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Amazon Advertising Crash Course | Amazon Sponsored Ads Guide

Know ALL Fundamentals. Plan, Create & Launch Successful Amazon Ads. Learn Efficient Amazon PPC to Increase Your Profits!
David Zimmermann
349 students enrolled
Start off on the right track with ideal campaign structuring & profitable keyword bidding
Make the most out of your campaign budgets
Set the right targets for your PPC Campaigns in different product lifecycle phases and optimize towards them
Research and target the right keywords...and competitor products
Understand and reap the benefits of the major advertising options provided by Amazon

Brand new & up to date Amazon PPC course, updated in January 2021.

The aim of this course is to take away any kind of overwhelming feeling you may have with regards to Amazon Advertising and show you how to easily structure your ads campaigns, optimize them and the simple tricks you can use to remain profitable, including the right kind of goals, targeting the right keywords, setting ideal bids and optimizing your ads’ performances.

With well structured slides I will make things as clear as possible, step by step. In one of the final lessons (26), after learning all the fundamental know-how, I will also give a live demonstration of creating your first Amazon ads campaign.

For anyone selling on Amazon or aiming to consult others. Amazon Advertising has, for many years now, been the fastest growing sector in global paid marketing and will in all likelihood soon eclipse Facebook (Google not quite yet), meaning the art of promoting products within Amazon is becoming a very necessary and demanded skill.

Amazon PPC has become indispensable in terms of ranking and selling products, but it really isn’t all that complicated. I’m sure that after this course, you will agree with me!

PS. This course will constantly stay updated with any changes made within Amazon PPC, so you have life-long access to all the basic Amazon Marketing knowledge if you need a reminder at any point in time.



May I introduce myself? :)

I'm David and for the past 4 years I have dealt with and solved literally thousands of Amazon PPC questions while working as a customer success manager for Sellics, the leading Amazon PPC automation software, among other things. What to do with all that knowledge, I asked myself...well, why not just make it available to anyone looking to up their game in this exact field?

And so I decided to break it down to the most essential knowledge and share what I have been able to acquire through years of talking to sellers and vendors of all sizes (1-man-shows to some of the world's best known brands), giving advice for products (campaigns) of all types and making use of the unique position Sellics has to analyze big data across multiple advertisers, to really understand how things work and what works best.

I wanted to share it in the most effective and to-the-point way possible, building a presentation that I even started using to teach new Sellics team members the ins and outs of PPC from scratch. In this process I was able to continually optimize the course's outline, before I made it available to everyone on here ;)

...but enough about me. Like I was saying in the video, this will be the last time I talk/write about me or Sellics!

Well, almost, 2 little mentions later in the course were unavoidable since I only want to give the best advice possible...I hope you will forgive me! :)

Other than that, this video gives you the agenda of the course, ie. what you will be learning. Here it is again:

  • What is PPC (Pay per Click) and why do you need it?

  • Knowing all of your Amazon advertising options, as well as their Pros & Cons

  • Setting the “right” targets

  • Getting started with ideal preparation, ie. how to effectively structure your campaigns, target the right audience and set the right bids

  • How to measure & optimize your campaigns

If any questions come up during the course, don't hesitate to post them in the Q&A section!

What is Amazon PPC? The main principles of "Pay per Click" explained

Basic intro into Amazon PPC (Pay per Click):

  • what does the end result look like?

  • How does it work?

  • how much does it cost?

  • The main reason why sellers use PPC

  • Who can use PPC?

  • Where to get started and manage your campaigns

Why do you need PPC? There is more behind PPC than you might think...

Going through the many reasons why Amazon PPC is indispensable for Amazon sellers.

That should put us in the right mind set for this course...:)

Getting Ready for PPC - Knowing all of your Options

Sponsored Products vs Brands vs Display- When & Why to use which PPC Output Type

Explaining the differences between the main three Amazon ad type output formats and highlighting their unique advantages. Know exactly when either ad type is the ideal solution for you!

Automatic vs Manual Campaigns - Benefits & Negatives of both Ad Control Types

There are two options to manage your campaigns - this videos explains their difference, who should use which and how you can take advantage of both.

Keywords vs Search Terms - Why do we need these different terms?

Just a quick video explaining a fundamental terminology in Amazon Advertising you need to understand for the sake of understanding the rest of the course's content, especially your campaign structure strategy.

Exact, Phrase & Broad - Match Types and their different use cases explained

Building on the difference between keywords & search terms, understanding Amazon keyword match types and their advantages & disadvantages, is another cornerstone of Amazon PPC knowledge.

Product Targeting - Stealing your competition's traffic

Still unknown and unused by many sellers, Product Targeting is a relatively new way to place your Sponsored Product ads in front of the right audience.  In this video I explain where you'll find the option, how you can make use of it, as well as the difference and advantages of ASIN vs Category targeting.

Tailored Automatic Targeting - New bidding control for your Auto Campaigns

Not only keyword targets have match types! Automatic targeting now offers more options than it used to. In this video I go into more detail of the "close", "loose", "complementary" and "substitutes" match types and explain how you can make use of them.

Negative Targets - Avoiding Bad Traffic

Explaining the concept of negative keywords and asins, the different negative match types, as well as how and when to use them.

Budgets - the underestimated option that can make all the difference

Budgets are a thing many sellers set once but then don't think about anymore - if used correctly though, they can not only save your bottoms, but also help you make a whole lot more money.

Campaigns & Ad Groups - the fundamental difference you need to know

Understanding the difference between these two can make the difference between running successful Amazon PPC campaigns or not.

Setting the right Targets

Maximizing Total Ads + Organic Profit - the impossible goal?

Maximizing total Profit is probably what most sellers truly want in the end - but is it something we can truly measure / optimize towards with Amazon PPC? Well, me asking like that is probably already a spoiler for this one ;)

Maximizing Sales - getting them addicted ;)

Possible Goal #1 - understand when increasing sales is what you should be aiming for.

Maximize Ads Efficiency - playing it safely

Possible Goal #2 - understand why and when sellers turn to setting ads efficiency as their campaign's main goal.

Maximize Total Ads Profit - the true and more or less realistic goal

Possible Goal #3 - should and can this be the ultimate PPC goal? Unlike the "impossible" goal of total (ads + organic) profit, this goal might be a bit more realistic...

Increase Brand Awareness - when & why you want to spend money just to be known

Possible Goal #4 - is this goal something you should focus on for your campaigns? Understand when and why this might be the case!

Goals Metrics Overview - the actual numbers you need to aim and look out for

How exactly will you measure all of these goals? In this video I make it very concrete which KPIs will be important to your campaigns (and products). I will also show you where you can see and add those KPIs in the Campaign Manager.

ACOS - the main Amazon Advertising KPI explained. What is a good ACOS?

What is this ACOS thing everyone is talking about and does it bite? In this video I explain how it is calculated, what it tells you ie. how it can help you, and how you can calculate the "right" ACOS goal for your products' campaigns.

Final Preparation

Intro to your final campaign preparation - what to consider before starting ads

A quick overview of what you need to look out for before actually starting your campaigns.

Keyword Research - How, where and which keywords? Going for the right audience

Explaining why and how Keyword Research will help your advertising efforts, and walking through your main options.

I also show in a very practical example what the end result of your research can look like and which kind of keywords you should focus on.

Optimal Campaign Structure - the secret to running successful ads

Perhaps the most important lesson in this whole course - if you get this right, life as an Amazon advertiser will become a piece of cake!

Structure Philosophies - using negative targets to direct traffic - good or bad?

A little "spin-off" video for those of you really interested in knowing it all and understanding why various experts out there are recommending quite differing strategies ...but which one is the best?

Optimal Campaign Naming - how to make things a lot easier for your future self

You can have the best campaign structure in the world...but if you are not giving those campaigns proper names, it can be all for nothing!

Optimal Starting Bids - the foundation of profitable ads

Are you aiming to run profitable ads? Well, then this video might just be of interest to you!

Learn about 3 ways of setting the bids for your keyword, product and automatic targets and understand when you should use which.

Here's the sheet I used during the video for your optimal bid calculation:

Starting your first campaign - bringing it all together!

You've made it so far now and truly know all of your options, targets, and have prepared your upcoming campaign perfectly.

Now it's time bring it all together. In this video I'll walk you through all the steps in the Seller Central campaign creation process and show you how you can put into practice everything you've learned in this course so far!

Performance Analytics & Optimization

Staying patient, but for how long? How much time do Keywords deserve?

Before you want to analyze your KPIs, it's important to understand why you need to give those keywords (and ASINs) the time they deserve!

Low Impressions - how to get your product seen

Are your ads not even being seen at all? Or just far less than you would have hoped for?

In this video I will let you know several methods to get that visibility and therefore get your PPC efforts rolling!

Low Click-Through-Rate (CTR) - how to get people clicking on your product

Now your ads are being shown to customers...but you're not getting any or enough clicks?

In this video you will learn how to change just that.

PS. Here are Amazon's general product image requirements:

Low Conversion Rate (CR) - how to increase your product's sales

OK, great, now we have the clicks and people actually end up on your products' listing pages ... but you are not converting them into buying customers?

Find out the major reasons and what you should be doing.

High & Low ACOS - good CTR & CR, but you're still not profitable? How to react

There it is again - the KPI that ultimately tells you if you are making money with your ads or not.

Find out how to react if your ACOS is above your target, even though your CTR and CR are good.

And what to do when things are going well for you! :)

My Final Thoughts, Recommendations & Predictions

As a little thank you / send off, I'm giving you 4 final points to consider for your Amazon Advertising.

Thank you so much again for joining and sticking through the course until the end ...even if you just skipped through it! ;)

If you haven't already, I would be forever grateful if you rated this course - if you feel it was helpful, of course!
If not, that's totally fine, just thought I'd ask :p

Finally, I invite you to join our Amazon PPC/SEO community on Facebook and LinkedIn and stay on the pulse of time:

PS. in case you missed it before, here are the links the to the google sheets:

Calculate Target ACOS:


Calculate Target Bid:


And now have fun with the test! ;)

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