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Customer Success | Profit from the Power of Your Customers

How to Become a Customer CEO Champion
Chuck Wall
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The objective of this course is to help participants better understand why companies need to align themselves with the values of their customers. • Participants will be introduced to Chuck Wall’s Customer CEO Nine Powers. Much of the information presented is based upon Chuck’s primary research, conducted with over 100,000 consumers. Students will review case studies of major brands across a wide range of industries including Apple, TOMS, IKEA, Yellowtail Wine, and many others that are profiting from putting their customers first. • Upon course completion, participants will view customers in an entirely new light and begin to think differently about the implications of this for their own careers and the companies where they work.

Most companies still operate as if they control their customers. But, in today’s market, it’s really the other way around. In fact, there’s a new boss in town, named Customer CEO.

This course is based on Chuck Wall’s book, Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customers.  Customer CEO was selected by an international panel of judges as one of the top two marketing books published in 2013.

This course will help you confront a new market reality: that customers choose which companies to do business with entirely on their own terms. Contrary to popular opinion, Chuck shows you that the customer is not always right. But, they still hold the cards in today’s fragmented, highly competitive, social commerce marketplace. This reality effectively inverts the power, control, and direction of decision-making. To survive and prosper in this new landscape, leaders, managers, and employees must quickly adapt or face extinction. 

This course offers much more than theory. Chuck’s primary research with over 100,000 consumers has revealed that every customer possesses nine powers. He lays out each power for you and explains how you can take advantage of it for your company.

The course features numerous case studies of companies that enjoy competitive advantage by understanding this new reality.

Meet Customer CEO

Introduction with Chuck Wall

Chuck talks about his background and what you will learn from Customer CEO.

It's Time to Stop, Look, and Listen
The New Boss in Town
New Winds Are Blowing
Customer Insight

What exactly is customer insight and why is it important? Chuck clearly defines and demonstrates why is mission critical for your business and career.

Four Spinning Plates

There are four intersecting forces at work in modern business but only one where you can make the greatest impact.


Chuck lays out his time-tested five-step process to move from random data to impactful proposition. Learn how to make customer intelligence fresh and relevant across the enterprise.

The Nine Powers

Chuck’s research has revealed nine powers that every customer possesses today. How a company measures up in each of these areas can tell you a lot about success…and failure.

Don't Wait Until Your Customer Fires You

The Power of Me

There's a New Boss Whether You Like It or Not

Chuck Wall provides an overview to understand how the Power of Me is pervasive in today’s marketplace.

It's All About Trust

Customers want to believe in the companies they do business with. Chuck lays out a five-step roadmap to build trust with customers.

Case Study: IKEA

The Power of Value

What's This Really Worth?
Enter the Value Zone

There can be a lot of moving pieces to balancing price and value. Chuck presents a revealing segment on what he calls the Value Universe.

Invasion from Down Under

Chuck presents a compelling approach to delivering on value by taking a closer look at Yellow Tail Wine’s amazing incursion into the United States market.

Profiting from the Power of Value

Chuck lays out the key principles to becoming a Power of Value enterprise.

Case Study: Hyundai

The Power of Performance

Things Either Work or They Don't

Chuck Wall provides an overview of the Power of Performance by looking at a brief history of products that failed. Failure is expensive and alienates both existing and potential customers.

Why Does This Happen?

Why does this failure continually happen? Customers are often happier with their current products much more than companies really understand.

Jobs to Be Done

Chuck explains how customers need to hire products to do the jobs they are trying to get done.

The 18 Performance Questions

Chuck asks eighteen important questions you should consider about the Power of Performance.

Case Study: Apple

The Power of the Heart

It's a Love Story

Chuck Wall provides an overview of the Power of the Heart by explaining why hard-core left-brained business people must also open their right brains to connect emotionally with their customers.


Chuck explains why the smartest brands use transformational stories to connect with their customers…and prospects. It’s a decisive competitive advantage.

Profit from the Power of the Heart

Chuck explains how customers want to love and be loved by the brands they choose.

Case Study: Jyske Bank

The Power of Simple

Why is Business So Overcomplicated?

Chuck Wall provides an overview of the Power of Simple by explaining why every business must seriously consider un-complicating their products, services, and experiences.

41 Ways to Simplify: Part 1

Chuck explains how any company can simplify across every aspect of their enterprise by using the Power of Simple.

41 Ways to Simplify: Part 2

Chuck explains how any company can simplify across every aspect of their enterprise by using the Power of Simple.

How to Profit from the Power of Simple

Simple isn't complicated; it just takes the will to change.

Case Study: In-N-Out Burger

The Power of Yes

Moments of Truth

Chuck Wall explains the Power of Yes by showing why great customer service is really about going above the call of duty.

Yes Begins on the Frontlines

Chuck talks about the importance of empowering the frontline using Apple as an example.

How to Say Yes

Chuck lays out a series of Power of Yes tools and practices to help you serve customers better.

How to Profit from the Power of Yes

Saying yes may not come naturally but its what every customer is yearning for. It's time to throw out the rule book and start helping your customers.

Case Study: Discount Tire

The Power of the Platform

Your Fawlty Fiasco

Chuck Wall lays out the ways social media is radically changing the customer landscape for every company. It’s easier for every customer to stand on their digital soapbox.

Every Company Needs to Listen

Chuck shows brands like Ford, Nike, Wetseal, Intuit, LEGO, and eBay deliver real economic return with social media. Learn the five steps to social listening.

How to Tune-In

Chuck explains new techniques to set up listening posts and using real-time experience tracking.

How to Profit from the Power of the Platform

Deep customer engagement begins on the platform.

Case Study: Dell

Get an up-close view on-site at Dell’s Social Media Listening Post.

The Power of Rebellion

Customers Hate Your Rules
Don't Monkey Around

Chuck shows a vivid example of how one brand upended their competition by making breaking the rules a central point to win and retain customers.

Growing as a Rebel

Chuck reveals the secret behind one rebellious company that transformed a sleepy industry.

A Better Way

Here are three simple rules you can use to write better ones.

How to Profit from the Power of Rebellion

Chuck explains how every company has a choice to make: be boring or a rebel.

Case Study: Dos Equis Beer

The Power of Purpose

It's Only Business

Based on years of his research, Chuck Wall explains that most customers believe that companies only care about the money they can make. He presents a better way to engage and delight customers.

A Better World
It’s All About Your Values

Chuck explains that values are much more than words displayed on the wall.

Don’t Buy Our Stuff

Here's the story of how Patagonia challenged their customers not to buy their merchandise without considering the deeper implications.

Case Study: TOMS

Becoming a Customer CEO Champion

Introducing Customer Thinking
Find Big Insight
How to Profit from the Power of Your Customers
Think, Plan, and Do
Become the Champion
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