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Customer Service Superstardom: Customers Will Love You

Customer Service Sells. Great customer service experiences are a joy to us all, be the person customers rave about
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Build successful and productive customer relationships
Provide outstanding customer service
Exceed customer expectations
Build good will by understanding customer needs
Look and feel great by staying energized, positive and in control
Sharpen your communications skills, skills that can be improved over a lifetime
State what customer service means in relation to all your customers
Connect effectively with customers by phone and email with correct ettiquette
Recognize how your attitude affects customer service
Understand and deal with difficult customers, insults, threats and complaints
Use outstanding customer service to generate return business
Understand and use verbal and non-verbal communication
Advance in their organisation through customer service success

Customer Service is the gold standard for better business, and better business is better income. Happy days and rewards will come from your great service. Learn all the tricks to deal with customer service situations.

What our students say… 

    “The instructor was clear, concise, informative and engaging which made it a pleasure to participate. I will be recommending this course to my staff if not paying for them to take it.” 

    — Stefan (Customer Service and Communication for Success student) 

    “Excellent presentation, great content and knowledgeable presenter.” 

    — Damien (Customer Service and Communication for Success student) 

  Never stop believing in the importance of the single customer 

    Do you remember that first customer? The care you took to make sure that your customer service was “over the top” impressive? This customer was crucial to the business.

We all agree that customer service and communication is very important. So why do we see lots of poor examples? Have you experienced the rude call centre person? Or the sales assistant busy chatting to a coworker? We all have!

We all know what bad customer service feels like. The fact that you are looking at customer service courses means you’re ahead of the rest. This course takes you back to customer service basics.

Every single customer is irreplaceable!

  Customer Service and Communications Training leads you on a journey that exceeds your customer’s expectations, outperforms your competitors and makes you a valuable employee.

    Discover the secrets to creating a Customer Service competitive advantage. 

Master Customer Service and Communications skills in this course and crush your competition. 

Understand your attitude towards customer service and communication. This course is interactive and we guarantee that we will add our customer service experience to you in the course material and in our interactive course challenges.

If you don’t communicate with customers, you serve someone who does. Customer service skills are effective in building relationships within your organisation too.

    How do you stack up in Customer Service and Communications? 

    Customer Service and Communication Training offers: 

  • Training from instructors who live the material

  • Expert advice from real life experiences

  • Powerful tips and tricks for success

  • Our interaction with you – discussion on your customer experiences

  • Challenging activities

  • A platform to share your knowledge

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Getting Started With Customer Service


    Are you an owner, CEO or manager looking to improve your businesses customer service skills? Perhaps you are on the frontline, an entrepreneur, a job seeker wanting to grow yourself through life long learning. Then this course is for you.

    Looking to increase your competitive advantage? Then this course is for definitely you.This course is not about training. It is about empowering you to come up with your own solutions. The more you put into the activities outlined in this course, the more you will grow as a customer service provider who exceeds expectations

    A satisfied customer is an economic asset with high return and low risk. There-in lies your competitive advantage.


    By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

    State what customer service means in relation to all your customers

    Recognize how your attitude affects customer service

    Identify your customers' needs

    Use outstanding customer service to generate return business

    Build good will through in-person customer service

    Provide outstanding customer service over the phone

    Connect with customer through online tools

    Deal with difficult customers

Activity: Pre-Assignment

The purpose of this activity is to highlight the importance of body language by sharing social or business encounters that were not based on spoken communication.

Customer Service, What is it Exactly?

Customer service can be defined as any action you take to ensure the customer is happy.

Great customer service is the number one business essential.

Who Provides Customer Service in Your Organisation?

      What is a customer?

      A customer is, in this day and age, anyone who uses a service.

      Who provides customer service in your organisation?

Exploring External Customers

External customers:

·Take our products and services and pay for them

·Exist ‘outside’ the confines of our own organization

·Are open to approach from our competitors

·May not always be dependent upon us for products and services and may switch away to our competitors

Exploring Internal Customers

Internal customers include anyone in your organization who relies on you for services, resources, or information.

Activity: Customer Service Skills

How you treat customers can mean the difference between a repeat customer who becomes a walking billboard or a lost opportunity and a chance the customer is going to use a competitor next time.

Knowing specific customer service skills you need in order to make the customer experience a positive one will go a long way. Knowing which customer service skills you don’t have, but are willing to actively work on is what will set you apart from the rest.

For Employers - Let's Talk

Have you heard the saying, "A happy employee means a happy customer?" It is true!

Companies with happy employees have:

51% lower turnover (Gallup)

22% higher profitability (Gallup)

43% more productivity (Haygroup)

125% less burnout (HBR)

10% higher customer metrics (Gallup)

Attitude Matters!

Great customer Service Begins With a Great Attitude

To provide great customer service, you need to put energy and enthusiasm into your interactions with customers. Great customer service begins with a great attitude.

The Importance of Your Appearance

As a society, we are all aware that a lot of emphasis is put on individual appearance. To some extent this is actually something regrettable, as it means that people are prepared to judge a book by its cover.

Smiling Releases Endorphins

As a society, we are all aware that a lot of emphasis is put on individual appearance. To some extent this is actually something regrettable, as it means that people are prepared to judge a book by its cover.

Stay Energized

It is essential that anyone in a customer-facing job approaches their day in a sensible, structured fashion, which allows them to get the most out of themselves even on those low energy days.

Customer Service is About Connecting

Customer service is about connecting. Whether we are talking about life in general or becoming a better customer service provider, there is power in positivity.

Activity: Positivity

Think about different ways to help you feel more positive at work.

What? The Customer has needs?

What Do Your Customers Want? What Do They Need?

The first step in improving customer service is to determine what customer's value in their interactions with your organisation. What do they want? What do they need?

Understand The Customers Situation

The more time you spend in a customer facing role, the more you will learn about the kinds of customer, and the different needs that they have.

To Judge or Not To Judge

Appearing impolite and almost trying to give the impression that you know the customer’s needs better than they themselves do, is something that will lose you sales.

Basic Needs

    Every customer will have certain needs that have to be met in order to feel that they can walk away from a transaction satisfied.

    This is something you will look to achieve at every opportunity. In order for a transaction to be successful, the customer must leave with their basic need satisfied.

    Basic needs are those needs, which are absolutely essential to the transaction, the customer’s reason for coming to the store in the first place.

This Is What Will Set You Apart From Your Customers
Exceeding expectations plays a big part in establishing your competitive advantage simply because…it’s not necessary. It is what will set you apart from your competitors. The customer will remember the things someone did for them that were completely unexpected, that another organization might not have done.
Activity: Exceeding Expectations - Your Story

Once you have met basic customer needs, think about what you can do to provide something extra.

Market Story

A company that exceeds expectations.

Generating Return Customers

This Is The CornerStone To Customer Retention

Why is a relationship with your customers so important? Because it is the cornerstone of customer retention and customer retention is the key to business success.

Activity: Build Rapport

Whether you are trying to learn more about your customer or trying to fill a gap in the conversation, its great to know how to master the art of small talk and use it when necessary.

Following up: This Is The Beginning - Not The End

Any customer who feels that they have been given exemplary service will be like a walking billboard or a cheerleader for your company. This is something that many companies fail to keep in mind, and it costs them money in the long run.

One Of Your Biggest Opportunities For Success

No business, no matter how big or small, likes to have customers complain about the service they have received or the product they have bought.

Mistakes happen in life and in business, and so much of what we are about is shown by how we deal with the consequences of these mistakes. There-in lies your opportunity!

Life Can Be Difficult...So Can Customers

Sometimes, due to the limitations of your job, a customer will present you with a request that you simply cannot deliver on. They may well become insistent on the subject, and in some situations customers have been known to become abusive.

Dealing with this as a customer service provider can be difficult, but it is one of those challenges that makes you or breaks you in the role.

Customer Service In Person

Your Opportunity To Build Relationships

In-person interactions provide a great opportunity to build relationships with customers.

In Person - The Advantages And Disadvantages

When it comes to customer confidence, being able to look a customer in the eye and tell them that you will get to the bottom of their request or issue does enable a certain amount of satisfaction on the part of the customer that is not easy to achieve in any other way.

In Person - Your Body Speaks.

Body language is honest in many ways because it happens by accident. When you are speaking to someone, you are likely to be doing things with your body that you do not even realize you are doing.

Customer Service Over The Phone

Over The Phone - The Advantages And Disadvantages

Without body language, you only have tone and inflection to transmit, confidence to the customer. Practicing a reassuring tone in your voice with go a long way when communicating with your customer.

Over the Phone Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to think about when having a conversation over the phone.

Body Language Is No Longer Relevant

As soon as you pick up the phone, body language becomes irrelevant. The success of your interactions depends almost entirely on your tone of voice and your choice of words.

Customer Service By Email

Communicating Effectively Via Email

A growing number of customer interactions are taking place via email. But email interactions have limitations. To provide excellent customer service via email, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t work, and how to make the most of the tools that are available to you.

Email: Advantages & Disadvantages

In absence of body language, a telephone conversation leaves us relying on the inflection in our voice to give the correct interpretation to the words, in e-mail, we don’t even have that inflection to rely on.

There are still advantages to email.

Email: Tips & Tricks

When we speak out loud, our words have an inflection, they are absorbed by the listener, and then we move on. In an e-mail, it stays there on the page and can be read into a number of different ways.

Email Tips & Tricks List

Some additional email tips and tricks

Activity: Body Language

The purpose of this activity is to highlight the importance of body language by sharing social or business encounters that were not based on spoken communication.

Difficult Customers - What To Do!

Recover Difficult Customers

One of the hardest challenges customer service staff face is dealing with difficult customers. Sometimes customers have a legitimate reason to be upset and sometimes they don’t. In either case, customer service staff needs to be prepared for dealing with difficult customers and finding ways to win them back.

Decelerate Anger

"I can tell this is obviously a matter of some importance to you – I’d like to do what I can to help you”.

Find Common Ground

When your job entails dealing with customers, it is inevitable that from time to time some of those with whom you deal will be dissatisfied and in something of a mood.

Your job in this case – as in all cases of customer service – is to ensure that the issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Set Limits

There may be times a customer will come to you with a problem that you cannot solve. You will be the one that will have to tell them.

In these cases it can be difficult to get your point across in a way that leaves the customer satisfied and seeing your point of view – but it is important to at least try.

Managing Your Own Emotions

When dealing with a customer who is angry, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain your own composure in the face of their protests.

Your job as a customer service provider is to try and solve their problem and to avoid getting agitated yourself. However, the fact is that we are all human and we all have our limits.

Letting Customers Set Your Standards Is Dangerous

Understanding When To Escalate

Providing great customer service does not mean that you have to put up with threats, intimidation, or vulgar language from customers. If customers are out of control, you need to take over the situation and protect yourself, staff and other customers.

I Swear - Dealing With Vulgarity

There may be times when people will resort to such expressions of anger, and as a customer service provider it is up to you to decide what you will allow and what you won’t.

That's Insulting

Insults are never nice to hear, embarrassing and always uncalled for.

Dealing With Legal And Physical Threats

Physical and verbal assault are both illegal and should be treated seriously.

For Employers - Your Policy

As an employer, you have a responsibility to have policy in place to protect and guide your employees in dealing with difficult and perhaps dangerous customers .

Activity: Difficult Customers - Your Story

When dealing with difficult customers, there is power in sharing your stories and learning from actual experiences.

Customer Service - It Takes Time

Wow Your Customers Every Time

Here is a simple rule: Always give people more than they expect!


Getting customer service right is no easy matter. This is why the companies who are good at it have an above average record of customer retention.

10 Tips Audio

10 tips to help you exceed expectations.

This Book Should Be Found Anywhere You Find Employees

The book should be found anywhere you find employees.


In this ever-increasing competitive world, it is essential to continue to learn, grow and differentiate yourself

In taking this customer service course, you have done just that. I wish you continued success.

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