecture is about helping you decide on setting realistic goals for improving your income through multiple income streams.

Self evaluation test

Completing this self-evaluation test will help you assess how the things you are knowledgeable on will increase your income in the short and longer term.

Time to invest?

Learn what you need to invest to create multiple income streams.

Pareto's Principle

Learn Pareto's Principle , who designed it , why it was designed and how it can be put to use to improve your productivity and subsequent income.

Recap of section two

Time for Action!

Goal setting two
Time management
How will you change the World?
Reality check!
Enhance your skill set

Learn new ways in which you can enhance your skill set to improve your chances of financial success.

Income Stream #method one
Recap of section three

Passive income

Test your knowledge on creating multiple income streams

A general knowledge quiz for those of you who have completed the course.

Passive income

A definition of passive income and how you can use it.

Income Stream two

In this lecture we look at what blogging is and ways to get started.

Income stream three

In this lecture we look at ways of earning revenue if you have a social media following over 1000 and over. If not, don't worry as you can normally build up to 200 followers a day on social media platforms just by following other people. You'll find about a third to a half of those will follow back.

Income stream four

I'm going to show you great ways to make money from watching just watching videos. Yes that's right, all you have to do is sit there watch videos and let your bank balance go up on auto pilot.

Income stream five
Income stream six
Income stream seven
Income stream Eight

Monetise your website the easy way!

Voiceovers- Sound test on a Blue Yeti Microphone

Watch as I unpack a Blue Yeti Microphone set and test the sound.

Income stream nine

In this lecture I'm going to show you how you can get free tickets to the theatre, cinema and restaurant. Alternatively, you could be invited out to a concert, or sporting event and what's even better is you can charge for your time !

Income stream ten

In this lecture, we'll be looking at ways of earning another handful of dollars per hour, working from home (or at least that's the claim of Amazon who own the site we're going to look at. Also, we take a look at a similar site, so you can really take your pick of a whole host of money-making opportunities.

Recap of section Four

This lecture is a short overview of the different money making opportunities we have look at during section four.

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Section 5 - More Income Streams

Mystery Shopping Part One
Mystery Shopping Part Two (resources)

Section 6- End of course Bonuses


Here's a few of the Frequently asked questions I've received for this course. Should you have further questions, please put them on the discussions board and I'll be only too happy to help you with them.

Financial Disclaimer

Financial Disclaimer for the income you may or may not make from following the information in this course

Lessons Learnt

An end of course walk through what I hope you've learned and can take away from you to make great multiple income streams.

Training guide-Google Adwords Business In A Box

A comprehensive 66 page training guide on how to use your free Google Adwords Business In a Box

Cheat Sheet-Google Adwords Business In A Box

A four page cheat sheet to help you get the best from your Google Adwords Business In A Box

Mind Map-Google Adwords Business In A Box

A mind map useful for getting the ideas from your brain out onto paper or your pc

Top Resources Report-Google Adwords Business In A Box

All the top resources for making the most of your Google Adwords Business in a Box

Front End Sales Copy-Google Adwords Business In A Box

Front End Sales copy to enable you to make great sales on your new product.

Swipe emails for Affiliates-Google Adwords Business In A Box

Swipe emails for you to give to your affiliates to help you make a great income

Free make money on social media e book
Bonus- 50% discount available on all of my other courses !!
Income stream- get paid to watch TV
Income Stream- Earn $5 just for signing-up
How to contact your Instructor
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Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!
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