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Customizing and Administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Discover the world of Dynamics CRM and learn how to customize and administer it to improve your business
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Get to know the concepts of customization and administration
Know how to decide which business process option to choose from of the various available ones, and when
Understand security concepts to ensure the right people have access to the right data
Visualize CRM data with customized dashboards, charts, and views
Change the look and feel of the CRM and make it more personalized for your organization
Customize features that are available for mobile and tablet clients
Get an introduction to the xRM platform and see how to extend the CRM capabilities with it
Resources to help you keep the learning mode always on

This course shows you how to  create new entities that store various details for your business and  build forms to ease up data management for users of the CRM. We also  explore other features such as building new business processes, creating  business rules, and validations to ensure that quality data is stored  in the system.

Moving on, we show you how to administrate the CRM by enabling user  access, setting up data security, and doing other common configurations.  We also show you how to provide a better help experience for users with  guided help, and finally, we look at the various aspects of enabling  customized processes for phones and businesses.

While covering all of these topics, we’ll also talk about the best  practices you should follow to ensure great overall system performance. 

About the Author :

Piyush Paliwal has worked as  a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for more than half a decade and has  been associated with Microsoft for a few years now. During this time  frame, he helped various customers manage their sales pipeline by  bringing their business processes into Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365,  which is what we have today. In his free time, he usually goes for a  drive or swims. 

Setting Up Dynamics 365 Organization

The Course Overview

This video will give you an overview about the course.


This video showcases all the available theming options with Dynamics 365. By the end you should be able to upload your company logo and change the color scheme to match your company’s scheme.

   •  Look at the default available themes

   •  Customize themes and change colors of Dynamics 365

   •  Change logo of your organization

Business Units

This video covers the concept of business units and why they are useful to your business and what type of data will they capture.

   •  What are business units

   •  How can they be of help to your organization

   •  Create/modify business units for your organization

Define Regional Settings

This video introduces the audience to regional settings in Dynamics 365. By the end of it, users would be able change time zone, region, date, time formats, language, and currencies.

   •  Update regional settings of you organization

   •  Format changes (date, time, language, currency)

Setting Up Users, Teams, and Security

Concepts of Security

This video explores what security is and why it is needed in your organization.

   •  Understand security concepts

   •  What are the goals of security

   •  Understand the pillars of security

Role-Based Security

This video demonstrates how we provide access to data to users or teams at entity level by role based security.

   •  Understand role-based security

   •  What are security roles

   •  How can we provide access to system using security roles

Record-Based Security

This video demonstrates how we provide access to data to users or teams per record level by record-based security.

   •  Understand record-based security

   •  Introduction to concept of sharing

   •  How sharing can help provide access at record level

Hierarchy Security

This video demonstrates how we can provide access to data following different hierarchies in the system.

   •  What is hierarchy and understand hierarchy security

   •  Introduction to position based hierarchy

   •  Understand manager based hierarchy

Field Security

This video showcases the how we can restrict access to data at the most granular level that the at field level by field security.

   •  Understand the concepts of field security

   •  Introduction to field security profiles

   •  Demo on how field security works

Customize Your System

Essentials for Customization

In this video, we’ll look at all the essential components of customizing like metadata, supported, unsupported customizations, publishing customizations, solutions.

   •  Understand metadata and metadata-driven architecture

   •  Differentiate between supported and unsupported customizations

   •  Understand the customization publishing process

Group Your Customizations with Solutions

In this video, we’ll look at solutions and understand what components are present in it and why it is needed.

   •  What is a solution and why it is helpful

   •  Managed versus unmanaged solutions

   •  Understand different solution components

Create Entities, Fields, and Relationships

In this video, we’ll look at how to create or modify metadata by creating entities, its fields and relationships between two entities.

   •  Understand creation of entities, fields and relationships

   •  Understand different entity types, field types in CRM

   •  Understand different relationship behaviors which helps in security modeling

Designing Forms for Organization

In this video, we’ll look at the process of designing forms, different types of forms, and where can we use all these different forms.

   •  Understand all the form types available in CRM and where they are used

   •  How to add/remove fields and relationships on form

   •  Understand concepts of grouping fields with tabs and sections

Designing Views and Dashboards

In this video, we’ll look at how views and dashboards are built in CRM and how do we make them available for all the users.

   •  Understand what views and dashboards are

   •  Look at different types of views and dashboards in CRM

   •  Understand customizing views and dashboards

Decide How a System Behaves with Business Processes

In this video, we will discuss about how business process flows are designed and developed for different entities.

   •  Enable business process flows for entities

   •  Design the process flows

   •  Explore other possibilities of process flows

Ensure Quality of Data with Business Rules

In this video, we will talk about how simple rules can be implemented without writing any code using business rules.

   •  Design business rules

   •  Set and clear field values

   •  Create business recommendation

Make Sure No Duplicate Records Exist via Duplicate Detection

In this video, we will look at how to implement duplicate detection to ensure the quality of data is maintained.

   •  Enable duplicate detection rules for entities

   •  Configure rules for various entities

   •  Explore duplicate detection criteria’s like exact match, first characters, and last characters

Maintain Uniqueness of Records via Alternate Keys

In this video, we will look at how to enable alternate keys which will allow for maintaining data integrity during integrations.

   •  Enable and create alternate keys

   •  Alternate key limitations

   •  Integrate external applications with CRM using alternate keys

Visualize and Query Hierarchical Data

In this video, you’ll visualize and query hierarchical data in Dynamics 365.

   •  Enable hierarchies in the system

   •  Understand what hierarchical data is

   •  Build queries to extract hierarchies from system

Build the Best-in-Class Learning Experience with Learning Path

In this video, we will look at how to build guided experiences and help on-boarding people on the system using learning path

   •  Enable the authoring of guided user experience

   •  Create learning path

   •  Design and publish various types of guided experiences available in learning path

Customize Dynamics 365 for Mobile and Tablets

In this video, you’ll learn how to customize dynamics 365 for tablets and phone.

   •  Download the app on the phone and login

   •  Enable the entity

   •  Access all the related tabs to mobile

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