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Customer Experience Transformation Program

Learn the Art and Science of Customer Experience and how small businesses can leverage CX to gain competitive advantage.
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Customer Experience Management
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CX for Sales and Customer lifetime Value
Understand the science behind customer experience.
Customer Centricity & Service
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Customer Experience Transformation Boot-camp is a course specially designed for Indian professionals who want to begin their journey in understanding customers better and the science behind their decision making. This course covers nuances from Customer Experience Models, Neuromarketing and Behavioral Science keeping the Indian Context in Mind.

Customer Experience Management is a growing field today and with the digital transformations happening in India its imperative that we understand the changing consumer behavior to serve any customer in a right, ethical and strategic manner. We have designed this course keeping in mind the need of professionals in India who wants to create a niche for themselves at their workplace or students who really wants to crack that important CX job.

Are you working in an Indian MSME?

Are you an Indian Entrepreneur?

Are you a student who wants to create a differentiating skillset along with core technical competencies?

Do you want to Build a career in Customer Management?

Are you a sales agent finding difficult to close deals?

Are you looking for a mid career transition from manufacturing to Startups and MNC’s?

If answer to any one or more question is YES, then this course is for you.

We have designed the course keeping your need in mind.

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The Great Indian Consumer

Terms & Terminologies

In this video we will talk about an very important story about having focus on our goal. You will also get to know about your trainer. Also, you will learn some terms and terminologies used in CX.

Indian Context to Consumer Behavior & Experience

In this lesson we will talk about Indian context which is very important when we are studying customer experience. The first step is to understand about people and demographics for which we are going to implement CX improvements and hence context becomes very important.

MSME in India & Customer Equation

In this lesson we will discuss how big an opportunity it is for CX professionals as MSME is a huge chunk of Indian Business ecosystem. Also, you will learn about 4 aspects of MSME business which will help you to understand the entire business cycle better.

Interview with Dr. Radhakrishnan Pilllai

Interview with Dr. Radhakrishna Pillai: CX Special

About Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai: Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai from the University of Mumbai, Department of Philosophy is the founder-director of Chanakya Institute of Public leadership (CIPL). He has done an extensive research on “Kautilya’s Arthashastra”, the well known book on management written in 4th BC from Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF), Kerala under the guidance of Dr Gangadharan Nair. He later proceeded to do his MA in Sanskrit and a PhD. in the subject. With nearly 25 years of combined working and business experience he is a well known management speaker, trainer, author and consultant. He has written nearly 200 articles and papers for various magazines, newspapers, journals and periodicals including Times of India group as a weekly columnist. He has also hosted a radio show “Ask Chanakya’ on Moksha Channel of Worldspace satellite radio which has completed nearly 100 shows. He has represented India in various national and international conferences including the Academy of Management (AOM) in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Presented papers at Oxford, Indian philosophical congress (IPC) and chaired session at Afro-Asian Philosophical congress (AAPA), taught in Germany, Dubai, Muscat, Singapore, Indonesia. His first book ‘Corporate Chanakya’ has been on the “best-seller” list since its launch in 2010 and used as a text book in various Business schools in India and abroad. The book has the unique distinction of being made into an audio book, a film ‘Chanakya speaks’ and translated into 10 regional languages. He is a visiting faculty in prestigious institutes in India and abroad. He has been a trainer and strategy consultant to over 200 organisations like Indian Army, Navy, Airforce, Indian police, various NGOs, private, public sector and government organisations. He has been awarded the prestigious Sardar Patel International award 2009 for his research and contribution in field of management & Industrial development.

Understanding Customer Lifecycle

KANO Model & Product Lifecycle

In this lesson we will talk about the KANO model for Customer Satisfaction and how can we understand the product life cycle to create better products for our customers vis a vis changing times. the model also helps us to gauge the level of customer satisfaction w.r.t to our services and products.

CX from CEO's Perspective

In this lesson we will understand what and how does a successful CEO thinks about CX and create strategies around it. This will help you to understand how does CEO's think and that will help you in the long run.

Customer Centricity

In this lesson we will understand what is being Customer Centric and how to create a customer centric processes. Using the attached document and your experience with the current business or process you can test how customer centric is your organization?

Customer Oriented Service

Understand the difference between customer centricity and customer oriented service. Also, in this lesson we will learn about how to have customer oriented service. Service is as important as sales but many organizations dont have these teams aligned which hampers the CX aspect of the business.

6 Phases of Customer Lifecycle

In this lesson we will learn about the 6 phases of customer life cycle. This will be very helpful in customer journey mapping and understanding and creating better customer acquisition strategies.

Building Customer Experience

CRM, India & Culture

In this lesson we will discuss about Customer Relationship Management Software and the culture around it in India especially when it comes to managing data.

CX Journey Mapping

Keen to learn on how to map customer Journeys. Hop in to this lesson to know more about mapping the journey. There are many ways to map the journeys and we have simplified it using one of the processes. While, saying that it will only come to you when you go and implement the learnings from this video.

CX Maturity Model

A maturity model is a tool that helps people assess the current effectiveness of a person or group and supports figuring out what capabilities they need to acquire next in order to improve their performance. A CX maturity model is more related to understanding where does your organization stands with respect to CX.

CX Communication

Communication Is the Key to Great CX. In this lessons we will learn about CX communication strategies which you need to understand, learn and implement in your organization.

Customer Focused Benefits Metrics

Understanding CSS & Related Metrics

Understanding Customer Satisfaction Surveys and related metrics like Net Promoter Score will be discussed in this lesson. There is a saying "If you cannot measure, you cannot improve" so its imperative that we understand some key metrics and how to go about measuring them to improve the process continuously.

Customer Lifetime Value

The lifetime value of a customer, or customer lifetime value (CLV), represents the total amount of money a customer is expected to spend in your business, or on your products, during their lifetime.

Survey Design & Analysis

In this lesson we will learn how to design a survey and what type of questions to be used.

Sales Velocity

Sales velocity is a measurement of how fast you're making money. It looks at how quickly leads are moving through your pipeline and how much value new customers provide over a given period.

Behavioral Economics & Customer Experience

Behavioral Science & Customer Experience

Behavioral economics studies the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors on the decisions of individuals and institutions and how those decisions vary from those implied by classical economic theory. In this lesson we will introduce you the world of BeSci or Behavioral Insights which is a very growing subject around the world. Understanding Behavioral Insights can help in many aspects to improve CX and decision making.

Understanding Key Concepts & Biases

Understanding some of the human biases will give us insights into what makes our decision wrong or sometimes biased. In this lesson we will discuss some very interesting biases which will help you understand your customers and their decision making process

EAST Framework

EAST is a very powerful and yet simple framework which can be applied to any field or work. Applying EAST for CX can yield great results. In this lesson we will discuss about EAST. This framework is developed by BIT, UK.

Interview with Dr. Terry Wu (Neuro-marketing Expert)

An Interview with Dr. Terry Wu gave a TEDx Talk in May, 2019. The title of his talk is: Neuromarketing: The New Science of Consumer Decisions. His talk has been extremely well received by experts in Neuromarketing as well as the general public. Through his TEDx talk, he has been raising awareness about the power of Neuromarketing across the globe. Dr. Terry Wu received his Master’s degree from Duke University for his research on how the brain controls eye moments. He received his Ph.D. in neuroscience from Vanderbilt University for his research on learning and memory. Link for his TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEtE-el6KKs&t=7s

Capstone Project

Capstone Project Assignment
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