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Classroom Management – Fundamentals of Teaching & Education

Incorporating structure & stability through consistent classroom management strategies pivotal for teaching & education
Scott Graham
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How to create a classroom management plan that helps build an environment conducive to learning and teaching where everyone feels safe, respected, and enjoys school.
How to utilize strategic thinking and planning to formulate your classroom management plan to improve teaching and each students' educational experience
Understand the importance of and create core values, vision, mission statement, and goals ... the cornerstone of your classroom management plan
How to collaboratively create classroom rules and achieve buy-in among all students to help improve teaching, your students' educational experience, and decrease inappropriate behaviors.
Construct and teach effective procedures to solidify structure and stability throughout the school day.
Institute a meaningful rewards & motivation system to help build good classroom habits that focus on positive behaviors.
Create a hierachy of consequences that are fair and effective to help curve discipline issues.
Incorporate tier-one strategies to build a healthy learning community for all children.
Utilize effective attention signals to quickly and efficiently focus students.
Utilize the Classroom Management Dashboard to capture data, check for fidelity, and seek out growth opportunities.

You’ve created a dynamic lesson plan filled with creative activities, movement, and discussion. You’ve  utilized Bloom’s Taxonomy to ensure the content your teaching is high-up on the pyramid. You’re convinced the education your students are about to receive will be nothing short of miraculous. Yet, at the end of the day, you’ve discovered that things didn’t go quite as you had envisioned. Students were off task, behavior issues were higher than anticipated, and you exhausted too much time on student corrections and too little time on teaching content. If you’ve been teaching long enough, you’ve probably survived this scenario once or twice. What went wrong? Why didn’t the students respond to your teaching in the manner you anticipated?

The greatest lesson planning coupled with incredible teaching doesn’t always equate to effective education or student learning. From early childhood education through high school students need structure and stability that teachers provide through the consistent application of their classroom management plan. In this course, I’m going to teach the components of your classroom management plan and show you how to incorporate it with fidelity.

It all begins with strategic planning. Teachers are leaders and successful leaders plan strategically. During this course, we’re going to create your classroom management plan. We’ll start by creating your core values, vision, mission statement, and goals. Next  we’ll describe and create your classroom rules, procedures, consequences, and a rewards and motivation system. But we won’t stop there, we’ll discuss effective tier-1 strategies, attention signals, and as a bonus we’ll review and I’ll provide you with a copy of my Classroom Management Dashboard.

Effective classroom management is the cornerstone to effective teaching. Even with the best of intentions, a child’s education can be halted when structure and stability are missing in the classroom. Classroom Management – Fundamentals of Teaching & Education, from start to finish will not only teach you how to create an effective classroom management plan, but we will build your plan together to improve teaching in your classroom, minimize behavior issues, and accelerate the education of all of your students.


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Classroom Management – Fundamentals of Teaching & Education
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