Better For Business: Why Your Enterprise Needs Conversational AI

The more personal you can make your brand interactions, the better.

At the enterprise level, your business is making an impact. You stand at the forefront of your industry, and are growing, expanding, and disrupting the status quo through business innovation and authenticity.

The strength and size of an enterprise is held up by its customer base—likely large and loyal—which means high volumes of customers want to interact with your brand. And by now you know that customers crave this connection, so the more personal you can make your brand interactions, the better. 

Providing customers with out-of-this-world CX is how enterprises can stand out from the competition. This means meeting your customers where they are.

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For enterprises at the top of their game, they need their technology to follow suit—technology that can automate complex actions, surface CX opportunities, convert leads, and more. And while conversational AI and chatbot support leads in the space of automated CX (ACX®), some technology is far superior to others.

When considering which conversational AI to choose, enterprises need to look for one that prioritizes brand interactions—one that can not only respond to FAQ, but apply personalized, proactive messaging that can quickly capture, interpret, and action customer data and unify brand interactions across channels at scale.

Your brand interaction platform should help you:

  1. Quickly transform and scale your digital operating model
  2. Increase funnel velocity and customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  3. Save time and money within one integrated platform

Quickly transform and scale your digital operating model

Digital transformation momentum has been rising over the years and the COVID-19 pandemic put it in overdrive. Enterprises were some of the first to jump on the bandwagon.

In 2020, enterprises across varying industries invested in a “digital operating model”, an approach that ensures they can continue serving their customers partially—and even fully—online

And let’s face it, this digital revolution isn’t going anywhere. Investment in enterprise digital technologies is only growing stronger. Just look at 2020’s powerful transition to the digital-first cloud ecosystem. 

Enterprise Quote 2As enterprise leaders search for more digital solutions to improve their business operations, an automation-first CX strategy is the winning serve. It’s how many have increased human efficiency; implementing automation at the frontlines of CX empowers agents and reps to do more meaningful work and cultivate deeper, long-lasting customer relationships. 

Investing in a brand interaction platform partner is the fastest and most efficient way for enterprises to launch conversational AI and will allow you to get the most value out of your automation-first strategy. The best platforms will integrate into your existing tech stack and automate complex self-service. They also contain costs as you scale, and serve the needs of your sales, marketing, and support teams to provide a holistic customer journey.

Increase funnel velocity and customer lifetime value (CLTV)

Engaging with prospects and customers using a proactive interaction model is surefire way to create unique and measurable CX. With hyper personalized brand interactions at the core of your conversational marketing, you can proactively move customers along their journey and anticipate their next move. This is the recipe for providing 360° view of CX and results in:

  • Higher engagement rates
  • Quicker speed to lead
  • Identifying opportunities to cross-sell and upsell
  • Customer acquisition and loyalty

Your brand interaction platform uses intelligent and contextual routing to act as the switchboard directing customers to the right agents or sales reps. This allows you to take your marketing strategy from reactive to proactive to anticipatory, arm your teams with the right context, and offer the kind of personalized, segmented experiences that make the difference between interest and purchase. 

Save time and money with one integrated brand interaction platform

As we grow older and wiser, our social circle narrows. We choose the people we can rely on to be there in good times and bad. Someone who, alongside you, can make every moment more meaningful. Where am I going with this? 

Your choice brand interaction platform should possess the same characteristics. It should support you, know everything there is to know about your business, help you scale as you continue to grow, and act as your closest confidant in capturing customer insights and turning them into revenue-building, personalized interactions with your customers. 

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For enterprises, the most effective brand interaction platform needs to integrate all customer data—interactions and insights—into one place. It should be built as an extensible platform that can consolidate tech stacks and make the customer experience holistic and simple on the outside and data enriched on the inside.

With all your customer data in one place, your enterprise can create integrated experiences at scale with robust and simple integrations. 

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