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Be The Best In Overcoming Sales Objections!

Increase your sales achievements and upgrade your persuasion skills by learning 6 simple techniques.
Yair Schoenfeld
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Use any objection that will appear from your customer's side as a positive power to promote your sale.
Accept customer's objections in order to gain a moment of thinking to choose the most effective "handling technique".
Choose the best solution to the customer's objection out of 6 different techniques.
Maximizing your sales' potential and increasing your closing ratio!

If you are in sales or business, or just have to manage from time to time a conflict with somebody else, even your family member, a friend or a colleague from work I believe that you will find this course very effective and beneficial for you.

Along the course you will learn how to turn your opponent’s objections into a positive power that will serve you during the interaction. 

I have built it as an easy journey through 6 different techniques that you would enjoy after learning how and when to use in almost every interaction you are taking part of.

You will watch 9 different videos, and would receive a detailed table of all major techniques including “sales sentences” and examples.

You would download also a PDF file full of efficient slides. At the end of the course you will check your level of learning through a 7 questions quiz!

It will be my privilege to be your sales trainer and I truly believe that this course will serve you well.


Yair schoenfeld  

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Introduction: The positive power of your customer's objection!

In most cases, customer's objections during the sales process are the best sign that our opponent has an interest in the buying process and that they are contributing an important energy into it. Many salesmen does not see the opportunity of using the customer's energy to promote the sale.

Let's learn more about enjoying and gaining from our customers' and prospects' objections.  

Accepting customer's objection: The simple secret.

Customer's objection is an attack! Most people react instinctively by attacking back or running away when being attacked by someone else. In this lecture you will learn how to bypass your "Fight or Flight" Instinct and to develop a new mechanism that will help you to gain time and choose the right handling technique. 

5 Different techniques - a variety of tools!

Sometimes all you need is to open the objection and develop the conversation.

Many times, customer's objection is an opportunity to become closer to them by understanding the roots of their resistance or collecting information about their buying habits, motivations and needs.

In this lecture you will learn how to use your customers' objections as a lever to intimacy and relevant information.

The "what-if" technique

Some of your customers will exhaust you by presenting unreal objections and let you sweat for nothing until both sides won't have any energy to proceed in the sale's process.

The "what-if" technique is a simple and powerful tool that will direct them to expose their real objections and will let you an opportunity to unblock your way to the closing!

How and when to turn the objection into the buying reason?

customer's objection is loaded sometimes with a heavy energy! When you can turn it back and use it as the buying motivation your customer might give you a second chance!

"Felt-Found-Feel": When your customer will better as a "member" of a group.

We are all better knowing that other people has been before in our situation and end-up very satisfied. It is so great to be part of a "Happy end" story!

The FFF technique will help you to turn an objection into a temporary chapter in such a story!

"Bringing up" the subtext: Talking about the "elephant" that is in the room...

This technique might help when the real objection is hidden from us by an elusive customer. You will learn how to "catch" them and make it coming up! 

When your customer just wants "to think about it..."

Your customer might tell you that they "want to think about it" - Sometimes it is just an excuse and at all other cases you should help them to make the right decision!

The full table of your 5 new techniques!

The attached PDF file contains the full table that summarises this course the best way. You would find a list of common objections that customers usually are bringing-up together with acceptance sentences and examples of how to treat them with the new techniques you have just learned.  

Course summary: What exactly we have learned?

Overcoming objections course graduating quiz!

Test yourself with some 

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Be The Best In Overcoming Sales Objections!
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