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Amazon FBA Made Easy Simple Introduction to Amazon FBA

Is Amazon FBA for you? Six Steps to an Amazon FBA Home Business
John Colley MBA, MA(Cantab)
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Discover how to set Working from Home business by setting up your Amazon Seller Account
How to find products to sell using the Amazon FBA platform
Identify the key characteristics of Products to sell on Amazon FBA
How to find suppliers for your Amazon FBA product
How to list your Product on Amazon - including the Four Key Parts of a Listing
How to drive your Amazon FBA Sales, particularly the importance of Ratings and great Photos
How to manage and grow your Working from Home Amazon FBA Business
Amazon Retail Arbitrage: Where to find deals and bargains to sell on Amazon and make money

Attention! Do You Need To Create A Second Income Online? Amazon FBA Might Be The Answer


Discover Amazon FBA and WHAT this online business framework can do for you!

Find out whether Amazon FBA is for YOU!


I have co-authored a SIX HOUR course on Amazon FBA – but I thought you might want to find out about Amazon FBA before launching yourself into that much comprehensive studying!

So here it is: Six Steps to Amazon FBA Success!


  • How to Sign up for Amazon FBA
  • How to Find a Product to Sell on Amazon FBA
  • How to Find a Supplier of your Amazon FBA Product
  • How to get your Product into the Amazon Market Place
  • How to Drive your Sales
  • How to Manage your Amazon FBA Business


This is what one student said about my comprehensive Amazon FBA course:

Excellent Course

I was toying with the idea of Amazon FBA for some but had a lot of unanswered questions and kept putting it off and after this course I believe all the bases are covered and I am definitely going to do this. Thanks John and Sergey for this comprehensive course.” Paul K.


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    Introduction to the Course

    Introduction: Welcome message from John

    This course is designed to give you an introduction to the Amazon FBA process and to help you assess whether this might be for you. I stress that it is an introductory course and if you find it helpful you might like to consider taking our comprehensive Amazon FBA course, authored by myself and Sergey Kasimov.

    Instructor welcome from Sergey & why enroll in this course
    Please Introduce Yourself

    It would be great if you would introduce yourself in the discussions. Where are you from? what are your objectives for the course? What challenges are you facing? Join in with the community here and lets all work together for our mutual success.

    Do welcome new members and answer questions if you can!

    Amazon FBA: Step 1 Getting Started

    Amazon FBA: Setting up an Amazon Seller Account

    Getting started on Amazon means setting up a seller account. This lecture explains what you need to do to achieve this and warns about the pitfall of setting up an account too soon.

    Amazon FBA: Setting up to get Paid

    You need to tell Amazon how they are going to be able to pay you and this lecture explains the options you have available to you.

    Amazon FBA: Step 2 Finding a Product to Sell

    Amazon FBA: Understanding Categories and Sub Categories

    In order to start to understand the Amazon FBA system, you need to get to grips with Amazon's category system and understand the hierarchy. This is the key to knowing where to start looking for potential products to sell and more importantly recognising which product categories to avoid.

    Amazon FBA: Using the Best Sellers Lists

    Now that you understand Amazon's categories you can use their best seller lists to start to find products that you might like to consider selling. These are arranged by category and sub category, In this lecture, I provide the link which shows you where you can find these lists and how to make the most of them.

    Amazon FBA: Key Characteristics of the Ideal Product

    Before you rush to decide what to sell, I share some advice here on the key characteristics of the ideal product that you should consider selling on Amazon. These criteria will help you to screen down a long list of ideas into a list which is more manageable.

    Amazon FBA: Step 3 Finding Suppliers for your Product

    Amazon FBA: Using Google to Search for Suppliers

    Here you will discover some easy tips to make your supplier search much more effective in Google. I also recommend that if you are starting off, you consider searching only for US suppliers.

    Amazon FBA: Using Alibaba to find Products

    Alibaba is a Chinese online market place where you can search for and source suppliers of your potential product that you wish to sell on Amazon FBA. I explain how to screen only the best suppliers and how to ensure that you search only for US suppliers if that is what you have decided to do.

    Amazon FBA: Key Steps to Getting Your First Product

    In this lecture, discover the process you need to follow when contacting suppliers to ensure that your sourcing exercise is productive. We also recommend one key step you must take to make sure that the quality of your product is everything you want it to be.

    Time Out: I Would Love to Get Your Feedback on this Course

    Lets take a time out - I would love to get your feedback on the course - start a discussion or message me.

    This would also be a great time for you to help out other students by telling them what you think about the course - why not leave a rating and review now? You can always go back and edit it at any time later if you wish.

    Amazon FBA: Step 4 Getting Your Product Listed on Amazon FBA

    Amazon FBA: Getting your Product to Amazon

    In this lecture find out about the logistic requirements for getting your course from your supplier to Amazon and in particular, the addiitional complications of importing your products to the US from overseas.

    Amazon FBA; The Four Key Parts of an Amazon Listing

    When you list your product in the market place, you need to make sure that you really do the best job possible in order to get potential customers to convert and buy your product. Here you will discover the four key parts of an Amazon FBA listing and how to optimise for best results.

    Amazon FBA: Step 5 Driving Your Amazon FBA Sales

    Amazon FBA; Growing Your Amazon Business

    Selling your first product is only the beginning of your Amazon FBA experience. Here you will discover what you can do to grow your business beyond the first product and the key strategy to achieve this.

    Amazon FBA: The importance of Ratings and Reviews

    Ratings and Reviews are the life blood of your Amazon FBA business. Here we help you to understand why and how to go about getting them from your customers. You can also use these to gain market intelligence from your competitors. Find out how in this lecture.

    Amazon FBA: Success with product photography

    Getting amazing pictures for your Amazon FBA product can substantially increase your sales learn how to do this cheaply without compromising quality in this video

    Amazon FBA: Step 6 Managing Your Amazon FBA Business

    Amazon FBA: Promoting Your Amazon FBA Business

    Growing your Amazon FBA business will require some effort on your part and in this lecture you will discover some of the marketing techniques that you can adopt in order to ensure your page receives as much traffic as you can generate. More traffic, more sales.

    Amazon FBA: Managing Your Inventory

    Inventory management is a key aspect of Amazon FBA which is often overlooked. You must manage your inventory daily and never run out of stock. Equally, if something is not selling, it costs you money to have it stored by Amazon, so find out here what you should do about it.

    Amazon FBA - Cash Machine finding products to resale

    Amazon FBA - Best place to find deals
    Amazon FBA - This location got coolest stuff
    Amazon FBA - Your one stop hub for bargains
    Amazon FBA - Seasonal steep discounts
    Amazon FBA - Getting started with Alibaba

    Here we show you how to go into Alibaba and identify potential products to source to sell on Amazon and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that you might encounter. We also show you Aliexpress as an alternative source of products.

    This video shows you how Sergey screens potential products and demonstrates the pros and cons of different products and he explains why he likes some and dislikes others.

    Amazon FBA; Course Summary and Wrap Up

    Amazon FBA: Course Summary and Wrap Up

    So now you have a good understanding of what you need to do if you are going to set up your own Amazon FBA business? What do you think? Are you ready? You can discover much more about how to set up an Amazon FBA business in the comprehensive course which has been co-authored by Segey Kasimov and myself.

    Amazon FBA Course Slide Deck

    Here you will discover the Slidedeck for the course which you can download and use as notes.

    Bonus Lecture: What's Next - Don't Miss This!

    Congratulations Graduate!

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