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CPA Marketing With Push Ads (+ Successful Case Study)

CPA Marketing: How To Promote CPA Offers As An Affiliate Marketer Using Push Notification Ads
Neil Shearing
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How to use Push notifications for CPA affiliate marketing.
An overview of what Affiliate marketing is, and which affiliate offers are suited to Push notification traffic.
Know what Push notifications are, where they appear and how they work.
Understand what CPA affiliate networks are, and what types of offers they have.
Be able to select a CPA offer, using specific offer details that are important.
What a click-tracking service is, why you need one, and how it works.
How to create a Push notification advertising campaign at two different traffic networks
Be able to track a Push notification campaign using a click tracking service
Know how to determine a Return On Investment (ROI) for a Push notification campaign
Analyse and improve ROI for a Push notification campaign
The difference between a direct-linking traffic campaign and a landing page campaign
How to create a landing page using a service to create and host your pages.
How to create a landing page campaign and track clicks through a click-tracking service.
Create ads of specific sizes for different traffic networks, consisting of graphics, copy and emoji.
Multiple pitfalls to avoid and tips to enhance your chances of success

(updated: March-May 2021 with multiple course answers, February 2021 with 30-minute campaign setup walkthrough, January 2021 with new lecture about Clickmagick and new section, “Student Case Study”. More coming soon!)

In this course you’ll learn what how to successfully generate leads via CPA marketing with push notification ads.

  • Brad: “After having taken multiple courses for CPA Marketing on Udemy, this course was the best in my opinion. The content was great as it was specifically for Push Notifications as that was one traffic source that I wasn’t familiar with, so I learned a lot from the course. Also it was very professional and Neil did a great job of explaining the subject. I feel like I can jump right in with this traffic source with confidence.

  • Maksym: “Great course! Please don’t take it, I don’t need more competition!”

  • Sergio: “The instructor explains clearly and have practical knowledge and understanding easy to transfer to the students, thanks.

Push notification ads have become very popular over the last few years. As affiliate marketers, we can buy push ads from traffic networks and promote CPA offers. Push ads cost as little as a penny per click, and traffic is available almost instantly.

However, there’s a lot to learn to successfully generate profitable CPA marketing leads with push ads.

After taking this course you’ll know…

  • what push ads are and how they work

  • where to buy push notifications

  • how to pick offers from affiliate (CPA) networks which are best suited to push traffic

  • how to set up click tracking to ensure you’re paying for genuine clicks

  • whether to do “direct linking” or use “landing pages”, and what these terms mean

  • how to drill down into your data to discover actions you can take to make your campaigns more profitable.

This course has two main sections: the theory of how to generate “push ad” traffic to generate CPA affiliate leads and a walk-through where every step is shown and explained on-screen. I discuss how to pick an offer at MaxBounty and a local affiliate network. You’ll see how to set up both a “direct linking campaign” and a “landing page campaign” to promote an affiliate offer using two different traffic networks (RTXMedia and PropellerAds). I explain how to track clicks using the in-house tracking of the traffic networks, including how to optimize your traffic, and also explain how to use Voluum to gain further insights from the traffic data.

You’ll also see my “case study” where I explain how I generated over a thousand dollars in affiliate commissions from one offer in my first month doing CPA affiliate marketing with push notification traffic. (The results shown in the case study are my own and are for illustrative purposes only. There is no guarantee you’ll make any money by taking this course. Your results will depend on your ability to interpret and apply the knowledge from the course).

Note: due to the vast majority of push subscribers being on Android devices due to Apple requiring active consent, this course focuses on Android users. However, the only difference to advertise to Apple users would be to select the appropriate device or operating system at the traffic network you buy traffic from.

Before You Begin

Before You Begin!

This lecture gives basic advice for how to get the most out of the course and how to leave feedback for the instructor.

Pre-Course Question

This lecture prompts the student to share what problem they have that they hope the course will solve for them.


Introduction To The Course

This lecture gives an overview of what students will learn in the course and how it's laid out.

Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

This lecture gives a brief overview of affiliate marketing and explains the "sales funnel" concept with respect to affiliate lead generation and push notification traffic in particular.

Introduction To Push Notification Traffic

This lecture explains what push notification is, along with its benefits and drawbacks. I also explain what services you'll need to successfully do CPA affiliate marketing using push traffic.

Understanding Push Notifications

Where can you buy Push Notifications?

A look at how many ad networks will sell you push notification clicks, and my reasoning for not signing up with dozens but instead going with my two recommendations to get started.

How To Choose A CPA (Affiliate) Network

Which affiliate network should you sign up with? Newer networks may have less competition, but are a more risky proposition. More established networks are less risky to do business with, but will have more competition. Find out my recommendations in this lecture.

Choosing An Offer

Choosing which offers to promote at an affiliate network can be overwhelming. Use the criteria discussed in this lecture to narrow down the number of offers until you find the right ones for you to promote.

About Spy Tools

Should you use Spy Tools to find offers other affiliates are running? Here's my take on it.

Tracking Service

A good click-tracker is an absolutely indispensable tool to successfully do CPA affiliate marketing with push traffic. Even if you only do direct linking campaigns, you'll be juggling multiple offers from multiple affiliate networks and driving traffic from different ad networks. You will need one place where you can easily see all your statistics. For that one place I highly recommend Voluum.

Update: Clickmagick

An update lecture, added since completion of the course. Information about Clickmagick and traffic sources it can be used with. Note, Propellerads and RTXMedia are exclusions.

Determining Return On Investment (ROI)

A look at the formula for calculating your Return On Investment, and an explanation of why you wouldn't want to do it manually!

Improving ROI

A brief explanation of how to improve your ROI by dropping under-performing channels and spending more on productive channels.

Creating Creatives

Tips and hints for creating push notification ads. I recommend using Canva as a quick and free way to generate images for your ads. You can either use creatives supplied by the merchant who runs the offer you're promoting, or modify their creatives, or make brand new creatives. Be sure to check with your account manager before running your own creatives as some offers don't permit it, or want to approve your creatives before you use them.

Writing Copy For Push Notification Ads

Pointers for how to write great copy for push notification ads when you're constrained by a very low character count. Also contains a tip on how to improve your success by reducing irrelevant clicks.

Direct vs Indirect Linking: Introduction

An explanation of the difference between direct and indirect linking. Also contains an example where your profits can be doubles using a landing page compared to direct linking.

Direct vs Indirect Linking: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Method.

A look at the advantages and disadvantages of direct linking compared to indirect linking. Also includes a suggestion for which to use as a new affiliate marketer, and a recommended service for quickly and easily creating landing pages.

Pitfalls And Tips

This lecture offers some tips to improve your chances of success with CPA affiliate marketing using push notification traffic, as well as some pitfalls to avoid! Don't make the same mistakes I did, watch this lecture.

Push Notification Walkthrough

Introduction To The Walkthrough

A brief introduction to what will be covered in this section of the course which is a step-by-step walk-through of me choosing a CPA affiliate offer and setting up traffic campaigns and tracking.

Choosing An Offer At MaxBounty Affiliate Network

Weighting up the multiple considerations regarding whether or not an affiliate CPA offer is likely to be successful or not, with MaxBounty and Monetise as the two affiliate networks.

Choosing An Affiliate Offer At Monetise Affiliate Network

Picking an affiliate offer at Monetise, a UK affiliate network running CAKE, which looks different to MaxBounty.

Choosing An Offer At Clickwork7 Affiliate Network

A look at offers on the Clickwork7 affiliate network, showing how to narrow down a selection of offers. Also explains incentive vs non-incentive offers and appraises a specific offer.

Join An Affiliate Network And Select An Affiliate Offer
Creating Creative Using Canva

Creating ad images for PropellerAds at Canva using the creative supplied by a merchant. Uploading the images to PropellerAds.

Updating Creative. Setting Up PropellerAds Campaign

Modifying the ad image to best fir the PropellerAds preview tool. Completing the creation of a campaign at PropellerAds.

Creating Creative For RTXMedia. Setting Up RTXMedia Campaign

Resizing the Propeller ad for the RTX Media platform. Creating a campaign at RTX Media using the new graphic.

Create An Ad And Upload It To A Campaign At A Traffic Network
Introduction To Voluum Tracking

An introduction to how click tracking works and why it's a huge benefit to affiliate marketers.

Setting Up Voluum Campaigns

Setting up an "offer" in Voluum and creating two campaigns to promote that "offer". One campaign is for PropellerAds and the other is for RTX Media.

Early Results Data From PropellerAds And RTX Media

A look at very early data in Voluum, PropellerAds and RTX Media. An explanation of zones and channels, including checking the traffic network's stats against Voluum and blocking a channel as a result of a discrepancy.

Adding Split Testing At PropellerAds And RTX Media

Creating a second ad in order to perform split-testing of the creatives at the two traffic networks.

A Look At Monetise Platform's Statistics Reporting

A brief look at the reporting available from the affiliate network just for completeness. It's actually much easier to analyse the affiliate network data in Voluum.

Creating A Landing Page And Associated Campaigns

Creation of a landing page at LeadPages and creation of landing-page campaigns at PropellerAds and RTX Media.

Updates On Clicks And Statistics

A look at the statistics we're  interested in... profitability of the campaigns, split-testing our ads, and comparing direct linking with using a landing page. We still need more data, but I show you where to look to gain insights from your data.

Extra Tips!

A few extra tips I wanted to show you!

Case Study

Case Study

The specific offer I was running which I managed to generate over $1,000 in leads with in my first month using push traffic. In this lecture you see the ads I ran, the traffic I sent, the leads I got, and how much I spent on ads to generate the $1,000. I explain how profitable the offer was. Hint, the profits were more than the money spent on ads!

Student Case Study

Student Case Study #1: Nhlanhla Eland From South Africa

This is a student case study where I answer questions from a student of the course as they try to set up profitable CPA campaigns using push notification traffic with their own specific offers.

Walkthrough - Setting Up A CPA Campaign Using Voluum And PropellerAds

Complete Step By Step CPA Campaign Walkthrough

This lecture shows students how to set up a CPA promotion including choosing an offer, setting up Voluum tracking and a campaign at Propellerads.


Post-course question
How to navigate Udemy

A lecture explaining in detail the Udemy interface so that you can have the best experience watching this course.

Bonus Lecture
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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