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Business Development & B2B Sales for Startups- Sales Valley

The Complete Startup Playbook for Business Development & B2B Sales to learn Lead Generation, Pitching, & Closing Deals.
Patrick Dang
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Students will learn the PROVEN Sales Valley Methodology to build business relationships and generate sales
How to sell and generate meetings remotely and be productive while working from home
All the different types of business development deal structures you can use to grow your business
The MOST EFFECTIVE way to pitch your product or service to potential customers
How to write amazing emails that get responses even if you don't have any copywriting experience
How to sell anything using your own authentic personality without sounding "salesy"
How to build your own lead generation machine to get consistent leads every month
How to use the BEST email scripts and templates top sales professionals use
How to close deals effectively and grow a business relationship for the long term
How to successfully negotiate business deals
How to find an infinite amount of companies and people who will be a GREAT fit for your product or service



You might be offering an amazing product or service…but developing business relationships and generating sales is typically the hardest part about growing your startup.


The first challenge most startup comes across is generating leads and scheduling your first meetings with potential customers who might be interested in buying your product or service.


The second challenge startups face is once your do get your first meetings, what exactly should you say to sell your product/service and how exactly do you close the deal?   

Now, most startups aimlessly try finding new clients by cold calling or going to networking events and play the numbers game…which we all know can lead to inconsistent results, and frankly, can be a huge waste of time.




Fortunately, I’ve created a PROVEN methodology specifically for startups and high growth companies to generate a consistent flow of leads using cold emailing, develop their communication and sales skills, and close more deals. And it’s called Sales Valley.


Unlike other courses, Sales Valley is the COMPLETE PLAYBOOK the top Silicon Valley startups use to develop business relationships and exponentially grow their businesses.

As long as you use our proven Sales Valley Methodology (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you’ll be able to get a meeting and close a deal with anyone! Best of all, you’ll learn how to generate meetings while working remotely and working from home.


Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains on how to master the complete sales cycle from start to finish:   

  • We will show you how to build your own sales process to maximize efficiency for your business

  • How to send cold emails to get a meeting with ANYONE from small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies

  • How to write like a professional copywriter even if you don’t have any copywriting experience

  • Bonus Cold Email Scripts & Templates for every situation

  • Exactly how to run a successful business meeting

  • How to become a better listener and identify customers’ main pain points

  • The best way to  pitch your idea and convince people to believe in you

  • How to get customers to buy emotionally and justify logically

  • How to handle deal-breaking objections and turn skeptics into buyers

  • How to close deals without using high-pressure techniques

  • How to exponentially scale your business

  • How to sell and generate meetings remotely and be productive while working from home

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to develop more business relationships and generate more sales for your startup whether you’re already familiar with business development & sales or if you’re just getting started.   

I’ve personally tested all these bulletproof growth strategies myself with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies in all types of industries like retail, real estate, health care, etc. as one of the TOP salespeople at Oracle and Y-Combinator-backed startup, Lob.   

I’m confident the Sales Valley Methodology WILL WORK for YOU to grow your startup or your money-back guarantee.   


Sales Valley is designed to walk anyone through the steps to get a meeting with your dream clients and closing the deal, start to finish. Everything is given to you. You’ll have all the tools you need.   

If you do this program, take action, and don’t generate more leads then I will give you a full immediate refund. No questions asked.   

Now if you’re ready to take your startup to the next level, I’ll see you inside!




Introduction & Setting Yourself Up for Success

About Me: How This Course Came to Be

An introduction to why I created Sales Valley!

Connect With Patrick Dang
Sales Valley High Level Overview & PDF Course Syllabus Download

High level overview of what you'll be learning in the Sales Valley Methodology

Business Development & Sales Strategy and Setting Your Goals

Introduction to Business Development and Sales

An introduction to business development and sales covering which strategies will be best for you.

Should Your Business Focus on Business Development or Sales?

How to decide which business development or sales strategy will be best for your startup.

Organizing Your Sales Process

How to build your own sales cycle.

Setting Your Goals

In this lesson, we'll be setting our short, medium, and long term goals.

Outbound Lead Generation with Cold Emails

Prospecting with Cold Emails 101

Fundamentals on how to prospect using cold emails.

Building Your Lead Generation Machine

How to build your own lead generation machine using cold emails.

Finding Companies to Email Part 1

How to find the right companies to email.

Finding Companies to Email Part 2 Google, Popular Directory Sites, Conferences
Finding Companies to Email Part 3 Award Winners, Personal Network, LinkedIn
Finding the Correct Stakeholder Part 1
Finding the Correct Stakeholder Part 2
Finding Anyone's Email Address
Finding Emails Using Apollo
How to Write Better Emails by Thinking Like a Copywriter
Critical Email Guidelines to Follow Part 1

In this lesson, we'll be going over the key email guidelines to follow to be successful at lead generation.

Critical Email Guidelines to Follow Part 2
Cold Email Common Mistakes

How to avoid common cold email mistakes.

Cold Email Scripts and Templates Part 1

In this lesson, we'll be going over the top email scripts you can use to generate meetings!

Cold Email Scripts and Templates Part 2
Cold Email Scripts and Templates Part 3
Objection Handling and How to Turn Emails Into Meetings Part 1

How you can turn objections into meetings.

Objection Handling and How to Turn Emails Into Meetings Part 2

Sales Skills: From Your First Meeting to Closing the Deal

Sales Skills Introduction

An introduction to the sales skills section of Sales Valley

Building Rapport

How to instantly build a human connection with anyone the moment you meet them.

Setting Expectations

How to make sure you set the right expectations during every meeting.

Uncovering Pain

How to uncover a prospects' pain and get them to emotionally bond with you.


How to uncover a prospects' budget.


How to negotiate the price you deserve!


In this lesson, we'll dive into how to identify all the decision makers at a company.

Presentation and Close

The best way to present your product, service, or idea and close the deal.

Locking In

How to lock in the deal and make sure your prospects don't back out at the last minute!

Remote Sales Training

Intro To Remote Sales
Differences Between Remote Sales and Traditional Sales
Core Traits To Succeed In Remote Sales
Productivity Tips For Remote Sales & Working From Home
Congratulations on Completing Sales Valley

Congratulations on completing Sales Valley!

Bonus: Upgrade to the Sales Legacy Masterclass | saleslegacy.com

Bonus: Upgrade to the Sales Legacy Masterclass | saleslegacy.com

In Sales Legacy, the masterclass, you're going to learn everything from cold emailing, cold calling, LinkedIn social selling, sales skills, presentation skills, how to close clients, and even how to get hired for high-paying sales roles at top tier companies like Oracle, Salesforce, and venture-backed startups. You'll also get access to our very best sales and lead generation scripts and templates.

The curriculum consists of over +140 training videos and +15 hours of high-quality content and is consistently updated with the most relevant sales strategies and tactics that are working today.

Go to saleslegacy.com to learn more and enroll.

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